When choosing perfume, the opinions of brand advertising and friends cannot be imposed on your own taste. They emphasize your personality and let you cheer and let you have the opportunity to smell odor without paying all day. But if there is too much flavor, it is difficult to choose your own? We will tell you that of which popular women’s perfume demand, why, and how to find a perfume that will be your fragrance sign.

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水


In modern world, perfume has become a symbol of female temperament and unique style. Without them, women’s image seems incomplete. Some people are only loyal to an odor. Others provide a large number of bottles for a variety of occasions, collecting comments from certain popular female perfumes. Treat your selection of perfumes carefully, as one of the most memorable and fashionable accessories.

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

What kind of perfume?

Experts divide fragrance into several categories.

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

According to the destination:

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水


every day;


According to quality:

Luxury-level – this is the best ladies perfume, only natural extract;

Class A – Such perfume contains 10% synthetic or synthetic ingredients;

Class B – This class includes copy of elite perfume from Turkey, Russia, Sweden and other countries;

Class C – an inexpensive synthetic ingredient added in such perfume.

Press aroma type:

Citrus: sour orange, orange, oranges, is known in bright odor and obvious freshness;

Green: With herbal plant extract and leaf essential oil, there is a cool refreshment;

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

Fruit: The main ingredient of these perfume is the extract of fruit and wild berry, the smell is pleasant, naturally fresh;

Floral: Flower extract gives fragrant fresh and sweet, rich and beautiful, just like young brands Kilian. For example, the popular ladies perfume foundation is based on jasmine, narcissus and evening jade.

Ocean: This fresh fragrance exudes a humid cool, mountain air, cold fog and sea breeze;

Spicy: combined with the taste of pepper, ginger, cinnamon and other spices, the result is a very warm and pleasant aroma;

Wooden: Their characteristics are sharp, so they are suitable for women who like to stimulate.

Why is perfume better than other perfume products?

Perfume has several advantages over other types of perfume:

High concentration – spirits contain 15-20% perfume ingredients in 90% alcohol, rich in aroma;

Smell persistence – perfume contains more essential oils, these essential oils are responsible for the persistence of fragrance;

Economic consumption – to feel the pleasant aroma, just apply a few drops of perfumes on the skin.

The main difference between expensive ladies perfume and cheap perfume

Expensive perfume consists of 5-10 natural components, and the fragrance is pleasant, and it is firmly attached to the skin. The popular ladies perfume is expensive. This is the difference between them with inexpensive products containing synthetic extracts, which usually makes odor very harsh and invasive.

Welcome women’s perfume prices may be high, not only because of high quality ingredients. Financial ingredients are also affected by the brand name of the production perfume.

How to choose the right perfume fragrance?

Heavy perfume with fragrant is suitable for rare use. You can take a headache from him, let alone people around you. In daily life, you can choose popular ladies perfume to give yourself or as a gift, consider three standards:


For young girls, the best choice is the popular ladies perfume, faint, fresh, energetic fragrance, emphasizing youth and carefree. Therefore, the perfume of 25 years is ideal, with floral and citrus fragrance. Women aged 25 through 45 will like more complex, more meaningful, and richer works, which is more desirable for her. 35 years (age range from 25 to 45 years old) women’s perfume – ocean, citrus and spicy. Mature women may like to have a rich flavor.


The most popular ladies perfume will make different voices due to warm and cold season. Autumn is a good time of spicy perfume. In winter, it is best to choose sweet, with fragrance with fragrance (cinnamon, ginger). During this time, the odor becomes stronger and brighter. Spring is the best season of fruit flowers and essential oils. In summer, the most popular perfume – with refreshing fruit, citrus fragrant and ocean. A prominent example is Montale Soleil de Capri with citrus, sour tangerine, a flavor with honey color. Due to an unforgettable incense, the perfume of the Montal brand may be the most popular ladies in many years.

The purpose of the spirit.

Light, fresh, unopened aroma is suitable for everyday use. The popular ladies day perfume is floral, citrus and spicy flavor. At night, it is suitable to use sweet or green.

