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A Wavine’s 2021 digital EDU, it is fun, and it is easy to use! The full text exceeds 8600 words, the content is super rich, strongly recommended to collect, then watch!


Hello everyone, I am coming again!

Time is over, I have to be half a eye in 2021, and many of my digital products have also been carried out.

Iterative update


Without replacement, most are full of wind, it is worth recommending.

Recently, Mom has a

EDU activities, I also responded to calls and actively participated.

Among them, EDU is EDU, EDU, means a daily device, because my job is related to photography, and I will go to the family, studio, major event venues every day, and equipment is getting more and more rich.

Today, I will recommend some digital products I am using, almost every day, I will be deal with these digital products, I hope some of the content can bring you reference and help, this is enough!


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All the maps of this article are all my own shoots, the content is very rich, but also insert a lot of links to the previous article, or the video link, very recommended

Light of the collected small stars and continue watching.

These digital products include productivity tools, but also have a home entertainment product, suitable for improving the happiness of family overall.

If you have a grazing product, you can pay attention to the 618 period, and you will look forward to pulling the grass at a low price.

EDU type:


First, NAS private cloud


Second, routers and switches

Third, laptop


Fourth, display

V. Camera


Six, drone

Seven, projector

Eight, player

Nine, 3D printer

Ten, non-digital products but worth buying products


1. I believe that friends who have been paying attention to my previous article know


I am the fanatic fan of NAS!

I tossed NAS, there is no 50 sets, and there are more than 30 orders, big and small, gigabit, 10 shots, can toss almost all.


Many friends are paying attention to me from the series of garbage.

I am also discovered in the process of rubbish, I have been so fun, hehe! NAS has become a must-have for my life, using it every day, it is also 7 * 24 hours uninterrupted to my whole family.

I will recommend my NAS today, combined with different family positioning needs, there will be a different explanation, you can read the text content.

First, put the two cabinets on the home:

The first cabinet is in the old room, there is 5 NAS, 1 soft routing, 1 10 Gigabit Switch, 1 UPS:


Second cabinet in new house

The 11 meters 6 cabinet moved in, only 1 NAS, 1 soft route, 10 Gigabit has not yet been deployed:

(The new house has not yet stayed, and it is expected to move in from 8 to September.)


3, first, let’s talk about each NAS role, see if there is no suitable.

Introduce from the old house:

My main NAS is the TS-832PX of the Poingong, which is a 10 Gigabit NAS.

I have installed two 1TB M.2 NVME protocols inside for reading and writing cache.

Daily use, easy to run to 300MB / s, extreme large file speed, can go to 800-900MB / s!

Ideal for the video on my usual editing, in fact, this machine is located in the small and medium-sized studio, proper productivity tool.

4, then,

AV and entertainment NAS:

This type of NAS, I will recommend NAS with J4125 and above with an integrated graphics processor.

Just, I am using the group of DS720 +, pole space Z4, and speed AS5304T are J4125 processors.


This allows us to meet daily download movies, simultaneous backup photos, can also be used to external network audio and video transfer:

In fact, it is still quite a lot of contributions to this NAS.

The advantage is that the fast network access is fast, the disadvantages are concerned that the server can’t get it, then the data may not be able to get:

At least I use it now, still very stable, the function has also increased much:

5, and I use

Zunhui DS720 +

Constructed my personal navigation page, and backup of more than 100,000 photos:

In fact, the biggest characteristic of the use of groups is stable.


At least don’t worry about the data, and it is very suitable for small white hands, the DS720 + is also very small, the same type also recommends DS920 +:

6, there is another

Ai Special AS5304T

This NAS this family is actually ASUS NAS.

The quality of ASUS, everyone is obvious, but as NAS, it is necessary to have some patience:

I put this love speed NAS in a new house, the power consumption thieves, used to download PT movies 24h, remote watch:

It has been used for a few months now, very stable:

7, then

Wiping TS-932PX

It is my alternate machine, which is also a 10 Gigabit NAS, which has been stored for several years.


TS-932PX I have not written articles, its processor and TS-832px are the same, and bring 2 Gigabit network ports, but the price is much cheaper.

I put 3 10T hard drives in it, 4 500g SSD solid state, running 10 gigably, and the speed is very good.


Friends who are suitable for budget are purchased, follow-up, I may have a detailed tossing article!

8, the end is this self-contained

NAS, all-in-ALL INE, Great

It is still written in a series of articles.


On the hardware configuration, it is a full NAS that hits it!

