The suit is very important, and the clothing is really important, but you can’t ignore the details, especially the current fashion circle, under the premise of the clothes, often use clothing to enhance the angling rate The suit is one of them, it is limited by the influence of the style, but under the premise of matching, it is fully able to shape a different charm.


After the high round boy, I was in dressing, I was significantly upgraded, although not like another 85 small flowers, I started sexy, but for high round, she used to walk gentle temperament. Type route, but she is obviously challenging in various styles, and it is also very thoughtful and different from the past.

Wear small knowledge: khaki suit, profile

The most practical still in the suit is to have a solid color style. Don’t look at the purple style is simple, but the stylish shaping this piece, compared to the flowers of the flowers of the flowers, the solid color is really too wrong, and there is still a ride. Change it on the dressing mode, you can show a different effect.


The high round circle of rare appearance, this time I took the airport, I can see my sister is to choose a solid hollow suit jacket. Khaki’s fashion element is in line with her age and is in line with her temperament. The conciseness is very temperament. Very beautiful.

Wearing a small child: taking a lace bottoming shirt, women taste

Nowadays, I can’t look good, one is depends on the clothes itself, I’m doing clothes, especially for the choice of the inner, in the past, there is a basic single item such as Qingshi Shirt T-shirt, but now in order to Get rid of the official sense of the suit, plus the driving of the suit, I like to open the clothes, which gives a certain display opportunity, so it is very important.

It can be seen that for the suits, the high round is also a small heart machine, do not say beauty or not, at least completely get rid of the monotonous and cheap, the price of the suit, first in the knit shirt of the bundle, but the most Stunning or lace bottoming, under the deep V-collar, the lace looks particularly amazing, large-area skin, skin, women’s taste.

Wear a small knowledge: dark straight pants, casual recipes have personality


The choice of suit + trousers can be said to be the most classic combination of fashion circles. There is no one, but it is only in the face of this combination. When you want to wear fashion, you have to be in place, style, color, etc. Can’t, don’t dress up as you work, full of official feelings, you still have no charm, you can choose a big pants tube and bring your belt.

This is the case, but in order to increase the identity of the shape, his sister also chose a more brunette style, forming a distinct contrast with the card, in addition to the material of the corduroy, pants tube Wosting, looks very casual, completely weakened the formal feeling of styling.

Wear a small knowledge: 牛 皮 包 + fisherman, dress up simple and easy

The details are always part of women who are not available or lacking. It does not change the overall style of the shape, but in order to increase the eye of the shape, especially for women who walk the temperament route, clothing usually choose more single However, there is these detail embellishments that can play the effect of the temperament.


Gao Yuanyuan took off the airport, and the clothing is stunned, but it is also unambiguous in the details. It does not have a personalized fisherman cap, but also carrys a leather bag, dress up is very personality, compared to the past, obvious Upgrade a lot.


QS: How is the dress up time when you are ready?


Choose TIPS: Internal length


Usually, the best way to change the basic single product is the skin, use the body to transfer the line of sight, but this kind of effect is amazing, but it is also very easy to make mistakes, so you can refer to the shape of the high circle, the inner length, there is The hierarchical dressing, the same color, the whole dressing will increase, and it can avoid simple.

Select Tips: Low short

In addition to our common stacking methods, winter clothes, although it is warm, but it is also unambiguous, and there is a common tight combination, and there is a short long, facing the sweater. The product is appropriate. High round circle Select orange sweater with high waist jeans, using a sedae to show a lot of sensation, and there are many things.

Select TIPS:


If you want to put the basic clothing, it’s too much different effect. In addition to the details, the clothing itself, the clothes of different styles can make the whole shape make it more bright. This body is a good demonstration, and the sweater is a sports youth. The skirt is a mature woman. The two are different, but they are in my sister.

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