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Qilunet Lightning News on June 3 When it comes to earthworms, everyone should be familiar with it, how much wealth potential does a small earthworm contain? Xu Rusong, a “new farmer” in Shuangmiao Town, Xiajin County, Dezhou City, uses underforest resources to develop characteristic breeding, and small earthworms “string” up the ecological cycle breeding chain, “drilling” out of the road of rural revitalization and prosperity.

On more than 200 acres of sandy land in Qingliangsi Village, Shuangmiao Town, Xiajin County, Xu Rusong, a dark-skinned “new farmer”, is instructing workers to carry out earthworm flat bed operations. Xu Rusong, 33 years old this year, returned to his hometown to start a business after graduating in 2011. He accidentally learned that earthworms are widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, sludge treatment and other industries, and the breeding risk is small and the return is high, and he immediately made up his mind to breed earthworms.

Xu Rusong recalled: “After graduating in 2011, I worked as a clothing store and barbecue restaurant, and the benefits were not good. I heard that raising earthworms can make money, the risk is small, and our village has more forestry resources, so through many visits and studies, we contracted five or six acres of land and began to raise earthworms. ”

Xu Rusong, who made up his mind, said he would do it, starting with small-scale farming of 3 to 5 acres of land, which was expanded to 30 acres in 2014, and now the scale of breeding has reached more than 200 acres. The earthworms he raised are widely sold, and earthworms are in great demand in sewage treatment plants, cosmetics companies, pharmaceutical companies and other units. However, he also encountered some bumps in entrepreneurship, and there is an unknown bitterness behind his success.

Xu Rusong said: “At first, I only relied on a momentum to not admit defeat, because of lack of experience, the quality of earthworms could not meet the requirements of customers, and I ended up losing a lot of money.” My family was always opposed, and I could only grit my teeth and insist on it, through my own research and exploration, I found a way to solve the problem and summed up a set of breeding techniques suitable for local applications. ”

With the gradual improvement of popularity, the sales volume of earthworms has also increased, and Xu Rusong established Yanrui Biological Co., Ltd. After consultation with the village committee, the village committee cooperated with him in the form of land shareholding to implement the development model of “party branch + cooperative + company + farmer”.

10% of the company’s annual income is owned by the village collective, and it also provides nearly 30 jobs in the village, driving the average annual income of villagers to increase by more than 30,000 yuan.

In 2020, the collective economy of Qingliangsi Village exceeded 100,000 yuan.

Yuan Shiping, a villager in Qingliangsi Village, Shuangmiao Town, Xiajin County, said: “I am old, it is not easy to find a job, and now I come here to work, and I can earn more than 3,000 yuan a month.” I also contract the land to the cooperative, and I earn 30,000 or 40,000 yuan a year, which I think is very good. ”

Today, Shuangmiao Town also provides Xu Rusong with thousands of mulberry saplings for free, and the party branch of Qingliangsi Village coordinates the land for planting. The virtuous cycle of mulberry planted on the ground and cultivated under the trees, with mulberry trees providing shade for earthworms and earthworms fertilizing mulberry trees maximize the value of the land. In particular, earthworm farming also provides a “digestion and absorption” channel for the treatment of urban solid waste and farmland waste, forming an industrial chain of ecological cycle.

Hou Lei, deputy mayor of Shuangmiao Town, Xiajin County, said: “In addition to its own economic value, earthworms also have good ecological benefits, earthworm breeding raw materials are livestock and poultry manure, sludge, straw, etc., through the life activities of earthworms, can achieve the purpose of purification, providing new ideas for rural waste treatment.” At the same time, through deep processing, waste is turned into treasure, and a double harvest of economic and ecological benefits is realized. ”

The reporter learned that the earthworm breeding and mulberry planting base in Qingliangsi Village was officially completed last year. Xu Rusong is planning to gradually transform from simple sales of live earthworms to deep processing, increase technical links such as dehydration and freeze-drying, explore the development of “smart agriculture”, plug in scientific and technological wings for small earthworms, and improve the sales share and competitiveness of earthworm deep processing products in the market.

Xu Rusong told reporters, “Now the scale of breeding has reached more than 200 mu, and a cooperative has also been set up to teach farmers technology for free, attracting many villagers to join.” It is hoped that through the earthworm breeding project, more residents in the surrounding areas will increase their income and make the big guys rich. ”

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