The configuration is: i5-10500T processor, 16GB memory, 10 disk bits +2 M.2 slot, 5 Gigabit network port, 1 Gigabit network port!

If you like to toss, you can try your own NAS, which is highly playable.

Series Article Link

9, the above is all the NAS I use, and then I said the home recommended NAS.

General home users, rarely require 10 Gigabit networks unless you have a need for film and television clips.


Households are more storage photos, download movies, and play audio and so on.

Therefore, I recommend that the finished NAS has 4 types, respectively, group Hui, Wen Unicom, ASUS, and extreme space.

These four mainly hit the J4125 processor this year, which is a processor that is low and very suitable for transcoding.

Recommend the following paragraph, is the Weilong TS-453DMINI, cost-effective:


Group Hui DS920 +, comprehensive strength:

ASUS AS6604T, ASUS Quality, Raw Rock:

Negative space Z4, easy to use, excellent external network service:

At present, my four NAS is in use. As time, I will do contrast to the horizontal batch, I look forward to this year or more powerful models in the second half of this year.

DiY NAS, I personally suggest, or make a high performance like me, all in one.

Either get a low power consumption, such as snail star these, only PT, save data, do not engage in transcodes, virtual machines.

About DIY NAS articles, I am still updating, friends with need can point attention, pay attention.

Since the articles are likely to be longer, my NAS content is temporarily written so much, and everyone can leave a message in the comment area.



The router is a numerous digital product that is now home.

From 50 yuan to more than 5,000 yuan, various routers can be said to be a dazzling!

At present, my own router is the RAX80 of the web. Now I brush Merlin firmware, and it is very stable to run:

RAX80 is a WiFi6 router, my WiFi6 laptop is under the wireless network, from the NAS copy file, can be full of 113MB / s speed, the performance is very powerful:

Tmall selection

Netgear American Nets RAX80 6000M Gigabit Dual Frequency WiFi 6 Household Router Black

1999 yuan

Real-time prices have been updated 10 hours ago

Go buy

2. Because I haven’t stayed in the new house, I first use a low-finished Mesh router with a new house:

It is 360 homework by M5. This router is two routers for MESH networking, coverage is very wide.


Since it is the Mesh of the dual-frequency antenna group, the transmission rate will be reduced by half on the router, but it is enough to brush the mobile phone on the home everyday.

A router that belongs to a low finished product is only a hundred dollars.

If you want a better effect, you must have a three-frequency Mesh router, but the price is more expensive:

3. The switch is not required for each family.

Many times, we exchange processing directly with the LAN port of the router.

Unless you are the same as me, there are more special.

At present, if you don’t pursue 10 gigabies, you can use Gigabit switches.

GS308 iron box


,very stable:

4, and if you are like me, you can see Wight Unicom’s 10Ggong Switch:


QSW-308S or QSW-M408S of Wiping.

These two 10 Gigabit switches support 8 Gigabit network ports and 4 10 Gigabit network ports, and the power consumption is relatively low, and it is very suitable for household:

QSW-308S is cheaper, QSW-M408s is more rich.

5, start this year, all the motherboards have


2.5G network port

Some NAS and routers, also standard 2.5G interface.

It did also let 2.5G switches fire, but the current 2.5G switch price is also a little expensive.

You can also look at the 2.5G switch with TP, with a 2.5G network number, at least a gigabit rate.

There is no problem with daily online clip 4K video.

6, now many families have also upgraded 500M or 1000M broadband.

The general router, only to dial the Internet, there is no problem, but when you use some special plug-ins, it is a bit tight.

At this time, the demand for soft routing is produced. My soft route is 3867U and J4105, respectively.

7, these two soft routing, I have installed it.


UnRAID system

, Virtualized love and OpenWRT two soft routing, a dial flow control, one open plug-in implementing special features.

At present, the soft route of 3867U has increased much price.

I recommend soft routing of J4105 or J4125, and there is no pressure to run Gigabit bandwidth.

As for why I want to use soft routing, I can see my video. After reading it, I can understand, in fact, the main still plug-ins:

8. About soft routing, in fact, if you don’t need to buy it, you don’t need to buy it.

I used soft routing has been stable for more than a year, it is really beautiful, the plug-ins will not be invalid, and the speed is very fast, the most important to the WiFi router has also decreased a lot.

1. Because of the need, I bought it.

MacBook Pro 2017 high-profile notebook computer

Usually mainly the clip needs to be used.