By the way, please remember a little bit of different differences when choosing a popular women in 2021. Coffee does not make the receptor to restore vitality, but will stimulate them, thereby sending sharp impulses to the brain. Only water, green tea or fresh air can help identify different smells.

12 famous perfumes: the most popular ladies perfume ranking

Many famous works have different versions. Our selection of photos is not popular with popular women, but their fragrant version. Eau de Toilette contains lower concentrations of essential oils and aromatic additives (from 8% to 15%). Its application does not mean that a heavy train extends several streets.

Chanel Coco Miss

Chanel brand best-selling book is known worldwide. According to the perfume critics and users, these are the most popular female perfumes in 2021, or at least the top ten. They have a rich floral, convey by the natural extract of jasmine and roses. They are supplemented with mild vanilla, combined with sour Buddha hand mandarin and musk, which is fascinated from the first minute.

Miss Chanel, 4286 руб.

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Miss Dior bloom bouquet

This exquisite perfume is recognized as one of the most suitable girls. They are slightly sour, but at the same time, the smell is very moderate, it is impossible to confuse anything else. Fruit fragrance complements with white musk, bringing pleasant delicate aroma for the owner.

Miss Dior bloom bouquet, 6398 руб.

Gucci odor memory

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

Gucci fragrance is delicate, neutral, and the flavor has long been in the peak. The tone is chamomile and Indian jasmine, creating a happiness and peaceful feeling. This is why Gucci fragrance will never be bored.

The memory of Gucci odor, руб5, 510.

Juma Long grapefruit

Many people call these most popular ladies perfumes masterpiece of the British perfume – very enthusiastic about their comments. This is not surprising, because their aroma is indeed unique. It combines two opposes: sour licensions and sweet oranges. They create a very expressive and exquisite fragrance that can be fused with any fashion model.

Jo Malone grapefruit, 8700 wipe.

George Armani Joy Water

A modern and older female perfume is best for people who like exotic and natural aroma: berry, trees, sea, flowers. From the first second of the smeared, you can feel the fresh air of sea breeze, tropical forests and summer cool air.

Giorgio Armani Joy Water

Tiffany Tiffany

Exquisite floral can win any feminist with the times, actively enterprising. The aroma starts with a fresh breath of ripe citrus, fragrant iris and pipuer leaves. They relax and confident to women, emphasizing her attraction.

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

Du Jiabanna Dolce SHINE

Fruit and floral fragrance combination is a perfect combination suitable for any season everyday use. The fragrance of perfume is very simple and light, can quickly improve emotions, harmoniously emphasize personality.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce SHINE, 2850

Victor and Rolf flower bomb

This perfume is very suitable for people who want to start every day with a positive attitude. The strong fragrance of perfume combines different ingredients (roses, green tea, Buddha), each time in different ways. This interesting popular female perfume attracts other people’s attention. The masters of these perfumes will not be ignored, and the original design of the bottle will cause people to pay attention.

Viktor & Rokf Flowerb, 3593

Tom Form

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

An extraordinary Oriental fragrance brings exquisite and mystery. Exotic and spices are intertwined together (vanilla, pepper, cedar). This unique ingredient increases the perfume of Tom Ford to the status of elite perfume. This perfume is suitable for women and men.

Tom Ford Udewood, 12500.

Salvatore Ferragamo I love Flowerful

Suitable for open, confident and cheerfulness of the best luxury perfume. Sexy floral emphasizes nature and female temperament, which proves the taste and maturity of the girl choosing.

Salvatore Ferragamo I love Flowerful

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

Hermes Twilly D’Hermès Pepper

The extraordinary attraction of these best female perfume is based on three different ingredients of success combinations: spicy, floral and wooden extract. Each of them is soft and exquisite for perfumes that continue to day.

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

Gucci female guilty

迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

The best perfume in the classic perfume category is Gucci Guilty Pour Femme. Their smells are so unusual and diverse, so that you want to enjoy them forever. Floral ingredients convey the soft flavor, while the aroma of Mandalo and the promotion oil makes it fresh and light.

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迷人而诱人:Cosmo 推荐的 12 款最适合女性的香水

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Tiffany Tiffany