Entering autumn and winter, compared to small and fresh mini bags,

Tote bag

Instead, there is more to use.

Like I love tote bags, it’s there

It’s big and fits

, stuff things in one way and go out, short business trips on canvas bags are also very trouble-free, always two words: convenient!

Then, today we will take a look at Toth’s demeanor~

Tote, transliterated from English “Tote”, has “

Carry, carry, carry, carry

The word Tote is taken from the African word “Tuta”, which means “To Carry”, which means to carry.

Back in

Tote bags appeared in the 17th century

, but “Tote” appeared in 1900. An American brand, LL Bean, designed and produced one for boating enthusiasts in 1944

Canvas texture

‘s Boat Bag, but it aroused more people’s likes, and gradually set off Toth’s craze.

By the ’60s, COACH designer Boni Kahin

(Bonnie Cashin)


Cashin Carry bag

, so that the handbag began to become fashionable personality.

So, what exactly is a tote bag?

It’s actually quite simple, the tote bag is

A structured bag

。 The look of the classic tote bag is

Heavy body canvas


Large capacity

The shape is square

And also

Arched handle

With the continuous evolution of fashion and aesthetics, the materials and designs of tote bags are becoming more and more trendy, and some are mixed

Classic and avant-garde

Today I have collected a lot of tote bags.

Different styles, different styles

, Interested in vitamin C come to Kang Yikang ~

Shanshui set is one

Domestic designer brand

, before the hit drama “I’m Very Good in Another Country” Zhou Yutong has carried his green messenger bag, which is versatile and retro.

Many bags in their house are

First layer of cowhide

The material is soft to the touch and very durable.

And the tote bag price

About a hundred dollars

, the shape is also more simple, the bag shape is online, without losing the sense of fashion.

I recommend this one

Wing bag

, large capacity giant energy installation.

And a pack of two backs, the wing design at both ends can also be put away into a vegetable basket, and it will be very brilliant to carry it at will,

Commuting and daily outings

Switch in one second.

Many of their bags are designed to be very attractive,

No extra hardware accessories

, it looks relatively simple and generous, very suitable for commuting small dimension C.

I love this one from their house

Mini tote bag

, a small super Q, and the cream and caramel color is soft and sticky, which is very suitable for autumn and winter.


Binaural design

Not only reinforcing the handle, but also adding a bit of design, it will not rot the street at all.

Just entering the summer, I will enter a color mini bag, super cute, summer back

Eye-catching and cooling

Star Town is also a domestic original designer brand, which has a 经️history of 10 years, and the overall style is more obvious than that of Shanshuiji

Sophisticated and designed

Although a few hundred pieces, but


It’s really not to say, the leather and bag type are remarkable.

And in the color is even more deadly, the color system is liked by the student party and office workers, most of them are very textured

Morandi color


Gentle colors with low saturation

Their tote bag, yes

Look at the color and bag shape and you will fall in love

series. The overall retro fashion is a bit modern.

Package type

The lines are smooth and the contours are three-dimensional

, with a little sense of design, but very able to pretend, gentle senior sister carrying it to a date or interview will not go wrong, urban girls carrying it to see customers can also support the scene.

I like minimalism or I like black

Don’t miss this shop!

One of the great features of their family is that they are all bags


! It is very advanced, daily or business back, how to match.

I originally snatched a half-saddle bag in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room and got it

The appearance and texture are a must

, back on the 超️ pint!

His bag’s bag type is quite straight,

The leather feels quite soft to the touch

, Although it is only a few hundred pieces, it is really worth the money, and the high-grade is over~

InjoyLife’s tote bags are also very good at fighting, and large-capacity shopping bag bags and crocodile-pattern leather bucket bags are very suitable

Daily commute

I super grow their family this one

Straw patchwork

, continued as usual

Sexual cold wind

, but combined with straw elements, it is both distinctive and versatile enough.

And the bag type is also very attractive, can be carried by hand and diagonally spanned, and the capacity is also super large,

Totally irresistible

YEE SI is an independent designer brand from New York, YEE SI is known for “

Cold abstraction and minimalism

“As the core, the use of geometric modeling lines in the bag design has formed the brand’s unique space aesthetics.

The brand is also very focused

Sustainable environmental concept

, many of its bags can be multi-purpose in one pack, which is eye-catching

Foldable design

, a second bigger and smaller is breathtaking.

And the package shape is beautiful,

The body capacity is large enough

, you can carry it when you go out to work.

I love this one

The canvas is combined with the leather

Tote bag. The minimalist design + geometric line structure looks clean enough.

A simple color scheme of black and brown

The fit with the clothes is very high, and the size is also intimately sized to meet the needs of different height treasures.

And this new one

Folding square tote bag

The boxy bag shape integrates geometric elements, which is not dull and rigid at all, but has a touch of artistic atmosphere.


Low packet bump rate

, and the fashionable online tote bag, you can check out GROTTO

(Solo music)

Their home is made of

Independent designer Huang Baiqing

A light luxury leather goods brand founded in 2001, focusing on handmade leather goods.

Zhang Huiwen

Their bags are so glamorous, simple but impossible to ignore.

Kong Xueer

The logo of the arrow should be familiar to many people, and it was very popular before

Big Peace series

It’s them who exploded.

In addition to the delicate armpits and shoulder bags, his family’s

It’s also a real fragrance.

I love it

Reading flower tote bag

, is the perfect combination of fashion and practicality.

My daughter also carried this bag,

British and retro

, looks eccentric and very youthful.

Zhou also

The arrows and reading patterns of the bag are retro and atmospheric, looking

Jumpy but completely manageable on a daily basis

, with a suit and the like is also super tasteful.


Lotus tote bag

It’s also cool, the material of Italian leather with the metal arrow logo, can be carried on the shoulder, the big tote is not only powerful but also fashionable and versatile.

Well, so much for the tote bag~

It’s autumn, you may need to arrange a tote bag as well,

Practical and powerful

, is the characteristic of the tote bag.

No matter how the fashion road changes, trust me,

Toth must be “youthful forever”

Tote bag