But I have used the MacOS system for a few years, or I am still very uncomfortable.

Especially after tossing the slag, NAS and other tools, use the WIN system to get water like a fish.

So, I personally feel that unless you have a friend who has a unique friend of Mac, it is recommended that the notebook is still in WIN system!

But I have to say that MacBook Pro uses fcpx clips, really especially! I occasionally bring MacBook Pro to go to the customer company face-to-face clip:

2, in addition to MacBook Pro, I personally recommend notebook buy




For example, VAIO SX12, this notebook is compact, and a small circle is more than a A4 paper, and the weight of the whole machine is only 899 grams.

We go out of travel, everyday office, such as modifying a document, modifying the shooting script, intensive pictures, and editing rendering, as long as you have a computer environment, bring this notebook really refreshing.



VAIO SX12 performance is also very powerful

, The ten generations of I7-10710U processors, 6 core 12 threads, Turp 4.7GHz, and equipped with the TruePerformance technology developed by VAIO, which can improve the speed of various programs and multitasking.


I don’t think of Carton with LR, PS, and the clip 4K video is no problem.

The daily office is very easy to use, the main, its battery life is also great, also support charging with charging treasure, don’t worry if you don’t worry.

4, and VAIO X12’s interface is also very rich, HDMI, network cable, USB, TYPE-C, SD slot, 3.5mm audio, even VGA interfaces, no need to bring the dock adapter.

Sometimes, when you take some old projectors in the conference room, VAIO SX12 is perfectly adapted to various models of projector interfaces:

5, compare MacBook Pro 2017, VAIO X12, whether it is volume, or weight, and performance, all over!

Real mobile office,


And VAIO X12 also waterpsum and splash, trying to pour half a water on top, do not affect the use:

7, more important VAIO X12 can also

Prevention screen pen holder

, I test, put a pen on the keyboard, press the screen, the screen is bent!

But after leil, there is no failure, everything is normal, it can be said that although the SX12 is under the border, it is superior.

And its sinking shaft design, mute full-size keyboard, and face, fingerprint unlock, each detail is a business person test:


8. Recently, the small partner has a long-distance ride, two days from Wuhan to Yichang, and ride, bring VAIO SX12.

Usually use VAIO X12 to pass some of the video and photos taken on the way, especially convenient:

I also saved many friends around VAIO X12, if you also want to bring a super portable and high-performance laptop, VAIO X12 is a good choice:


First, NAS private cloud

Second, routers and switches

Third, laptop

9. Finally, unless you are a student, or really love to play games, it needs to move the office.

Otherwise, I don’t recommend the gamebook. The characteristics of the notebook are always taken away, especially when the office is, and the game is really too heavy.

Like our bag, you will often carry photographic equipment. If you bring a game book, then the shoulder must not stand it.

Personally, the notebook can buy a portable, light weight, then buy a slightly good PC desktop with a performance.


I used this desktop for several years. First, the price is cheap, and the performance is not too bad, most of the games can be played.

But now the graphics card is not very easy to buy, everyone’s strength:

Fourth, display

1. When I started, I thought that a display was redundant.

Can light, can you use it!

Until I had a problem with the bias of the old display, I decided to replace a little display after criticizing the boss.

The display is we faced every day, and a good display is critical ~


The first is to upgrade from 1080p to 2K screen, I started


Baby’s EW2780


Obviously, the screen display effect has improved, general home, I personally recommend it, one step to 2K screen, size 27 inch is great.

The displayed picture content is more, and it is also very delicate, external laptop, can also extend more display area:

2, if you have specially valued the audio and video, especially in NAS, various 4K HD original discs are downloaded.

And like me is a film and television practitioner, such as the post-processing, design related work, may be at home.

Then I will recommend buying a 4K display.

4K display is more delicate than 2K display, recently

I just started 27UP850 4K display of LG.


Not only shows the effect, but also support Type-C, DP96W output, I can pick up the notebook in a line to make a split screen and charging, really beautiful!


3, if you are particularly interested in playing games, then I will recommend buying a display of the TV.

For example, the 27-inch TV of Xiaomi used before, it is really great, support 165Hz refresh rate, play the game thief, especially its bracket is very easy to use:

V. Camera

1. The image function of the current mobile phone is very powerful.

Why do I have to recommend a camera?

Because our mobile phone will use WeChat, all kinds of apps, storage space is not big, then take photos, video, it is easy to have a short space.

And it is really difficult to shoot the texture of the camera.

