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“Perseverance is the most special ‘taste of the year'”, “The lights of ten thousand homes are the kang head of warmth and reunion”, “Capture” the gas dragon, “light the Chinese New Year’s Eve stove”, “Hike over the mountains just for the safety of pipeline operation”, “The peace of the home country is a happy year”…

This Spring Festival, on the occasion of the family reunion, there is such a group of people, they are fighting on the front line of energy supply, giving up their small families for everyone, to adhere to the motherland, write the feelings of the family and country with responsibility, protect the lights of thousands of families, warm the lives of the people, and engrave the beautiful silhouette of struggling China.

Coal transportation: “perseverance” is the most special “taste of the year”

On January 30, Zhang Jianhua, the head of the unloading shift at the water transport coal terminal of Wuhan Hanchuan Company of the National Energy Group, had just come down from the ship unloader, his work clothes were soaked with sweat, and he took off his hard hat, and wisps of heat immediately came out of his head.

The fuel staff of Hubei Hanchuan Power Plant will do a good job in receiving and unloading coal during the Spring Festival to ensure the supply of coal in the power plant. Photo courtesy of interviewee

“Squad leader Zhang, how much water coal still arrived in Hong Kong a few years ago?” The crew asked. I saw him smile: “Today there are 10 ships of coal to report to the port, the task of receiving and unloading during the Spring Festival is very heavy, we must not only seize the time to pick up and unload, but also do a good job in equipment maintenance to ensure healthy work during the Spring Festival.” ”

Zhang Jianhua’s family is thousands of miles away in rural Jiangsu. “To be honest, I really want to go home to see my parents and accompany my family, but this year’s energy supply task is heavy, the responsibility of power maintenance is heavy, as the head of the shipwheat unloading shift, I can’t leave my post when the company needs me.”

“But now that the Internet is developed, in my spare time, I can also chat with my family through video, telling parents to take care of their health, telling their children to be obedient, study hard, and strive to go home next year’s Spring Festival…” Before he finished speaking, the corners of his eyes were already a little moist.

Such scenes are playing out everywhere. Late at night, on the railway line of Guorun Thermal Power Company in the southern suburbs of Shenyang, a figure walked in the cold wind and inspected the freight train next to him, his cotton hat brim and eyebrows covered with frost flowers. He is Liu Hongyan, freight duty officer at the Wujiatun Operation Station of the Benxi Freight Center of China Railway Shenyang Bureau.

Liu Hongyan stepped on the roof of the car, which was more than 5 meters high, to check whether there was any residual coal in the carriage. Photo courtesy of interviewee

For a train with more than 50 cars, Liu Hongyan checked it and walked down, which took two and a half hours. In order to confirm whether there was any residual coal in the carriage, Liu Hongyan had to pedal down the ladder to the roof of the car more than 5 meters high during the inspection. In order to prevent the raised coal face from being inhaled into the body, it is necessary to wear a special dust mask. All the way down, especially pedaling hard to check, it was difficult to breathe.

“The Spring Festival is a day of family reunion, although I can’t be with my family, but when I think of my work, I am very happy to connect with the warmth of thousands of families.” Liu Hongyan’s face showed a proud expression.

Power supply: Guard the kang tou that warms the reunion of the lights of thousands of homes

At 6:30 on January 31, Song Jian, production manager of the Bengbu Maintenance Project Department of China Energy Construction Anhui Power Construction No. 2 Company, put on his work clothes on time, hurriedly finished breakfast, and rushed to the production site. This is the 7th Spring Festival he has taken the initiative to guard.

Song Jian added retrograde inspection to key equipment during the Spring Festival holiday. Photo courtesy of interviewee

“The Spring Festival is a key period for power preservation that needs to be more tense. Everyone should raise the spirit of 12 points and focus on the investigation of potential safety hazards in various fields such as equipment, logistics, transportation, fire prevention, network, and security. At the morning shift meeting, Song Jian arranged the pre-shift inspection, reporting, inspection, operation and other work more carefully and meticulously.

“Other people have holidays, we are on duty, this is the norm. I am a retired soldier, my parents and wife are very supportive of my work, and the safety of my home country is a happy year. Song Jian said.

At 1 a.m. on January 31, a rapid telephone ringing sounded at the fuel site of Huaneng Shandong Company’s Xindian Power Plant: “The rollover is about to be completed, we are at the scene, we can take samples.” After receiving the call, Zhou Bo, the head of the power plant’s sampling team, and his colleagues immediately rushed to the sampling site.

Zhou Bo (first from left) and his colleagues take samples of incoming coal. Photo courtesy of interviewee

The weather is cold, and the coal that has been compacted when loading the truck has undergone a “freeze” mode all the way, and the hardness is no different from that of rock. Despite the “stir-frying” of the unloader, the frozen coal is still stubborn. The automatic sampler entering the plant “strikes”, the bucket feeder frequently fails, the crusher is plugged by coal samples …

In order to reduce equipment failure, Zhou Bo squatted next to the bucket feeder with a space of less than half a meter, hammered and hammered, and lifted out the frozen coal. After the operation is completed, the person seems to have just come out of the coal pile, his face is black and white, and his mouth is full of pulverized coal.

This is Zhou Bo’s 11th Spring Festival at the power plant. “There is less time to spend with our parents during the Chinese New Year, but whether it is sampling on a snowy night or throwing coal on site, it is our responsibility, although the hard work is worth it.” He said.

Mao Fengnian, 41, is the deputy head of the high-voltage maintenance team of the first team of power supply in Zhangji Mine of Huaihe Energy Group. “Some people’s homes are far away, and it is rare to reunite during the New Year; Some children are only one or two years old and have to go back to take care of them. Mao Fengnian always saw such and such difficulties in his colleagues’ homes, so in the past 6 years, every Spring Festival shift, he always said to everyone: “My family is close, my son is also older, I am on duty for the New Year, and my family understands and supports.” ”

Clean energy: full fire power to ensure the “brightness” of the Spring Festival

At Longxi New Energy Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Energy and Chemical Industry, at 6:30 a.m. every morning, a figure always appears in the brightly lit central control room to observe the operating status of the fan and adjust the performance parameters of the network; At the morning meeting at 7:30 a.m., yesterday’s work was summarized and today’s work was deployed. Day after day, year after year, he is Ma Quanrui, deputy director of the production management department of Longxi New Energy Company.

Ma Quanrui (first from left) instructs on-site operators in the central control room to reasonably adjust the equipment operating parameters to ensure the maximum output of wind power equipment. Photo courtesy of interviewee

With the joint efforts of him and his colleagues, on December 10, 2021, with the grid connection of Panlongshan Phase IV and Huajialing West Phase 1 and Phase II wind farms of Tongwei Wind Power Base in Gansu Province, the total capacity of Tongwei million-kilowatt wind power base connected to the grid reached 1.6 million kilowatts, marking the completion of the first million-kilowatt-level wind power base in central Gansu Province.

During the Spring Festival this year, Ma Quanrui gave up the opportunity to go home for the New Year and reunite with his family, and chose to be on duty to inspect key parts such as station equipment, collector lines, fans, and box changes. In response to the problem of damage to power generation caused by ice covering of wind turbine blades, he communicated with technicians to formulate optimization measures to ensure the completion of the company’s power generation plan.

On the balance of work and family life, Ma Quanrui rarely accompanies his parents, wife and children, and friends advise him: “We understand that you work seriously, but you should take more care of your family.” But he said: “Since I am a member of the Communist Party, I must be worthy of this title, and there is no small family where everyone comes from.” ”

At the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, “this year’s Spring Festival coincides with the minor repair of Unit 6 of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, and it is necessary to scrub it and change its clothes and celebrate the New Year.” Zhao Bolin of Jiangsu Nuclear Power Instrumentation and Control Department said that this year’s collection of five blessings, on the first day of his own “dedication blessing”, which is a good sign. The safe and smooth operation of nuclear power units in the Year of the Tiger is my greatest pride.

Power inspection: I use perseverance in exchange for the bright lights of reunion

At 17 o’clock on January 30, when the last rays of the sun with temperature were confiscated by the harsh winter, bright lights lit up in the station of the 220 kV Hunhe substation. Qiu Lei, the head of the station’s substation operation and maintenance team, and Yan Xiaoyu, a technician, wrapped himself up tightly, took the thermometer and record book into the field area, and conducted routine inspections of the substation equipment.

Qiu Lei and Yan Xiaoyu conduct routine inspections of substation equipment during the Spring Festival. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Yan Xiaoyu, 29, has been working in electric power for five years, and Qiu Lei, 35, has worked longer for 14 years. The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, but for power workers, it means that the work of maintaining electricity is more onerous than ever, and they must be on call 24 hours a day.

Power equipment failures are often sudden, and several times Qiu Lei has promised to accompany his children for the New Year, but he was called away by the emergency repair call. Listening to the cry of the child behind him, Qiu Lei was distressed, but he never hesitated to rush to the scene.

Thousands of miles away in Wudongde Town, Yunnan Province, early in the morning of January 30, Hou Jianxun, Liu Yizhou, Dai Xielong and Kuang Sicong of the Transmission Management Institute of Yunnan Kunming Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid walked to the location of Tower A (B) 2 of the 500 kV AC supporting project at the end of the Wudongde Hydropower Station to inspect and maintain the line.

Hou Jianxun, Dai Xielong, Kwong Sicong and others patrol the route on the steep cliff tip. Photo courtesy of interviewee

The vertical height difference between the two towers in front and rear of Tower A (B) No. 2 is more than 300 meters, and the inclination angle of the mountain is about 60 to 70 degrees, forming an inverted “V” shape, and the two base towers stand on the cliff. “Safety first, under the mountain is the Wudongde hydropower plant site, any rolling stone may bring safety risks. We also need to be cautious in case we slip and fall off a cliff. Hou Jianxun said while reminding his companions to pay attention to safety.

