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Zhao Mengfu “Continued Thousand Character Scroll” high-definition long volume

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Zhao Mengfu “Continuous Thousand Character Scroll” 24.3×153.3cm

Zhao Mengfu “Continued Thousand Character Scroll” HD part

“Continued Thousand Character Text” is a four-word rhyme text written by Song Ren Shi Qiwei imitating the writing method of “Thousand Character Wen”, because the text is too ancient and obscure, so it is not widely circulated.

The full text is as follows:

Chaos opens up, and Qiankun is rigid and soft.

Shake to Xunkan, horn to Kuilou.

Thunder and hail are fierce, and the wind is thick and snowy.

Bitter poison pansy, finch smelly smoke.

Rice wheat with layon, with peach shame.

Dried jujube, Pan persimmon grenade.

Sleep dream effects, electric illusion bubbles.

Hibiscus station, Gap Goryu.

Jue Pei embroidered wall, congratulatory crown.

Shao changed into a shao, hit the ball.

Summoned Zhao Yi and defied Chehou.

Tao Ye Xinxiang, Chu Qian Gubiao.

Guan Zhong was imprisoned.

Stork Pei thin, parrot You Zhou.

Wait for thugs, teach fast mail.

Defensive and arguing, Yun guesses defeat.

Cool bees, defiant and resentful.

Gangsters, Mandarin Herons.

Search and kill, annihilate Kou Yun.

Ants invade Yi, and pious liu.

Break the cauldron, burn the boat.

Surround the battlement and cut the chasm.

Miao is dangerous, and he is happy.

Xifu Yi dish, Capgemini brute.

Polyester is filthy, and the disease is worried.

Raids, Ji Huan.

Lei Bo grate, calculate the teeth.

Control the badger, tame the pheasant.

The deer mourns the tomb, and the fox dies to Qiu.

Spit wet foam, suck bait and swallow hooks.

The migration is sudden, and the forehead is burned.

Sip porridge, and qiong rui crumbs.

Quirks. Fat sycophancy.

Treacherous and ugly.

Hou Ji Zhu, Jun Kai Cang Shu.

Chang Yu Xifan, Chao Bin Lu.

Song Xuan longitudinal axe, more curved arc.

Zang Chu Yu Snipe, Qiao Cheng Shuang Huang.

Lu Zhimeiyi, Han Yi sea bass.

Qu Yuan Yinze, Er Kuan throwing hoe.

Femme fatale nest, horse ox jacket.

Owls flutter their wings, jackals avoid.

Fortress barriers, winding corners.

Wrapped in sores and sucked.

Cook Diao Dou, and levy the plutonium.

The column is marked by the domain, and the neck is single in.

Guan Sheng Feng Shuai, Jia Chenhui.

Qiang Hao, Ji Zhuan.

Feng Sijie, Zou Lushuoru.

Reward the price, Han Mau Zhuo.

Scratch your wrists and climb the lake.

Pull the cai stunning, and weave the goods.

Mussel fetus with brocade braids.

Glazed oryama, amber coral.

Qiu Qiu Gong Grebe, Qiu Xuan.

Lead pit smelting, salt iron smelting.

Lin Yan Ancestral Hall, Bi Jun Dance.

The style is dirty and hesitant.

Palm Qingqing, top Daigo.

Cutting the shin and removing the pregnancy, exposing the drowning witch.

Bury the folding shaft, whistle the pot.

Gong Que Dou, urn rope pivot.

Elk loam, melon potato area.

Dangerous and soaked in vegetables.

Dressing and dressing.

Sen is vigorous and dry, withered and decayed.


櫽括埏埴, 桔槔辘轳.

Carry the hairpin tube and remember the wat to hold the tong.

Taiwan Union Yun Pavilion, Pan Kan retreated.

Angry juice ji, sentence mangzhu rong.

Concubine steals medicine, and Jieyu rushes to the bear.

Doves are fed, borers and mulberries.

The rabbit forced the cunning hole, and the rat was forced to sink.

Qiji divine bone, the strange trace.

Cockroaches, osprey and rainbows.

Burn the flint tail and face the blade.

Chrysanthemum coix, hibiscus.

Wax Zhi, Wax Lotus.

Devouring wax meets killing, grain corn dropping.

Vertebrae-shaped barrels, slashing wheels.

Silk, Qiuzhang.

Grotesque and weird, crazy urchins.

Coy, spicy and drunk.

Version Zhao Wu trigram, Dong Huan murdered.

Burnt firewood altar.

Craftsmanship temple bottles.

Xianqian cane, Yan Xiang scoop.

Xi Mei Wa, Concubine Jiang.

Iris falcon, snail shrew.

The whale slipped through the net, and the sneak touched the domain.

Ringed catera, tapir ape.

Swallow-haired food, orangutan lips.

Silkworm disc.

Love Nenbai, Muddy Fangsun.

Whiplash to the end, radiate to the end.

Shell Spring, eyelashes flying.

Ji Chuang Ping, Bu Jian.

Feng Cheng Wangshu, Guo Kui Fuyan.

Fear and deter puppets, and help the saddle.

Fan Qiao Pai Min and Yang Servant knocked on the pass.

Qiu Dengzhu, Cui Tongqian money.

Foxy leopards, mosquitoes and ticks.

Lingyu Luan, festival and beauty.

Hunting birds, birds and eagles.

Bear the burden and dispel the shoulders.

In addition to harshness, entanglement and apprehension.

Pinnacle algae, tumbling beans.

Tingxing beach lotus, green rhombus red lotus.

Holding the crow, the temple is cracked.

Crickets are frugal, mayflies are extravagant.

Yong Geng is a metaphor for a scorpion.

The tiger is lost, and the yoga is hidden.

Artemisia squirrel, tuna.

The liquid is decorated, and the ointment is refined.

Bodhi nucleus, betel nut yanke.

Evil evil, obscene and enchanting.

Cowcow and slump.

Bustard shi, taunting jealousy.

Leather robes, and fortresses.

Frighten the gills and squirt the teeth.

Acyl stubborn, cattle and gluttony.

Pillow curvature for mink, making Qiuhui.

Written about the bad and ashamed.


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