A variety of styles of tees in jewelry jade

Hetian jade character split tee

Three-way Buddha head, three-way Buddha head is a large number of 108 bead strings and ordinary necklace bracelet, why is the three-way Buddha head so popular, this starts from the beautiful meaning of its representative,

Silver trim split tee

1. In Buddhism, the three-way Buddha head represents the Three Jewels, the Dharma Sangha, the stupa represents the Buddha, the three-way represents the monk, and the thread represents the Dharma. 2, Taoism uses the rosary, called flowing beads, flowing beads also use three links, in the Tao Te Ching to describe Tao Sheng 1, Life 2, 2 Life 3, 3 Life All Things, the number 3 has a very important position in Taoism. 3. There is a saying that business is prosperous all over the world, and wealth is prosperous in the three rivers. There are also many idioms to describe three in the folklore, such as the trinity, one wave and three twists, three legs and so on. The real function of the three-way Buddha head is to bring together the thread ropes from the three aspects, and the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients can be seen from the three-way Buddha head.

Hetian jade-Tibetan split tee

There are basically three types of three-way Buddha head, 1. Split tee, up and down separation, can be one material or two different materials. 2. Integrated tee, three-way in one, also called bottle tee. 3. Engraving tee, carving tee has two types: split and integrated, which can carve the tee into the shape of characters, animals and plants.

Southern red carved Pixiu tee

Tee has a variety of materials, here to remind you that the tee position because it is three holes, in the wearing must not choose too thick wire, the thickness of the line must be smaller than the hole, or when choosing the tee, try to choose a slightly larger hole, otherwise it is easy to split the tee when wearing a little attention to the rope. If you choose a transparent leather band to wear three barrels, after the completion of wearing, the Buddha head is positioned in the connection rope (the leather band has no sense of drape and will pout), so that the Buddha head worn has a fall, which can increase the beauty,

Turquoise split tee

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Turquoise integrated tee

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