Autumn is coming, and it is the annual season to moisturize and prevent dryness, in addition to the maintenance of the facial skin, the hands can not be ignored Oh~~ Care for the little tender grasp start with hand cream!

It is said that women grow old from their hands, and even Liu Tao can’t escape.

The super beauty Liu Tao is in “Langya List” and “Ode to Joy”, her face is as beautiful as a day for decades, but her hands have betrayed her age.

Liu Tao’s children’s shoes and claws were not temporarily remedied before drying their claws~

Nicole children’s shoes are more typical, the neck is so well cared for, but the claws are exposed as soon as they stretch out…

This chamomile series, which can be called the patron saint of Germany, was popular all over Europe and finally came to China by sea.

German women aged 19-99 love places to wander

It is said that the little sister and aunt of Germany love this product no less than the German national football team.

The green and chamomile of the national team go well with Oh~

This time, the appearance has been specially upgraded, no longer the same packaging as toothpaste, and the wild rose, lavender and hand and foot cream models have been added to the classic model, and it is presented in the form of a limited edition elf gift box set. Super good looks!

It has also been named one of the 100 most worthy cosmetics by Harper’s Bazaar in Hong Kong, and has been repeatedly recommended by fashion magazines.

Because the price is right this time, the box can also be recycled to decorate children’s gadgets.

The right is not only the price~ Whether it is for mothers or young ladies, you can get help to improve hand problems, which is simply too practical!

The skin of the hands is very easy to roughen and appear old due to dryness, peeling, barbs and other reasons, but we have to take care of it. We firmly believe that a good hand cream should not only moisturize but also protect.

Genuine original guarantee

Herbacin was founded in

In 1905, it has a long history of more than a hundred years

On the banks of the Hesel River in the scenic Thuringian Nature Reserve, there is a large base for cultivating herbs, which are naturally pure and fresh.

The raw materials of chamomile products are selected from the highest quality plant extracts, and then the most rigorous German manufacturing process is used to produce high-quality classic hand care, cracked hands and feet, bath and classic hair care series.

Each iron box has an anti-counterfeiting barcode behind it, ensuring 100% German import


What does Chamomile Hand Cream do? It protects hands like invisible gloves, providing all-day moisture and protection. It moisturizes, refreshes, moisturizes, smoothes fine lines, repairs roughness, soothes discomfort…

All Chamomile products are sourced from high-quality raw materials combined with traditional plant resources and innovative formulation technology, using certified organic raw materials.

Never animal tested, no animal ingredients, no mineral oil and mineral waxes, no Polycyclic and nitro musks fragrance, no formaldehyde, no chemical preservatives, no radiation

In short, all natural.

Specifications and packaging

This limited edition elf box contains four hand creams, each 20ml.



The classic German chamomile is infused with glycerin and silicon complex to penetrate the skin, moisturize and repair rough and dry hands.

On the left is the classic model, on the right is the aloe vera model

As the logo of chamomile, chamomile is naturally not simple, and has the effect of anti-aging and moisturizing the skin. Chamomile’s tea soup also acts as a nourishing agent for hair.

At the same time, hand creams containing chamomile can also reduce burns, blisters, and inflamed wounds. Helps improve eczema, blisters, herpes and general skin irritation. Smooths ruptured microvessels, improves elasticity, and is excellent for dry and itchy skin. Eliminate puffiness, strengthen tissues, and are very good skin purification and skin care products.


Wild rose model

Wild Rose Hand Cream is specially infused with Wild Rose Oil to gently nourish and brighten the complexion.

Wild rose essential oil added, no preservatives, no mineral oil.

Especially added vegetable glycerin, has the effect of relieving dry skin, especially suitable for sensitive skin, pregnant women can also use Oh~


Lavender model

Lavender Hand Cream is specially fortified with lavender essential oil to enhance the calming and soothing effect.

Specially infused with lavender essential oil and vitamin E, it deeply locks in moisture and is suitable for all skin types.

Infused with calendula and sweet almond oils, the overall formula is more soothing and non-irritating.


Hand and foot crack repair

The Cracked Hand and Foot Repair contains aloe vera, vitamin E and other ingredients, which are soft and easy to absorb, can effectively prevent cracked hands and feet, and are specially designed for sensitive skin.

Add aloe vera body lotion: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, immune, detoxify (fight poison with poison), moisturize the skin. Improves hand skin.

Handguard steps

The little sister who got the gift box can follow the steps below and return your little tender claws in minutes!

(1) Wash your hands (warm water is best), squeeze the hand cream (or massage oil) in your palms and rub it hot, and then apply it to the back of your hands~

(2) Apply both hands in circles with the back of the hand to make the hand cream (or massage oil) slowly penetrate into the back of the hand~

(3) After wiping, gently massage each finger (the joints can be massaged), this can not only promote blood circulation in the hands, but also reduce the fine lines of the hands and refine the fingers~

(4) Gently pull outward with your hands crossed and stretch your fingers~

(5) Gently press the mouth of the tiger to relieve the pressure on the hands and arms, and can also reduce headache and heat irritability~

(6) Finally, massage the tendons on the back of the hand with the index finger to promote blood flow and improve hand laxity.

(7) Apply a moisturizing or nourishing hand mask after massage, wrap in plastic wrap, wrap a hot towel, and cover with a dry towel (if you don’t have time, you can ignore it)

How to learn, go and take care of your little tender hands

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