Many people wear cotton clothes or down jackets to look bloated and ugly, in fact, the main thing is to choose the wrong fit, and then how to match? Let’s share with you several fat and thin bodies that can be worn, not picky, very good-looking thin and temperamental, let’s take a look together!

Korean version of white duck down jacket with flower bud sleeves

The distinctive bud sleeves highlight the uniqueness of the garment. The mid-length fit is super charming, and the elegant temperament is about to come out, which can elongate the proportions of the body well. Minimalist style in solid colors, full of femininity, very atmospheric. Pink satisfies your romantic girly heart~ off-white is very sticky! Black is super classic! Dirt-resistant and timeless, but also very thin~

Solid color Korean version loose thick down jacket

Commuting style creates stylish travel street photography. The exquisite shape brews the charm of feminine elegance, elegant but not vulgar, highlighting the sense of layering. Regardless of the color of the style, it makes you young and energetic. The elasticated cuffs are comfortable to wear, and the delicate buttons are both beautiful and practical, elegant and vulgar~

Small man thickened slim down jacket

The sweet style creates a winter trend, fashionable and charming, highlighting your figure, no need to pretend to be tender, comfortable and generous to look young. The comfortable big fur collar can not only resist the cold wind, but also show the small face~

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