In the past 2020, the WiFi 6 popularity has been entered. Taking 3000Mbps performance WiFi 6 router as an example, the price has dropped from a higher level of 300 yuan from a high-level level of 300 yuan. At present, most home users are willing to spend money to upgrade the network experience, and combine the background of Gigabit broadband upgrades, WiFi 6 ushered in a wave change in 2020.

How to buy WiFi 6 routing? Will it be wrong? In order to solve this problem with consumers, we pick out 6 WiFi 6 routes of 3000Mbps, perform performance tests, show its true strength, bring reference to consumer purchase. Why choose 3000Mbps? 3000Mbps WiFi 6 routing 2.4GHz band maximum wireless rate is 600Mbps, the highest wireless rate of 5GHz band is 2400Mbps. The WiFi 6 wireless network card equipped with most laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

According to the e-commerce hot products and ZDC hot product data, we finally selected Huawei route AX3 Pro, REDMI AX6, Tengda AX12, Netware RAX40, ASUS TUF-Gaming AX3000, and TP-LINK TL-XDR3230 for horizontal contrast

该给WiFi升级了!家用热门WiFi 6路由器横评

Test platform and test method:

This WiFi 6 performance test is conducted in the ZOL office, and there are many WiFi networks in the office, and the test equipment will bring a certain impact. On the other hand, it is also a test for test equipment. Through two laptops equipped with Intel AX200 wireless network cards, we connect to the router participating in the test, and keep its maximum wireless transmission speed to 2400Mbps, then perform performance testing using professional test software.

testing platform:

Client: Laptop with Intel AX200 wireless network card X1

Server side: laptop X1 with Intel AX200 wireless network card

该给WiFi升级了!家用热门WiFi 6路由器横评

Test software: ixchariotv6.7; endpoint6.0.

Test Methods:

Client: We installed the management software and PerformanceEndPoint of the measured wireless router on the client, and set the IP address of the wireless network card to:

Server: Install PerformanceEndPoint and Chariotconsole on the server side. Connected to the test router via WiFi, form a small LAN and set the server-side IP address as:

Run the server-side Chariotconsole console, establish a point-to-point test item, and select the High Performance Throughput script. We set a test process separately and the test time is set to 1 minute.

The six WiFi 6 routes participating in the test are performed as follows:

1,5GHz frequency band 10PAIRS download rate test (WPA2 encryption)

该给WiFi升级了!家用热门WiFi 6路由器横评

2,5GHz frequency band 10PAIRS upload speed test (WPA2 encryption)

3, 5GHz frequency band 10PAIRS download + upload speed test (WPA2 encryption)

Test Results:

6 popular WiFi 6 routing test results

In view of all three test results, ASUS TUF-Gaming AX3000 is 10 thread downloads, 10 thread upload or 10 thread download + upload all in 6 products. Of course, the price of this product is also very “beautiful”, and a penny is still reasonable.

ASUS TUF-Gaming AX3000

This year, the manufacturer’s heavy boxing is about this price of about 350 yuan, and the competition in the test is also very intense. Huawei route AX3 Pro, REDMI AX6, Tenda AX12 and TP-LINK TL-XDR3230 are in this price range. From the perspective of comprehensive results, Huawei route AX3 Pro and Tengda AX12 gains the first and second grades in this price range, and Redmi performance is eye-catching in 10 thread downloads and 10 threads, but at 10 threads Download + Uploaded tests are lost. The TP-LINK TL-XDR3230 test results are nothing two points.

Huawei route AX3 Pro

该给WiFi升级了!家用热门WiFi 6路由器横评

Netware RAX40 manifests the rules in the rules, but in view of the price of thousands of dollars, the price is the highest in all products, but the actual test of the river and the 350 yuan gear are not up and down, even a little bit is very good, not worth it. Your own price.

Tenda AX12

Comprehensive performance and price reasons, ASUS TUF-Gaming AX3000 ranked this test first, Huawei route AX3 PRO and Tengda AX12 range 2nd and third place, Radami AX6 and Netware RAX 40 rankings fourth place and fifth place , TP-LINK TL-XDR3230 ranking bottom.


In 2020 and 2021, broadband speed reduction is still the focus of operators. Operators shouted “5G for external use 5G, at home WiFi 6”, it can be seen that WiFi 6 will enter the family will further speed up. Let the user spend a lot of money for a high-performance WiFi 6 route, in addition to the firing user, the general family is difficult to bear. But at about 350 yuan, the general family is willing to spend this money to upgrade to our WiFi Internet experience. In this test, the first ASUS TUF-Gaming AX3000 will be the first choice for importers, Huawei route AX3 Pro, Tengda AX12, Redmi AX6, TP-LINK TL-XDR3230 will be home users upgrade WiFi 6 Main products.