There are many actresses who have played the role of Chang’e, but there is only one actress who can afford the title of “the most beautiful Chang’e”, she is Yan Danchen. When she starred in “Chang’e” in “Baolian Lantern”, Yan Danchen was 27 years old, and now, more than ten years have passed, but her appearance and figure are not reduced back then, and her temperament in a deep V-neck green dress is stunning and too eye-catching.

First, the shape analysis of Yan Danchen’s green dress

1: Choose a big V-neck design to enhance sexiness

For the big V-neck and the deep V-neck, many people can’t tell the difference, in fact, the gap between the two is quite large, the deep V-neck design focuses on length, and the big V-neck design is long and wide, like a big V shape.

In comparison, the large V-neck has a wider exposed skin area, which enhances the sexy charm while also increasing the body requirements, no small shoulders, no S-shaped body curve, and cannot support the large V-neck design. Secondly, the large V-neck also has requirements in terms of skin color, which is only suitable for white-skinned eyebrows. This also reflects from the side that a woman who can wear a big V-neck dress must be in good shape.

2: Choose splicing fabrics to enrich the highlights

As an emerging trend element, splicing elements are often used in dress design, but they are generally spliced together in different colors, and few people like Yan Danchen splicing velvet fabrics and tulle fabrics together. Coincidentally, because this patchwork dress is rare, it is easier to wear a sense of stunning.

However, not all fabrics are suitable for splicing together, paying attention to “thick upper and lower thin”, which means that the upper body fabric of the dress is thicker, the lower body fabric is thinner, and the difference in the thickness of the upper and lower fabrics is used to enrich the layering of the whole body.

3: Choose a large area pattern to distract attention

The green dress looks conspicuous and eye-catching, easy to impact people’s vision, and once impacted, it will make people resist. Therefore, when we wear green dresses, we must appropriately reduce the degree of sun absorption, and we can add a large area of pattern patterns to Yan Danchen, and shift people’s visual focus to the pattern patterns, so that we will not feel green and eye-catching.

Being able to wear a green dress with such an effect is enough to prove that Yan Danchen has a good fashion vision. So, let’s take a look at her other dress looks.

Second, Yan Danchen’s other skirt styles

Off-the-shoulder dress

For off-the-shoulder dresses, most girls wear them as a ceremonial dress, feeling that off-the-shoulder dresses are too elegant, and if they are worn as commuting clothes, they will produce a “sense of abruptness”. In fact, off-the-shoulder dresses also have a variety of style charm, such as this off-the-shoulder dress with a ruffled design, which is very suitable for daily life, very girly.

Deep V-neck tulle dress

The deep V-neckline design and tulle fabric are all about sexy charm, and when combined, they are likely to be worn with a vulgar feel. Therefore, when we wear a deep V-neck tulle dress, we may wish to incorporate traditional designs, such as adding a dignified and elegant embroidery element, which can be well avoided in its embellishment.

Long red dress

The red long skirt is not difficult to control, and it is not simple to say. In my opinion, the key to controlling the red long dress is the aura, and the aura is strong, so as not to make the red long skirt look tacky. And the way to enhance the aura is makeup, the more exquisite the makeup, the more aura. Therefore, when you wear a long red dress, you must wear makeup. Otherwise, it will look unenergetic.

We always think that good-looking girls can wear whatever they want. But after looking at Yan Danchen’s above several outlooks, I knew that the original good-looking young lady was dressed and matched. Finally, I hope that everyone will wear their skirts seriously like Yan Danchen.

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