After winter, how long does the average time your baby spend at home each day?

Some parents say 15 hours, 18 hours, some even 24 hours… Babies stay at home for such a long time every day, in addition to paying attention to whether the temperature and humidity in the room are suitable, and whether the ventilation is thorough every day.

Another question that should not be underestimated is whether the baby’s home clothes are comfortable.

Today we will talk about how to choose the right home clothes for your baby.


The wrapping of the loungewear is very good,

Suitable for newborns and babies during the crawling period.

The one-piece model has various styles such as lace-ups, diagonal placket, placket, stockings, and non-tights, and even the concealed buckle has a distinction between the front and the back… Moms are clueless just by seeing this.

In fact, in addition to the special habits of individual babies, one-piece home clothes only need to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience for parents to change diapers.

Brands like Nissen, Next, Carter’s, Gap, Nishimatsuya, Mother Care and others have many high-quality and affordable one-piece loungewear.

Loungewear is different from sleeping bags,

Tight-stock home clothes are not recommended for mothers to buy for their babies,

Because shorter use time, cotton clips or thicker styles can also affect your baby’s foot movement.

If you are afraid that your baby’s feet will get cold, it will be more flexible to put on home shoes or socks for your baby.

But no matter how you choose, there are many hidden buttons in one-piece home clothes, and as the baby’s age increases, the difficulty of changing diapers will also increase.

When babies start toddlers, moms can consider buying split home clothes for their babies.

Split section

There are many options for home clothes, in addition to materials and styles, if you want to avoid your baby getting cold, you must pay attention to these details:

Choose a threaded design with moderate elastic cuffs

, can be better insulated.

Concealed shoulder clasp design

The size of the neckline can be adjusted well, and there is no need to worry about the neckline being too cold or worrying about the neckline being too tight to tighten the baby.

The elasticity of the waist

It is also worth noting that loose tightness will be more comfortable than fine elastication.

Many mothers are worried that the tummy of the split style baby will get cold

, in fact, many brand designs can easily solve this problem.

Like Nishimatsuya, there are many high-waist home clothes, pure cotton material, the price is 30-100 yuan, and you will not be distressed when you are small in the coming year.

Split style only

The small detail with the buckle can also achieve the effect of a one-piece and high-rise model

Like Uniqlo, there are such designs of home clothes, there are two buttons on the clothes that can be buttoned on high-waisted pants, do not worry about the problem of baby clothes jumping up, the price is about 100 yuan, which is also very affordable.

On the basis of guaranteeing comfort, the child’s preferences are also important.

If mothers want to buy a beautiful and comfortable home dress for their baby, Mina recommends it

Mother Care, Next and Nissen.

Mother Care is a British mother and baby brand, his home clothing from Team Wang to Thomas, from Peppa Pig to Disney princesses, children’s favorite cartoon characters are all available, and they are updated quickly.

Next is also a British brand (Tmall has a flagship store, don’t bother with overseas shopping), the material is comfortable and cost-effective. In addition to a variety of classic cartoon images like Mother Care, his children’s loungewear also has a variety of cute holiday shapes, and it is full of insque style when shot at home.

Nissen is a Japanese brand, his home clothes are also very cute, as a baby’s New Year’s gift is very suitable, mothers who do not know how to shop can find a daigai, the price range is 100-300 yuan.

The material of your baby’s intimate clothing is very important,

When mothers buy intimate clothing for their babies, be sure to look at the washing label

The most common material is pure cotton, which has excellent breathability and water absorption, and comfort can also be guaranteed.

Many mothers have always had a question,

Are the popular home clothes such as fleece, flannel, and coral fleece on the market in winter suitable for babies?

Mina can only say

Not suitable for close fitting to your baby

, many mothers only noticed that the chemical fiber material is not cool, but did not consider that it does not absorb sweat, is not breathable, and is easy to static, which is also the disadvantages of the chemical fiber material itself.

Moreover, compared with pure cotton, chemical fiber materials are easier to absorb dust and breed bacteria, if mothers buy clothing of this material for their babies, they must be changed and washed in time.

There are also many cotton-style and plush home clothes, and mothers must also learn to identify the material inside,

Intimate clothing for babies, preferably in safety technology category A.

In addition, light-colored loungewear can also make the baby more happy. Accessories, such as ties and buttons, should be avoided on your baby’s clothing as much as possible to avoid scratching your baby. If unavoidable,

Parents must regularly check the firmness of the accessories to prevent the accessories from falling off and being eaten by the baby.

Every mother wants to give the most intimate care to her baby, and the intimate clothes that the baby wears the longest every day certainly need to be more carefully chosen.

It’s not so much about choosing clothes, but in fact, my mother’s entanglement in every detail is full of love.