Wang Yi Art, [Single Board] Peacock Sofa Ten Pieces New Product (Small Size, Adapted to Small Living Room) Material: Big red sour branch (Dalbergia alternate) Size: Triple seat 200×58, single seat 72×58, large coffee table 133×98.

Single seat, 3 seater, small coffee table, flower stand, panel all single board (large coffee table 4 spelling) The four throne panels are single boards opened by the same material. Small sofas do not take up much space, giving way to larger space for activities in the living room.

Big red acid branch sofa strong Chinese national complex, a classic mahogany sofa furniture, will make you feel the cycle of time through the years, the circle of mahogany sofa, the clear visibility of the wooden grain, will bring you the beauty of nature.

Among the many furniture, the mahogany sofa is the most obvious, on the one hand, it is used to decorate the home, and on the other hand, it is also used for rest.

The whole red acid branch sofa has a calm frame, with exquisite carved patterns, and the beautiful line sense uses the sofa to make it more textured

The various retro elements of the big red acid branch sofa are integrated with Chinese modern design.

Good big red acid branch sofas are usually very dark in color, giving people an antique feeling, and the material is also relatively heavy, and has clear lines and tree rings.