Facial cleanser is one of the most important products for cleansing the skin, whether you wear makeup or not, you need to use a cleanser to remove dirt and excess oil from the face. So, which is better for women’s facial cleanser? Here are a few recommended ladies’ facial cleansers to see if any of them have been used.

Huayu set amino acid facial cleanser

Li Jiaqi’s “facial cleanser” planted grass, a fighter in affordable amino acids, is not inferior to SKII. My skin has been noticeably darker since I was a child, and in the past two years, I have finally brightened with the blessing of whitening essence, but the blackheads on my face are super obvious. After being reminded by my girlfriend, I knew that it was caused by the lack of skin cleanliness, and it was completely not enough to use follow-up whitening essence, so I started a Hua Yuji facial cleanser planted by Li Jiaqi, which is regarded as a fighter in evaluating amino acids, and it is not lost to SK2 at all.

This Huayu Amino Acid Cleanser not only has a particularly gentle amino acid ingredient to cleanse the face, but also adds high-content goat’s milk, which can brighten the skin and deeply nourish and hydrate our skin, and when I got it, I liked him very much, although the packaging is simple, but it looks very textured.

It also feels very surprising to use, the texture of the facial cleanser is particularly fluid, but a little rubbing can make a very fine foam, not only can remove the garbage in the pores, but also can wash off some lipstick eyeliner makeup on the body directly, since with this facial cleanser light makeup, I will not remove makeup at all, directly use it in one step, really very convenient. After a while, the skin has become much smoother and delicate, the skin is much whiter and tenderer, and the blackheads are much less!

LANEIGE Multi-Action Cleanser

Laneige’s Multi-Purpose Cleansing Cleanser contains plant-based moisture-cleansing ingredients that are effective in removing makeup, including Papain and Keratin-Repairing Skin. It smells good, contains scrub particles, and if you don’t know which kind of lady’s facial cleanser is good, this one from Laneige is worth trying.

Shiseido Facial Cleanser

Shiseido’s facial cleanser is very popular, affordable and easy to use, and it is worth recommending. It is rich in foam, good cleaning effect, added sericin ingredients, beauty liquid ingredients and water-retaining amino acid derivatives, etc., not only can help you lock in skin moisture, but also will not irritate the skin, suitable for any skin type!