What pants can fat people wear to look thin legs, then it is necessary to start visually, especially in summer, if you can spend as little as possible with a plan to make the legs look slim, let’s take a look at what pants are suitable for fat people.

1. Fat people are suitable for simple and generous clothing, because too complex clothing will look bloated and feel more obese.

2, MM is not suitable for puff sleeve clothing, will make the upper body look stronger, the kind of big U-neck in the photo is suitable for you. A large V-neck is also possible, but it is not suitable for clothing with a high neck and a standing collar, and it will appear thicker.

3. It is not good to wear pants with thick thighs. The thighs are thicker, the pants should not be too tight, the texture can be structured, and the matching top should not be too short.

4, summer with skirts, skirts can be matched with high-heeled sandals, try not to choose flat-heeled shoes, through high heels can lengthen the lower body proportions. It’s good, it’s good

5. Short top + knee-length skirt or shorts The longer the skirt, the shorter it looks, and the best length is knee-length or above-the-knee length. Shorts, fitted cropped pants, cropped pants, and flared pants can make short people’s legs slender.

6. When choosing skirts or pants, be sure to coordinate with the clothing of the shoe model, choose high-heeled sandals, which are not only the first trend, but also make up for the defects of the body, and the fitted trousers with high heels make the legs more slender. Extra-long skirts should not be paired with too slender shoes, and extra-long skirts with a sense of weight are the most balanced.

7, it is advisable to choose a small and cute pattern, and the pattern design is placed on the upper body as much as possible, the bold and eye-catching pattern is definitely not suitable for petite you, the small and cute pattern is perfect. The small and delicate pattern complements the small and cute you.

8. If you are slightly fat, don’t think about wearing fat pants, the kind of casual will be fat. The main thing is to look at the collocation. But there is another kind of person who is very thin in the upper body and only slightly fat on the lower body. Then you can also wear tighter, contoured clothes on the upper body, and wide-leg pants on the lower body.

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