So, there are two cameras in my house, one is a somatic Sony A7M3 full frame micro single camera:

This machine is mainly working, almost my business order is completed by it ~

Using Sony’s 55 1.8 lens, then match the slog3 mode, the post-texture is really very good:

2, Sony A7M3 is really very good, it is also a generation of gods, but it is too heavy, you will be too lazy to bring it.

So, I will start a smaller machine, Sony’s A6100.

I personally recommend the daily household, I bought this small A6100 camera. Last year I went to Tibet self-driving tour, 90% of photos, I used A6100 to shoot, I feel that it is small, it is very easy to carry, picture quality is also very good:

3, if you like photography, buy a camera everyday use is very good choice.


If you really want to choose a photo to take a photo, you don’t choose.

The currently recommended brand is Samsung, Huawei, Vivo.

The mobile phone’s AI image and instant sharing feature makes the camera look like!

Recently, I have just started Vivo X60 Pro +, others don’t say, it is really strong, and 4 lenses covers all the focal lengths, and the image ability is very strong.

Originally prepared to buy Xiaomi 11u or a plus 9PRO, but unfortunately these 2, the Internet was sprayed very bad, and I read the Chinese image function, I bought a machine that didn’t have so many bugs.

The most important, X60 Pro + shoot video, wide-angle end has a micro-cloud station, anti-shake is very stable:

4. Speak video, in addition to mobile phones and professional cameras, and sports cameras can choose.

Personal recommendation is GoPro8. At present, Jingdong is not priced at 2000, which is very cost-effective.

GOPRO8 compares GOPRO7, whether it is a picture quality, or a video shooting of the video shooting, it is a lot.

And Gopro9 is too expensive, the volume is bigger, I don’t recommend it, I also started a gopro8 in Jingdong 1999 last month, the effect is great:


At present, I have set up GOPRO4, 5, 6, 7, 8, a total of 5:

5, about the purchase of GOPRO sports cameras, I have previously been a video, everyone can also see:

Six, drone

1. The drone is currently more popular. Daxin DJI’s big name, I believe that as long as you know the digital friend, you know what it is sacred!

Households have a drone, when traveling, you can shoot the effect of God’s perspective.

And the DJI drone of DJI is very simple and easy to use!

I am using the AIR2 of Dacheng. I have lost my elves 4, just put on this small AIR2, bring too many places when I bring out the door:

Now there is more powerful AIR 2S

2. In addition to the drone of Dawang, I found a fun drone in the second half of last year.

It is called



, This is, in fact, I don’t recommend novice to try.

However, if you already have a DJI drone, you like the fun of the drone.

Buy a hollow cup or a small slap in a small slap in the face, it will be very fun!

I also wrote a few articles that passed the machine before. You can look at it. After you have a through machine, I often use it to fly at home, you can also slip, you can play!


Seven, projector

1. The big screen TV is getting bigger and bigger, but it still can’t resist the size of the projection instrument.

The projector’s construction is actually very easy, and the household can have a small amount of money, you can transform a 120-inch projector:

2, I am currently the projector of the old room is the BenQ W1120, and now I have replaced the TV with my household:

3, new house, I will consider using as a shell, and IPA.

It is mainly integrated with a lot of functions, no need to match the audio, TV box, more suitable for home:

When the projector arrived at night, play the 4K original film of HD, which would really be in the cinema!

4, the projector is really not as clear as TV during the day, but the projector is larger, and there is a child in the family.

I personally think that the projector protects the eyesight of the child.


Nowadays, many new projectors, brightness is also very strong, my picture below is a borrowed friend, the Q10 projector, when opening the window during the day, still has a great display effect:


5, the same type is still the f3 of the shell, is also a good choice, there are many affordable:


Eight, player

1. Since all the projectors are chatter, they have to mention the player. Since I bought the projector didn’t have a built-in TV box system, I need to buy a TV box, also called a player:


But thanks to I have NAS, I will download some high-definition original plate movies, and a movie has a maximum of 90 to 100GB, and the picture quality can be numb.

My projector wiring is as follows,

Now use the projector to see the 4K original plate movie in NAS, really cool:

2. First of all, the N1 box is recommended. It is worth more than 100 yuan, which seems to be a lot of money.

You can also install KODI to play the original disk movie, that is, the movie volume is bigger, there will be Kaka feel:

3. Secondly, Xiaorui private clouds, 300 yuan price, Zhidu Z9s is the same processor.


Now there is a brush tutorial in the slag community. We can brush Zhi Duugu, the experience is great, but unfortunately the DTS5.1 audio decoding has a problem:

Do not see 5.1 Audio does not affect:

4, then

God Dun TV 2017

This second-hand price is around 500 ~ 600 yuan, not only playing games, after installing KODI, playing the original disk than N1 is much:

5, the end is to recommend Z9s, this player, I also bought it. .

