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The picturesque scenery in the village, the delicious meals in the happiness canteen, and the industry at the doorstep made the people’s money bags bulge… Since the beginning of this year, Wangwan Town, Lingang District, Weihai, has made efforts in many aspects such as town and village construction, grassroots governance, and rural revitalization to improve people’s livelihood and well-being, and the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security has become stronger and stronger, and the flower of rural happiness has also blossomed more and more.

The small mountain village is beautiful than the tourist area

Houbailu Village – This is an extremely beautiful name, as beautiful as its name, is the scenery of the village. On September 3rd, when I came to Bailu Village in Wangwan Town, I looked at it, a blue wave, several winding paths were quiet, and the small bridge at the entrance of the village flowed water, and a White Deer sculpture added a bit of artistic conception to this place.

Who would have thought that two years ago, this place was a notoriously poor village with a dirty environment and garbage dumped everywhere. In recent years, Wangwan Town has improved the level of grassroots governance and vigorously improved the rural environment, and Houbailu Village has gradually changed.

“My family lives on the edge of the square, and now I have to go out and walk around a few times a day, and I feel that our village is more beautiful than the tourist attractions outside.” Sun Shumin, a villager in Houbailu Village, talked about the changes in the village and was overjoyed.

In addition to improving the environment in the village, Wang Yan Town also organized the planting of a sea of flowers around Houbailu Village. Nowadays, daisies are in full bloom, and on weekends, people from the city always drive here to take pictures. After the transformation and upgrading, Bailu Village has become a boutique demonstration village of “one village, one product” and “one village and one scenery”, and good scenery has become an advantageous resource here, and the development of rural leisure tourism industry has become a new way for the village to increase income and become rich. “We plan to open a few farmhouses around the Happiness Canteen to increase the income of the villagers.” Qu Benrong, secretary of the party branch and director of the village committee of Houbailu Village, excitedly planned the future development path of the village.

In addition to environmental improvement, the hardware facilities in the village are also constantly improving. Recently, the villagers of Duanjiazhuang Village have used clean and abundant running water, and the villagers are all smiling.

Previously, the water pipeline in Duanjiazhuang Village was in disrepair and the water pressure was insufficient, which worried the villagers. After the Wangwan town government learned of the situation, the town and village levels took joint action. Construction began in July, and in just over 20 days, all the running water in the village was replaced with new pipes.

It is reported that Wang Yan Town has taken infrastructure, beautiful courtyards, river management, and sanitation to comprehensively optimize and improve the living environment of villagers. At the same time, we will deepen the “six governance and one network” social governance model, refine 170 red grids, promote the solution of 156 people’s livelihood facts such as street lights not bright, mountain road renovation, and sanitation standards that do not meet standards, and promote grassroots social governance capabilities and governance levels to a new level.

The Happiness Canteen warms the stomach and heart

On the morning of September 6th, it was drizzling in the sky, and the courtyard of the Happiness Canteen in Dazhaiku Village, Wangwan Town, was bustling, and the old people in the village came together to witness the opening of the Happiness Canteen in the village. Walking into the Happiness Canteen, the hall is clean and tidy, the seats are neatly arranged, the kitchen is fragrant, and the staff and volunteers are busy for lunch.

“The Happiness Canteen in Dazhai Ku Village has opened!” Accompanied by the warm applause of the elders, Yu Shengyang, secretary of the party branch and director of the village committee of Dazhaiku Village, excitedly announced the official opening of the Happiness Canteen.

It is understood that the Dazhaiku Village Happiness Canteen provides daily lunch for the elderly over 75 years old in the village, which only costs 40 yuan per month, and the remaining expenses are subsidized by the village collective. At the same time, with the “credit + volunteering” model as the starting point, villagers are called on to obtain integrity points through volunteer service or donations and donations, and provide help to the canteen within their capacity.

In addition to adopting the “credit + volunteering” model, Dazhaiku Village has also standardized the design of canteens in accordance with the overall requirements of the “standardized construction year”, formulated a series of standardized management systems and operating procedures for canteens, raised drinking water safety and food safety to catering industry standards, and ensured that happy canteens with temperature are well run.

“We will continue to do a good job in the construction of happy canteens in each village, solve the problem of the difficulty of dining for the left-behind elderly and empty nesters in rural areas, so that their children no longer have worries, and truly let the rural elderly achieve old age, dependence, and happiness.” The relevant person in charge of Wang Yan Town introduced. By continuously promoting the “five advances” project of credit and building a love canteen, we have successfully opened up the “last mile” of rural governance with the construction of the credit system.

At present, Wangwan Town adopts a variety of flexible and flexible ways such as “independent operation”, “centralized operation” and “co-construction and sharing” to promote the construction of happiness canteens. 5 happiness canteens including Zhujiaying Village have been completed and operated, and 4 happiness canteens including Dongliangge Village have been completed and will open soon. 16 happiness canteens will be operated by the end of September, and 28 happiness canteens will be built by the end of the year, radiating 58 villages in Wangwan Town, and solving the problem of “one hot meal” for the elderly living alone and elderly in rural areas.

