When choosing dresses and skirts in autumn and winter, pay attention to the dual problems of warmth and fashion, so this autumn knitted skirt is a good choice, the knitted skirt is soft and skin-friendly, and whether it is in your 20s or 40s, you can wear it, there is no limit to age at all.

Other than that

There are many versions of knitted skirts, whether they are loose or close-fitting, which can meet the needs of everyone’s different figures, if you don’t know what kind of skirt to buy this autumn and winter, then choose a knitted skirt.

So there are different combinations for different ages, so let’s choose knitted skirts and coats according to everyone’s age.


Teenage age, youth cute and lively, so the choice of coat can not be too old-fashioned,

Then the college style is their first of all, the college style coat is cute and full of vitality, such as the classic horn button coat, such clothes are very suitable for the student party at school, and the style with the hat is even more cute and lively.


For women in their twenties, wearing clothes is a very awkward time,

But the degree of freedom to dress at this age is also very high, you can wear cute and young, but also mature and stable, very feminine.

One of the styles to be introduced today is the light mature style, such a style is very easy to wear, you can choose a coat with a simpler version, so as to match some freshness,

In addition, choose a more calm knitted skirt, this style can bring a sense of maturity.


For women over thirty years old, wearing clothes must not be casual, to pursue its sense of quality, and can not dress too fancy and frivolous, that will not reflect the sense of stability of this age.

So the black coat of pure wool can reflect the sense of stability of this age, with the same black knitted skirt The overall temperament will come up, and the combination of pure black can also make you look very mysterious.


For women in their 40s, the pursuit of a sense of sophistication and high-end fashion is not only to dress with a sense of quality, but also to have some characteristics in fashion.

Then it is recommended to choose a classic but fashionable pleated knitted skirt, such a skirt is soft but not lacking in fashion, and the effect of reducing age is also very good, but it will not look childish. For those women who are 170+ in height, the combination of long coat + skirt shows the figure and aura.


When a woman reaches the age of fifty, the most demanding thing for dressing is definitely the effect of reducing age and some fashion. And 50+ women’s skin degeneration is more serious, and their complexion is not as good as before,

So choosing some coats with more bright colors is definitely a better choice, such as festive red coats and mature blue coats, the style of these clothes looks very eye-catching, with scarves or silk scarves, it is very good to wear the atmosphere of this age.

Then the above has introduced the choice of different coats and knitted skirts according to age, so you can take a look at the matching cases of coats and knitted skirts.

look1: reddish brown coat + green knitted skirt + white T-shirt

This outfit is very classic, with a heavy coat and the lightness of a pleated skirt, so that you can get rid of the bloated feeling of winter wear and have a feminine feeling.

If your calves are very good-looking, then it is highly recommended that you wear a coat and skirt directly with bare legs, so that it looks thin and elegant, and it is completely heavy in winter.

look2: Cream white coat + brown pleated knit skirt + black boots

Sisters who are afraid of cold in winter can directly choose a long skirt, which allows you to stuff a lot of thermal pants and leggings inside the skirt, so that the warmth effect will be better.

In addition, winter wear is very suitable for those dark colors with high saturation, such as brown, black, dark khaki, these colors are not picky skin tone, but also suitable for autumn and winter, stable and mature, and do not pick age.

look3: gray knitted long skirt + black coat + boots

If you want to wear your own personality in autumn and winter, you must choose those personalized clothing styles in the selection, such as split dresses, such as sexy, with a strong sense of personality, and not easy to collide.

For slightly fat women, it is not recommended to choose a tight light-colored knitted skirt, because it will look very fat, if you want to wear it, you can match it with a black coat to cover it.

look4: White cropped coat + brown turtleneck sweater + black knitted skirt

For small people, long coats are always difficult to handle, so try a style that is long below the hips, which is easier to handle for people with small skeletons.

Wear knitted skirt + coat in autumn and winter, it is best that the length of the coat does not exceed the skirt, so that a skirt can be exposed, which can make your outfit look more textured.

Well, today’s matching of knitted skirts + coats for autumn and winter is here, if there is a match you like, then try it.