What is it, it is very powerful, but also built-in OpenWRT, you can also pick up the PT equortors under the hard disk.

Look at the original disc movie is quite cool, if the budget is enough, buy this in place, it is a good choice:

Nine, 3D printer

1. When I was last year, I started to toss 3D printers, and I successfully pulled the grass!


In fact, 3D printers are in household, absolutely increased happiness.

As long as your time is abundant, you don’t have to worry that it will eat ash, because the print model is very long, so I have been using it almost every day:

Print below this can be moved through the mountain model, time consuming about 25 hours:


2. So far, I will not model it, but I can play 3D printers like it.

I also had a video here, teach you how to do it without learning modeling:

3. Currently, I recommend the 3D printer of the finished product directly. For example, I bought this, I want three-dimensional ENDER-3, it is really good.

The price is around 1,100 yuan, and the three-dimensional service is great.

I have a problem, ask questions in their group, soon get solutions.

For friends who have never been contacted 3D printers, buy finished products is a good choice.

4, now I use 3D printers, print hundreds of models, send a lot of models to friends.

In fact, the consumables of the 3D printer are not expensive, 1kg is only 50 ~ 60 yuan, and dozens of models can be printed.

I have a 500g material, which is 500g of materials, and the cost of 25 ~ 30 yuan. The model’s drawings are downloaded in T stand. I will not repeat it here, look at the video:

5, consumables I recommend buying Lanthen home, it is really great, if you add their group, you can also some materials:


Tmall selection

Lande 3D printing supplies PLA1.75MM 3.0 ABS material 1kg 0.5kg Environmental 3D printing machine consumption material 3D print pen material graffiti pen 3D print wire FDM customizable

15.8 yuan

Go buy


6, many friends are asking, can you print a 3D printer with a 3D printer?


I found that it seems that it is ok, in the first few months, the B station is a UP master called the big fish DIY, in detail how to assemble a 3D printer with 800 yuan.

You can find a video tutorial directly to search for big fish DIY.

I have already printed all materials, and I have prepared to do a letter, I am very interesting:

When you are not busy, you will start, and you will make a 3D printer, and I will come to share the assembly process. Interested friends can click!


Ten, non-digital products but worth buying products

1. The first is the human engineering seat, although it is not a digital product, but for friends who often sit on the computer desk.


There is a human engineering seat, which really will make your ass, waist, and cervical spine comfortable:


I am currently using black and white ergonomic chairs.


The new house is the V1 seat of Xiqi. I feel that the two are very comfortable. The functions are very rich. Let’s see which offers will start with how to:

2, backpack, out of the door, have a lot of equipment, there is a good backpack to save a lot.

This backpack of the checker is great, the model is:

Osprey Radial Series Light 26L

I added a camera, my computer, camera, lens, stabilizer, tripod, can be plugged.

Mainly, the burden is great, it is very breathable, and it is also very laborious. It is equivalent to getting the essence of the body’s engineering chair to the backpack:

3, wire rack, this


IKEA purchased Sigana.


You can organize the messy line below the desk, almost every friends who share your desktop, are recommended this shelf.

So I bought one, really used, the line in my home will never be messy:


Truck storage

This is also the big sharing in the station, I bought 2, one in the kitchen, a book.

Because it is a small trolley, it can be pushed to all corners when it is not used.

When using, push back, it is very convenient, Amway gives you:



It’s time to summarize.

This article almost covers digital products that I still feel good after tossing in these years.


Some headphones, keyboards, Switch game consoles, audio, music, model, lens, tripod, bicycle, etc. I haven’t been said.

At present, the article will be longer if it is written. . .

If you feel that the article is not bad,

Welcome to praise, collection, comment, this is very useful to me

I also hope that everyone will respond to Zhang Aunt’s activities, and the reward is still very rich.

All pictures in the article are taking me, the products are real experiences, most products have a single product, detail.

There are also many products that have taken photos, no time codeword, I have been dragging. Also taking advantage of this opportunity to write articles, take them out, and don’t spend it, I have taken photos.

Ok, here, this is all the content of this article, let’s see you next time, white!