Yesterday, the owner of the blind massage shop at the east gate of the Gloria Garden Community called Zhongbao to Zhu Aidong, the head of the Yangzhou Xinghuo Volunteer Association, “Thank you for helping me find a sponge mat, and the business in the store will not be affected…”

Yangzhou Xinghuo Volunteer Association is engaged in blind services and has a certain reputation in the circle of blind friends in Yangzhou. Just a few days ago, Xiang Zhongbao tried to call Zhu Aidong, the head of the association, for help: “I have four sponge pads on Tuina beds here that have been used for many years, and they are broken, and it is difficult for guests to lie down, which directly affects business.” Because Xiang Zhongbao is completely blind and has little social contact, he does not know where to buy a sponge cushion for the massage table.

After Zhu Aidong received the call for help, he was ready to find someone who packed the sofa to help Zhongbao renovate the massage bed. However, it is difficult to find shops with sofas in the city limits. In order to solve Xiang Zhongbao’s troubles as soon as possible, Zhu Aidong found through the Internet that there are manufacturers of sponge pads in Hangji Town, and the thickness of the sponge pads meets the requirements of Xiang Zhongbao.

After contacting the other party by phone, Liu Shibao, the owner of the factory, heard that he was an enthusiastic volunteer looking for sponge mats for the blind, and he searched for two or three days in a row, and was deeply moved, and the other end of the phone promised to give the blind sponge mats for free.

Considering that Xiang Zhongbao wanted to do business, but there was no spot in the factory, Boss Liu immediately organized workers to produce.

“On the 20th, Hangji gave feedback that the sponge mat was made, and I was about to organize the vehicle to tow it, but I didn’t expect that Boss Liu said that he was already loading the car.” What moved Zhu Aidong was that Boss Liu sent workers to drive four sponge pads to Xiang Zhongbao’s massage shop.

Xiang Zhongbao was moved to offer to bring the money for the sponge mat to the workers back to Hangji. The workers repeatedly refused: “The boss has taken care of it, just deliver the goods, don’t want money.” ”

The reporter contacted Liu Shibao, an enthusiastic boss, yesterday, and said: “It is not easy for blind people to start a business, and their eyes are not good, and volunteers have such a hard time finding sponge pads, so I want to help.” It just so happens that we produce sponge pads, so let’s support blind people to start businesses. Reporter Zhao Lei