The United States crazy squatting China’s high-tech private enterprises Huawei company, and forced to use Huawei company in other countries, why didn’t China not shoot, but in Boeing Flying and buy a plane?

Everyone’s usual understanding is that the United States is pressing Huawei, and my country can ban the sale of Apple mobile phones, and because Apple mobile phone is particularly large, it is forbidden to sell Apple mobile phones in China. There will be a strong counterformation Effect. However, my country has not taken any measures to Apple, which is still very hot in the new iPhone13.

The United States is crazy to fight Huawei, why is China let go of apples, but does not agree with Boeing?

According to my own personal understanding, China has not taken the Apple, which has roughly there are several factors:

From the national level,It is necessary to consider taxation and employment of these major national planning issues. Apple mobile phone is mainly assembled in my country. It has a long sales time in China. The sales amount is large, and the root is relatively deep, and the industrial chain is relatively long. If Apple mobile phone will make a large number of business, specialty stores, after-sales service stores, Peripheral processing enterprises, folk mobile phone sales repair shops, etc., the whole industry chain is immediately paralyzed, affecting the employment of large number people, affecting the tax, will cause serious losses to the state, local and related enterprises, individual practitioners, etc.

From the policy level,my country has always adhered to the reform and non-stop, opening no end, and every policy measures issued in my country will take into account the influence of all aspects, not as the United States. We don’t want to be due to the unfairness of a company, affecting the steady advancement of my country’s reform and opening up policy, and never wants to have a suspicion of China’s policy stability in the world, which affects China’s investment confidence. More foreign and advanced technology.

Say from the industry level,Apple puts the manufacturing base in China, which is not just a capital effect, but also the technical and industrial chain effect, which is an important reason why China’s mobile phone brand Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have risen in recent years. Because China has formed a complete industrial chain, it is the only one in the world, very powerful industrial chain system. Although this industry chain is not the only reason for the rise of China’s mobile phone brand, it is indeed quite important. Also, if China chooses to ban Apple, there will be a great possibility that Vietnam, India and other countries have formed a complete industrial chain, making my country easily lose this unique advantage.

The United States is crazy to fight Huawei, why is China let go of apples, but does not agree with Boeing?

From the corporate level,Apple has been very good in China for so many years, it is very good, which is standardized to operate the model. If we block this kind of company, it will inevitably deliver a very bad signal to the world, which is quite unfavorable to my country attract international investment and advanced technology! In 2018, Apple established Asia’s largest data center in Guizhou Province, migrating iCloud to Guizhou, Guizhou, and domestic users in China. Apple is doing very in place in implementing national policies, with the standardization management, China really has no reason to limit it.

From the user level,Apple mobile phones have a large number of users in China. If they suddenly banned apples, they will cause a certain loss of users from existing Apple mobile phones. From the perspective of the people, they will not be easy to be because of a policy. It is issued to harm the people’s personal interests.

Besides, with the significant improvement of domestic mobile phone quality and the gradual decrease in price, Apple mobile phone has long been no longer, and a dovetic situation has already broken, and the sales volume and market share in China are actually lower year by year, and continue to keep according to this trend. No country will come to ban, the market will naturally ruthlessly flush the luxury of Apple brand mobile phones, making it an ordinary member of the domestic mobile phone market.

There is a set of digital comparisons, maybe more explain. Apple created 2 million jobs in the United States, but in China created 5 million jobs; 200 supply chain companies in Apple, 40 suppliers of China and Hong Kong, China added 40 suppliers in Taiwan, China. 46; Apple has 804 supplier factories, 384 of which are assembled in China, especially mobile phones, and Apple’s total products from mainland China. It can be seen that Apple is deep in China, involving wide.

For Boeing, China does not actually suppress it. However, the security of the aircraft is directly related to human life. In China, this people-oriented country-oriented country, the security problem must not be a sloppy sloppy. Therefore, after the Boeing aircraft accident, China first decided to stop flying; Boeing was flying in some countries, but in China’s test has not passed; for the future orders, it can only be released first.

This has led to dissatisfaction with some politicians in the United States. The US Commerce Minister Raymondo, recently claimed that the Chinese government blocked China Airlines to buy a total value of billions of US dollars, violating the commitment of the first phase of China and the United States. She also threatened that if China does not buy Boeing aircraft, the United States will hold responsibility for China and work with European allies, “slowing China’s innovation.”

The United States is crazy to fight Huawei, why is China let go of apples, but does not agree with Boeing?

China is not responsible for the security of Boeing, mainly responsible for the passengers and is responsible for life.

Boeing is eager to fly around the world, China has not passed

Boeing’s 2020 total income has fallen 24% from 2019, and the loss is very serious. In order to change this situation as soon as possible, it is a top priority to achieve the completion of the world in various countries in the world as soon as possible. Especially China, because my country has the world’s largest aviation market, and the biggest buyers of Boeing aircraft, the future demand for the plane is also the largest. However, in addition toCanada, India and Australia, which follows the United States, announced that Boeing 737max civil aviation passenger plane fly,China has never nodded on this issue.

To this end, Boeing has recently applied在中国浦东机场进行了2小时的复飞验证,但最终的结果还是被拒绝.主要有三点原因.




The United States is crazy to fight Huawei, why is China let go of apples, but does not agree with Boeing?

StopBoeing 737max passenger aircraft is responsible for security

After two Boeing 737max passenger planes have been crashing,2019年3月11日9时,民航局发出通知,要求国内运输航空公司于2019年3月11日18时前暂停波音737-8飞机的商业运行.中国的这一行动,迅速引发世界各国的跟进,该型客机迅速陷入全球Stop浪潮.




The United States is crazy to fight Huawei, why is China let go of apples, but does not agree with Boeing?

Refuse to buy Boeing passengers more






In this case, why are we rush to buy Boeing aircraft, you said?