Summer is here, and nursing pads are a must-have for nursing mothers, washable, wearable, and disposable. Here’s what I bought while breastfeeding:

1. Washable

of colored cotton

This one needs to be used with a bra.

Advantages: It is washable, repeated use, no deformation.

Disadvantages: If there is a lot of rain in winter, it will be troublesome if it is not dried after washing.

2. Wearable type

Milk collector

This shell is silicone, relatively soft, and there is a sponge inside to absorb excess milk, this one should be used with underwear.

Advantages: When you spill milk, you can use it when the other side will flow.

Disadvantages: It is because the volume problem will show the chest large.

3. Disposable

The best thing to use in summer is a disposable breast pad, 1 change per day. But how to choose, I picked 2 kinds of breast pads I used – early and October crystallized, and compared them together to tell you what points to pay attention to when choosing.

1. Zichu

This anti-leakage breast pad is relatively thin, the size is 130*130mm, light and affordable.

2. October crystallization

This shell type breast pad is also thin, measuring 130.126mm, and it is easy to tear and stick.

Summary: October crystals are slightly bumpy to the touch, and Zichu’s anti-spillage breast pad, Yunrou’s surface is delicate to the touch, which may also be the reason for being relatively thin, and the overall feeling is light and soft. So these two are good, did the mothers plant grass?