At the moment, it is the season of the “Gala” mature listed in Aksu, Xinjiang, in the various plantations in Aksu, gains a long-awaited place, everywhere is a busy harvest scene, and the fruit farmers are hurrying the time picking apples.

In the morning of August 23, in the orchard of the fruit of the fruit, the workers were carrying out Apple’s sorting packaging. “The 21 acres of early family at home will start picking up, about seven tons, now premature apple is very popular in the market, prematurely, Apple is acquired by the buyer in advance.” Zi Agricultural Zhang Deng said.

(The picture shows fruit farmers sorting packaging, Apple Zhou Zhiyuan photo)

Aksu as one of the mainstream of Apple, this year, the high-quality 嘎 Apple planted by the fruit farmers ushered in the harvest season. Due to the unique geographical conditions, the prematuredness of the apple has won the favorite of customers and consumers with the advantages of excellent quality, mature early, colorful, and good taste.

The fruit farmers have more than 20 acres of orchard. Every year, she also helped all the merchants to acquire Aksu farms to the fruit farmers. At present, I have already acquired 100 tons of premature premium Apple, just mature 嘎 Apple picking down, after picking up To all parts of the country, because the apple fleshy is crisp, the storage cycle is short, she also sells through the e-commerce platform.

In recent years, Aksu continues to improve the quality of fruit quality, through increasing investment, speeding up the standardization management of orchard, further optimizing the cultivation model, etc. . It is understood that this year, the planting area of ​​Aksu City has reached 7.14 million mu, of which apple planting is 139,500 mu, and the premature mature apple is 20,000 mu.

(Zhou Zhiyuan) (China Daily Xinjiang Journalist Station)


Source: China Daily Network