In 2016, New Pants released the album “Our Best Time is Now”, and five years later, this phrase was given a more appropriate meaning in the brewing of time, and it also became the most appropriate theme for the 2021 New Pants Tour. On November 6, the concert will be held at Suzhou Sports Center Stadium, and tickets will be officially opened on October 14.

The epidemic has been repeated, and the tour plan of New Pants in 2020 has been postponed to the end of 2021, and the new concert theme, new performance design, and upgraded venue have finally landed in Suzhou, which has also become the only one in the 2021 tour plan. Even if there are force majeure and unknowable factors, be determined to do it, regardless of the cost, and make sure to do it when you can, and if it’s the best time, let it happen.

After the release of the “Our Best Time Is Now” tour plan, New Pants solicited some answers about the “best of times”: childhood, adolescence, college, now, future, single, in love, the day of marriage, when with the family… Each of the different answers comes together and seems to be able to connect a complete thread of life. “These best times flicker and jump on the lifeline, dotted and become eternal beings of reminiscing tenses, until we realize that those moments were now – our best moments are now.”

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Shou Penghuan

Editor/Cui Wei