Small orchards grow big industries

The fruit of the year of planting was carried out that year, and the apple acre produced thousands of catties. This seemingly impossible thing happened at Huamanyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., located in Wangwan Town.

Walking into the apple planting base of Huamanyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., the apple trees are lush and green. Xia Zeqing, the person in charge of Huamanyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., proudly introduced the characteristics of the orchard: “Scientific and technological management, the introduction of advanced management technology from the Netherlands. Directly planting apple trees that can bear fruit in the same year, the mu capacity exceeds 1,000 catties. ”

Wang Yan Town combines the industry of Huamanyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. with rural revitalization and poverty alleviation, and “plugs in the wings of science and technology” for rural revitalization. At present, Huamanyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the construction of lattice system, drip irrigation, dropper system and seedling planting. The combined area of rural revitalization and poverty alleviation has completed the planting of 21 Internet of Things greenhouses and more than 1,300 fruit trees, and the annual income of 1.2 million yuan has been distributed to 1,165 poor people in the poverty alleviation area, realizing the effective connection between rural revitalization and poverty alleviation.

Next to Huamanyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., is a greenhouse cherry, blueberry industry-based Hongshulin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., the greenhouse cherries grown here, listed around the Spring Festival, the sales price can reach hundreds of yuan per catty.

Such modern agricultural industry projects are not uncommon in Wangwan Town. Coordinate and promote the acceleration of the construction of key projects in the model area of Luyuan Guoxiang, radiate to drive the town’s agriculture to industrialization, science and technology, and modernization, and make every effort to promote the in-depth integration of agricultural primary, secondary and tertiary production, and the road of agricultural modernization is getting wider and wider.

Protect the red imprint and pass on the red gene

Every year on the Qingming Festival, there is an endless stream of people who come to the Martyrs’ Pagoda in Sanjiazhuang Village in Wangwan Town. As a landmark building in Wangwan Town, Sanjiazhuang Martyrs’ Tower is a witness of the heroic resistance of the people of Wangwan Town, and it is also one of the important red marks of Wangwan Town.

It is understood that in order to better understand the history of the revolutionary struggle and provide an activity venue for patriotic education, Wangwan Town actively excavated and protected the red imprint. Last year, in order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War and inherit the red classic, the party committee and government of Wangwan Town carried out landscape renovation of about 1,000 square meters around the Sanjiazhuang Martyrs’ Tower. Today, it has become the main position of patriotic education.

Recently, the red sculpture in Diwentou Village, Wang Yan Town, has attracted a lot of attention. In this small mountain village of less than 200 households, the “11.4” riot East Road team once fought the enemy here in the “Battle of Diwantou” that shook Jiaodong. In order to better protect the red mark, remember the red history, and inherit the red gene, Wang Yan Town formulated a protection plan for the Diwantou riot battle site, relying on the historical background of the “Diwantou Battle”, to rescue and protect the historical sites of the “11.4” Diwentou riot, and build this large-scale red theme sculpture integrating education and display in the square on the east side of the office in Diwentou Village, and intuitively reproduce the historical picture in the form of combining the main sculpture and the high relief.

“The whole sculpture will reproduce the whole process of the uprising in the context of time and with the story as the main line, deeply express the respect and remembrance of the revolutionary martyrs, further carry forward the noble spirit of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, and effectively protect the red imprint, remember the red history, and inherit the red gene.” The relevant person in charge of Wang Yan Town said.

Colorful cultural and sports activities enrich the lives of the masses

A few days ago, a mass choir competition held in Wangwan Town to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was held, and 382 actors from 12 villages in Wangwan Town participated in the competition.

In the competition, the participating teams sang heartily, reviewed the glorious history of the party with their songs, and sang the main theme of happiness. After fierce competition, the Wang Yan Village team won the first prize. The Xiaoruan Village team “Hello Motherland”, the Beidaying Village team “Heroic Anthem”, and the Dazhaiku Village team “Go Forward, Communist Party of China” also achieved good results, and the villagers drew a successful end to the competition with simple singing and full passion.

This year, Wangwan Town successively held four large-scale festivals, including the ceremony of awarding the commemorative medal of “50 Years of Glory in the Party,” the mass choir contest of “Singing Praises to the Centennial Style and Singing the Red Classics,” and the square dance contest of “Centennial Road of Struggle and Embark on a New Journey,” thus enriching the cultural life of the masses.

For the people of Wangwan Town, the most interesting thing is the activities organized by the town to send the show to the countryside, and at this time, the villagers are waiting at the entrance of the village for the performance team to enter the village. In order to further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the masses, Wangwan Town actively carries out the activities of sending operas to the countryside, and organizes performance teams to go to villages and communities many times a year to bring wonderful dances, sketches, Lu opera and instrumental solo performances to the villagers, adding brilliant colors to rural life.

Carry out the work of sending dramas to the countryside, supporting and cultivating cultural teams, and strengthening grassroots propaganda and ideological work… With the unremitting efforts of Wangwan Town, the people’s spare time life has become richer and richer, cultural and sports sports have flourished, and the people’s life has become more and more comfortable. (Source: Today’s Wang)

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