Today, I saw a report: a deaf woman in Henan Zhengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, in order to smoothly, the nurse writes the strips and her communication, and the possible situation, precautions, and countermeasures that occur during the operation. Write four or five pages on paper. Hard work pays off, she spent the difficulties smoothly, and finally, the mother and female are safe!


After reading this, the tears blurred my eyes. At the same time as this nurse, I had to admire this mother: this is the strength of maternal love, the greatness of maternal love!

As a man, it will always experience a mother who wants to be a mother’s kind of pain!


The little stomach in the nine months of pregnancy is unbearable. It is necessary to produce. This baby is the “life root” of her family, can’t have any mistakes!

The husband family is a serious feudal thought, and the concept of heaving male and female is deeply rooted. Her first child is a daughter. The second child detected a boy in more than three months pregnant, and the whole family is ecstatic!

Therefore, the status of Xiaoyu is also improved, and the mother-in-law that is regarded as the enemy is actually started attentive, and when stewed a black chicken soup from time to time.

Xiao Yan is a kind girl, and I met a martial arts mother-in-law, and now I suddenly changed, and she was a little stunned.

So in the next few months, she enjoys princess-like treatment, and the days are still good.

However, after leisure, she also worried, her first child is a caesarean section, is the second child?

It is said that “October is pregnant, one is given to childbirth”, so eight words, but I don’t know how to spend more difficulties to women.


Revelling that scene, like yesterday, playing back in her brain like a movie.

On that day, the amniotic fluid broke for more than four hours, but the baby is like hiding the cat, still refuses it, and finally there is really no way, choose a caesarean!

My mother-in-law knows that she blames her: “The belly is so do not live, a girl will spend so much money?” She listened to the knife. ” At that moment, she was very fearful and thoughts, I remembered the news that I used to see, the woman’s child is equivalent to getting away at the ghost door, she is afraid …

Every woman, no matter how elegant before, at the moment of the bed, all dignity and face are ruthless.

After a local anesthesia, she consciously was awake, she obviously felt that the doctor scored another knife in her stomach, the doctor said: “No wonder the child can’t live, it is stuck!” Doctor is in her chest I have a few times, she only feels that she is not breathing, and then he heard the baby’s cry, she has a coma …

After waking up, three hours have passed. Her first reaction is to ask the child to ask the child, and I know the baby peace, she sleeps again.

Women are of course fragile, but the mother is strong and great!

When she wakes up again, returning to the ward, the doctor makes the belly of the five bags of salt, which will help the condition to recover!

She just started without knowing, as the anesthetic gradually scattered, the pain of the stomach wound plus the weight of the five bags, what is the body can’t flip, what is sad, she is sleeping one night, at this time, the disease is tortured There is no sleep.

On the third day, the early morning doctors suggested. But when she stood up and black, instantly fainted in bed! But for the children, she has a few degrees of his body, biting the teeth, stands strongly, and even a small meeting.

On the bed, Xiaoying is discussed with his husband, can you not regenerate the second child? too painful! Husband nodded and comforted: “If you don’t have birth, you will be able to raise your body.”

However, after two years, my husband couldn’t give him a big fat child again every day? It is also a continuation of the incense!

Xiao Yu decided to give him a good job for this love, even if the risk of re-opening.


The stomach is really awesome, and finally let her have to pay, but now she has to withstand the risks of the knife and postoperative pain.


Women are always so stupid, for a love, willing to let yourself end again and again!


In the process of producing such pain, deaf-dumblands can insist on communicating with nurses on paper, enough to explain how strong a woman is.

I think, men, I can’t experience a woman’s child in this life.

The woman is weak, just for the mother. May the mother is not easy, men can understand. I hope that every new life is coming, it is joy.

Caution all the men in the world: Please be sure to cherish the woman who is breeding for you!