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Hello, everyone! Summer is really the most burning, and all kinds of sunscreen don’t say, even the daily cleansing is a huge amount.

Generally, the washing milk stays on the face for less than 1 minute, as long as you can do it.

Effective cleaning, don’t hurt the skin barrier, just just going to oil.

As a huge consumables in the skin care products, the cleansing really wants to buy a price is good!


Today, I will come, there is a big bowl and useless cleansing, come to Kang Kang ~

▲ Reference price: 120g / 24.9 RMB


Ben’s rice should be the preferred cleansing of the slum girl, 20+ can buy a, very

Cheap big bowl



Squeezing it out is a soft paste, with the bubble network can play a very delicate bubble, the face is very comfortable, there is a lost fragrance, not stabbing nose.

Computers, no soap-based ingredients, pure amino acids, and clean power. The overall is moderate, but

Add a small amount of flavor

There is still a certain acne risk, sensitive skin sisters carefully.

In general, this price is to achieve this level, but also a bicycle? ! Sisters with limited budget budgets in cleansing!

▲ Reference price: 160ml × 2/79 RMB


70+ yuan can buy 2 bottles, very affordable,




, It is very convenient to squeeze out and is very convenient, very suitable for lazy people.

In terms of ingredients, the amino acid meter is used, and the cleaning is very good, but there will be a slight touch.

(I mixed with dry skin, give your sisters a reference, mixed skin girlfriend is finished, I feel ok)

▲ Reference price: 150ml × 2 / 98.8 RMB

It is also a very affordable cleansing.


One hundred can’t buy 2 bottles, and more favorable.


Self-with cleansing brush, squeezing out is a light bubble, practical nice! Do the morning cleansing, cleanliness of cleansing in the evening.


Ingredients very thin


Natural preservative, overall moderate


However, the shelf life is shorter than the general cleansing products. So it is best to buy, don’t take the goods, don’t use the oxidation in the bottle.

▲ Reference price: 120g / 55 rmb


When I started with the wind, I didn’t have a good time. White cream texture, you can make a fine little bubble, clean power, but nice.

Item @ 怀 三 儿


Amino acid formula, no flavor, no pigment, preservative is also a gentle natural preservative,


Small irritability, sensitive muscles can also be used.

▲ Reference price: 473ml / 149 RMB

Cheap big bowl, a bottle of nearly 500ml super durable! The bubble is very delicate, and it is not bad if it is not fake.

Miss Yuan @C Tingzi

The ingredient is very streamlined, SLS is played, and the cleaning force is in, but


Preservatives are more irritating

, Acne, allergic risk, sensitive muscle sister with caution.

▲ Reference price: 150ml / 108 RMB

Sistey, you can enjoy the cloud-like soft bubble without the need to bubble.

It is not tested, and the water is moist.

The phenanthinic acid formulation, no pigment free, preservative is also gentle.

Cleaning is sufficient to remove daily and medium sunscreen,

It will not stimulate, and it will not be dry or false.


▲ Reference price: 100g / 150 RMB

The old brother of the amino acid cleansing product, the white paste, the hand bubble is relatively fine, and it will be more rich with the bubble network.

Cleaning is very good, the skin is also great

After washing the skin is soft and tender.

The phenanthinic acid formula, because there is no flavor, the taste of pure raw materials is not particularly good.

(Personal experience)


But the whole

Very gentle


. 100g is very durable, cost-effective is very good.

▲ Reference price: 207ml / 178 RMB

The ether component of the low boiling point can make the stock solution under thermal temperature

Automatic foam

The bubble is delicate and soft, the washing is clean and refreshing, and it is very good, it is very good. The disadvantage is that due to the addition of a low boiling ether, the pressing is not wiped, and the small bubble is often taken.

The formula has not been said, the pure amino acid meter, the ingredient is very peaceful,

Sensitive muscles have no burden

Sisters who have spacked, allergies can try this. There is also a shortcoming, that is

Waiting for the foam approximately 30s

If there is no patience, it may feel a bit awkward.

Ok, today’s Amway can only be given to everyone, specifically, according to the individual’s skin, the skin is selected ~ In short,


The price of cleansing is really enough.


, The small money in the province can spend more in the skin care products.

Today’s topic

Which is your true love cleansing?