The collective trademark “Putian Shoes” was successfully registered with the approval of the State Intellectual Property Office. Photo courtesy of Putian Footwear Association

Putian, March 29 (Wu Weifeng) The reporter learned from the Putian Footwear Association on the 29th that the collective trademark of “Putian shoes” has been approved and successfully registered by the State Intellectual Property Office. This is the first footwear collective trademark named after a municipal-level administrative division in Fujian Province, and industry insiders believe that this marks the transformation of Putian footwear industry from “Made in Putian” to “Created in Putian”, which will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Putian footwear industry.

After open solicitation from the whole society, in June last year, Putian City preliminarily determined the LOGO and name of the collective trademark “Putian Shoes”, and applied for registration with the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office.

The LOGO uses shoelaces as the composition creativity, outlining the pinyin initials “P” and “T” of the two characters Putian. The graphic “P” rises from the ground and the “T” extends upward, which not only reflects the characteristics of shoes, but also implies the determination and confidence of the transformation and upgrading of Putian’s footwear industry.

The trademark was registered on February 28, 2022 and is valid until February 27, 2032; Approved goods/services include sports shoes, children’s sports shoes, casual shoes, light rubber shoes, foot protection safety shoes, travel shoes, children’s travel shoes, leather shoes, etc.

The footwear industry is an important pillar industry in Putian. At present, there are more than 4,000 shoe enterprises and 500,000 employees in the city, with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan and an annual output of more than 1.3 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for nearly one-tenth of the national output.

In recent years, Putian City has vigorously implemented the brand cultivation strategy and introduced a series of support policies to promote Putian’s own brand shoe enterprises to become large-scale, strengthen quality and make brands. Create the collective trademark of “Putian Shoes”, make efforts to integrate the industrial supply chain, enhance innovation capabilities, improve brand quality, etc., and actively build a “Putian Shoes” brand ecosystem that is guided by the government, market-led, multi-party linkage, and mutually beneficial and win-win.

In order to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional footwear industry in Putian, vigorously promote and enhance the brand awareness and influence of “Putian shoes”, the state-owned enterprise Putian Famous Brand Management Co., Ltd. will comprehensively promote the marketing and promotion of the collective trademark of “Putian shoes”, strive to create a new economic development cooperation model of Putian footwear industry, create a new business card of “Putian shoes”, speak for Putian shoes, and let domestic “Putian shoes” go abroad and go to the world.

The relevant departments said that in the future, a small number of small workshops that do not create their own brands and do not apply for the free use of public brand “Putian shoes” and carry out counterfeiting of famous brands will be resolutely cracked down. (End)

Source: China News Network