Women in their fifties and sixties, they may already have a fixed style of dressing, or they may still be confused when it comes to matching clothes, without a clear idea. If you don’t know how to dress, look at how women who can dress combine pieces. Use some high-end and slimming dressing solutions to create an effect that does not look old and does not pretend to be tender.

It is necessary to show the curve

Many women over fifty years old will show the state of tiger back and bear waist, in addition to their own large skeleton or high weight and show this fat effect, but also because of inappropriate clothing choices to cause this situation, for this situation, it is necessary to use some solutions to highlight the body line.

For example, using a very long coat, directly above the knee, but not enough height to support this garment, will shorten the proportion of the individual from the vertical and affect the display of the individual’s figure. Don’t underestimate its presence by running a thin belt directly around the waist, you can use external pieces to outline more beautiful curves, so that women’s body proportions are re-divided, this dressing scheme is suitable for all long coats.

There are many ways to show off your curves, from having a belt to create a clear line or by using pieces that are soft in their own material but not too wide in silhouette.

Like these two knitted cardigans, they are particularly suitable for early spring, and the temperature and season do not limit the frequency of appearance, but will adjust the appropriate dress according to the current temperature. The temperature in early spring is not too high, and you can match some long pieces in the lower body to optimize the proportion of the body more prominently. The upper body garment fits snugly to the figure, creating a more feminine charm.

Use clothing to cover up your lack of figure

Women who can dress, they know where the dead ends of their body are, and they will focus on covering these parts when dressing, which is also the charm of the clothing combination itself. In addition to making women full of fashion charm, after covering up these shortcomings, individuals can also be full of confidence.

Many people have a build-up of fat on the lower body because of sitting for a long time or not maintaining the habit of exercise, and for people of this figure, they are not suitable for always trying small leg pants, leggings and other items, but should choose loose pants. Like these two trousers, they are all leg-inclusive designs that do not lead to rigid style. With a shorter top, it flatters the figure and makes it more decent.

Some women have rounded upper bodies, but their legs still look slimmer, and this body feature is suitable for trying out long coats. Although there are many popular clothing in early spring, the trench coat is always the most popular among them, and it will not create too many matching obstacles.

Women who don’t like to dress too fancy can take advantage of a simple khaki long trench coat, which has a slightly larger silhouette and looks dashing. By combining solutions such as white leggings, you can also show the advantages of your lower body, and the color matching is refreshing and advanced.

Compared with tight-designed items, slightly looser clothing is more likely to bring a comfortable dressing experience, which is why more and more women like to wear clothes with large contours. However, if you use this loose clothing for both the upper and lower bodies, it is difficult to show the advantages of curves or figures.

The woman in her fifties and sixties made a proper dressing demonstration, she chose a loose sweater, the material is not heavy, and it is very comfortable to wear. The lower body is matched with a wider black over-the-knee skirt, both of which belong to the preferred clothing of mature women, and the classic design will not be difficult to match, but you must remember to tuck a top into the skirt, which can enhance the waist line and prevent the clothing from widening the figure.

Suit a little more varied

Many people will focus on choosing a jacket, but overlook the importance of underwear and pants. Don’t always adopt a single style of pants, change colors, and try different typographies to make a breakthrough.

For example, black trousers can be used as leggings or flared pants, and there is a huge difference in fit between the two, so that the dressing style will not always be similar.

In addition to using black trousers, older ladies in their fifties and sixties can also try blue jeans. Through classic age-reducing items, the effect of age modification is achieved.

Denim wide-leg trousers can be paired with a short-cut top, easily interpreting the trend of young people. The matching form of the top and bottom length, the proportions are defined and the perfect body is shaped.

The most suitable early spring outfit for older ladies in their fifties and sixties is here, without excessive dull colors to create a monotonous dress, nor do you need to dress yourself up fancy, easy to weaken the temperament.

You can use an earth-colored coat and jeans to match, the color scheme is a little novel, but not too extreme, and the overall state of women is relaxed.

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