“The GPS signal is normal, the equipment check is normal, and the image transmission signal is normal…” Liu Yizhou said while staring at the screen, checking the pictures and video screens taken by the drone, for fear of missing any problem points. Call…… Call…… Whew…” The wind accompanied by the sound of drones drifted on the ridge, they cooperated with each other, their eyes focused, and the lights of the reunion of ten thousand families were bright with perseverance and dedication.

Oil and gas production: Capture the “gas dragon” to light Chinese New Year’s Eve stove fire

In the early morning of January 30, a red sun slowly rose, and the sea was covered with a golden veil. On the Haiyang Shiyou 944 drilling platform, 113 kilometers away from Hainan Island, platform manager Chen Jianlin is staring at the complex and orderly drilling parameters like a spider’s web, his bloodshot eyes not missing a single detail.

Chen Jianlin assisted the on-site personnel in measuring drilling tools to ensure the progress of follow-up operations. Photo courtesy of interviewee

A week before the Spring Festival, there was a wave of “homecoming” across the country, and Chen Jianlin went up the river and boarded the drilling platform to celebrate the New Year with his brothers. In his 14 years at work, he has spent 10 Chinese New Year at sea, but this time he feels the most stressed.

In order to ensure that the people are warm through the winter, CNOOC proposed to drill 10 more production wells during the supply season and increase natural gas production capacity by 10 million cubic meters per day. Chen Jianlin’s drilling platform undertook to drill one of these wells, and the daily output is expected to be more than 200,000 cubic meters.

“This well is more than 5,800 meters deep, which is a world-class high-temperature and high-pressure horizontal well, and any link that goes wrong will bring unpredictable losses, ranging from millions of yuan to gas well scrapping.” As a platform manager, I have to be on site, dealing with unexpected situations that may arise. Chen Jianlin said that the Spring Festival is a day for family reunion, but the more the Spring Festival, the more strictly it must be implemented in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure that a high-quality well is drilled on schedule.

“Whenever we see the “Qi Dragon” we captured, entering thousands of households, lighting up the stove of the Chinese New Year’s Eve, and warming the kang head of reunion, we feel that all the hard work is worth it, and we are especially proud. Chen Jianlin said happily.

At PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Project Construction Base, nearly 20,000 project builders stayed at their posts this Spring Festival and rushed to work day and night to ensure that the project was completed and put into operation on schedule in 2022.

“Home can go back at any time, but the project is now in the golden season of construction, and we can do more work while the weather is good, and everyone is looking forward to the project being completed and put into operation as soon as possible.” Zeng Feipeng, manager of ethylene plant of Guangdong Petrochemical Company.

Pipeline patrol: Over the mountains only for the safety of pipeline operation

Gloves, boots, coat, plus a sharp sickle, before dawn on January 31, Zeng Hongbo put on his “four-piece suit” and went out to start the day’s work.

“Watch your feet!” While skillfully using a sickle to cut off the weeds blocking the road, Zeng Hongbo kept reminding reporters: “The mountain road is very difficult to walk, and there are no roads in many places.” Sometimes when the weather is bad, after a walk, the whole body is wet with rain and dew. ”

Zeng Hongbo is cleaning up the warning signs for the protection of natural gas pipelines. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Zeng Hongbo is an employee of the pipeline patrol class of Xiangguosi gas storage warehouse, responsible for the pipeline patrol of more than 20 kilometers of Xiangguosi gas storage to Sichuan-Chongqing pipeline network, 90% of the pipelines are laid deep in the mountains and old forests, can only be patrolled on foot, over the mountains has long become a daily work.

“The main risk of our pipeline comes from third-party construction near the pipeline, and we regularly publicize pipeline safety knowledge to villagers along the pipeline, so that they can become the ‘eyes’ of protecting the pipeline and jointly protect the safety of the pipeline.” Zeng Hongbo said that it is his duty and wish to let thousands of families live a warm and peaceful Spring Festival during the Spring Festival, and it is worth it no matter how hard and tired it is.

Thousands of miles away in Sanmenxia, Henan, the same scenario is happening. On the morning of January 31, after the third station inspection for more than an hour, Xie Tiecheng, the head of the Sanmenxia Station of the West-East Gas Transmission Company, who had already been “thoroughly cool”, received a call from his child: “Dad, come back for the New Year to make dumplings, I have learned to roll the skin.” ”

Xie Tiecheng checks the operation of the pipeline in the central control room. Photo courtesy of interviewee

In the face of the child’s request, Xie Tie Cheng is a little difficult. This is the seventh year that he has been on duty during the Spring Festival, and 30 kilometers away is his small home where he cannot be reunited.

“This year Chinese New Year’s Eve I will stay on duty and let colleagues who are far away from home go back to spend time with their families.” Xie Tiecheng said that although he has not accompanied his children once so far, think that because of his perseverance, thousands of families can have a warm Spring Festival, which is worth it!

The Spring Festival reunion is everyone’s deepest hope in their hearts, because they have the closest family members and the happiest memories of childhood. The persistence of energy people is turning into steaming Chinese New Year’s Eve meals, laughter in front of the TV… Let our Spring Festival be “bright” and “warm”.

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