When it comes to changing seasons, autumn coats, shirts, sweatshirts and the like are already arranged. Now that the clothes are ready,

Isn’t it a bit of a neglect of shoes?

If I had to choose an autumn shoe, it wouldn’t


None other than that! Whether it’s warm or cold, as long as you choose the right style, you can easily control different styles.

There are thousands of boots in this world, and everyone’s style and leg shape are also different from person to person. If you just blindly follow the trend and buy it home,

Not only is it a waste of money, but it will also step on thunder!

Today, Grain will share with you how to base it on

Own style and body characteristics

Finally, choose the boots that suit you.

How to watch boots warm and cold?

First of all, you can start with the material.

Soft material,

The style is also warmer;

The harder the material

, the style will be colder.

The second is to look at the color. A light light color will give people a gentle and fresh feeling; Conversely, the darker the color, the colder the style.

How to see boot maturity?

It mainly depends on the boots

Toe cap and heel

。 The sharper the toe cap and the thinner the heel, the more mature it is.

Seeing this, do you have a basic understanding of boot style?

Next, Grain will share the boot styles that will be popular in the second half of the year. If you like it, you can prepare it in advance!

There is such a saying: boots of flowing water,

Iron-beaten Martin boots

。 You can imagine its place in the fashion industry.

Martin boots have many types of holes, from 3-20 holes.

The more holes

, the higher the height of the boot.

The more common style is between 6 holes and 12 holes, for

Above the ankles, below the knees

The leg shape modification ability is simply barbaric.

My good friend Liya, for example, loves to wear 6-hole Martin boots to define her fleshy ankles.

Of course, I am a big fan of 6 holes myself!

Because the calf head itself is relatively developed, the length of the boot barrel is just right

Stuck under the calf belly

。 Slightly wide cuff,

Lateral increase

My ankle width, as opposed to my calf muscles.

In this way, my calf muscles do not look so obvious!

Martin boots + pants

✨ The salt girl is so dashing

If you want to be casual and cool style, you still have to match it with pants to perfectly interpret it.

Like this year’s popular dad pants, they have the same handsome feeling as Martin boots. To make the whole look like it

Don’t be so dull

, you can choose white Martin boots.

Tofu pants + Martin boots are enough to support the autumn fashion. For autumn, try the brown matte Martin boots.

Martin boots + skirt

That’s right, sweet and salty

The dress itself is very feminine, and the Martin boots are very neutral. When the two are combined, they can be rubbed together

Contrasting chic.

Especially the floral dress, which makes the overall look sweet and cool.

Lazy people wear formula, there must be a set piece. Coupled with the blessing of Martin boots, it is a set of looks that can easily get out of the street concave shape.

Summary tips:

○ 6 holes and 8 holes are more suitable for thick calves and small children.

○ Sweet and cute round head, retro handsome square head.

○ Match the color of the piece on your body.

Chelsea boots are different from other boots in that they are characterized by no laces,

It is an elastic band that utilizes both sides

。 It is very convenient to put on and take off.

In addition to that, it has another feature that pleases me. That’s it

It is usually worn with block heels

, naturally improve the leg line, walking is not difficult.

Chelsea boots + pants

✨ Elegant intellectual lady

Last time, there was a little cutie message from the north telling me:

The cold ones are going to start wearing thick clothes.

If you are also out of this area, sweaters + jeans + Chelsea boots are just right for the cold late autumn.

Square head design

More with


A gentle breath that echoes the sticky sweater up and down.

All black lovers look over! Black jumpsuit + white Chelsea boots, like an elite female president in a Korean drama.

Because the overall style is relatively big women,

The toe cap can be selected with a pointed toe

, which can better set off the overall style.

Chelsea boots + skirt

A must-have look when going out on the street

It’s already autumn, don’t give up your beautiful little dress. The neutral boots add a touch of handsomeness to the originally sweet pleated skirt.

Split design

It is a hot style in this year’s fashion circle, with split pants in the front and split skirt at the back.

The retro of the check, the femininity of the skirt, and the handsomeness of the Chelsea boots! I think there should be many girls who will be impressed.

○ Choose a round head for thin figures, visually weaken the sense of flatness

○ Choose a pointed toe for a slightly fat body to reduce the overall fleshy feeling.

Knight boots used to be worn when riding horses, and the boots were higher,

Usually below the knee.

Features: harder leather, looser boots; It does not look stout when worn, and there is a certain ability to retouch.

Knight boots + pants

A and sexy

For the little cutie with more confident legs, you can choose

Nude style

。 Double accentuate the slender legs.

If the calf is also muscular with grains, you can wear it with straight pants + knight boots, which can resist late cooling and modify the calf.

Knight boots + skirt

Good girls also have a willful side

When a small man wears knight boots, he must make sure

The skirt should not be too long,

Otherwise it will weigh on the height.

Shoulder pads: increase the sense of bone mass in small people; Skirt pleats: Move the center of gravity of the waist line up to show it high.

Knitted cardigan + silk slip skirt, pure and lustful. White knight boots give the overall look a little more rigid and soft.

Finally, don’t forget to help you Amway with a wave of lazy suits. The premise is that you must pay attention and have

High waistline


○ Be sure to pay attention to the high waist line when dressing for small people

○ Choose a loose style with a loose cuff for your calf

How about it, do you remember the tips for choosing boots today?

I didn’t expect that boots bring so many wearing possibilities! Facing the arrival of autumn, dressing is even more confident. according to

Own leg shape and needs

, choose the corresponding boots in the text, don’t worry about this autumn!

Summary tips:

Summary tips: