The weather is getting more and more cool, is your floor heating system ready? So much of the floor heating pipelines on the market, are you bought?

It is well known that the pipeline is an important part of the floor heating system, which is related to the normal operation of the floor heating and heating effect, so the choice of the selection of the floor heating pipe is not allowed. I don’t talk about the brand, I have to look carefully.

Pert tube

New pipes (conventional polyethylene tubes) that have occurred in recent years have mainly formed a special linear density ethylene copolymer made of ethylene and octene, and add an appropriate amount of auxiliary agent to extruding the molded thermoplastic pipe. It is currently the only polyethylene tube that can be used for floor heating without crosslinking.


: It has better thermal stability and compressive strength, easy to bend, and can be used with hot melt, and the repair is relatively convenient.


: The scratch resistance is poor, and it is necessary to pay attention to protection during construction.

PEX tube

PE-X is the largest variety of the maximum use of Europe in the ternary heating system in Europe, and inherits the natural chemical resistance and flexibility of polyethylene tubes, one of two types of pipelines . The PE-X tube is divided into three kinds of PE-XA, PE-XB, PE-XC.


: Peroxide cross-linking polyethylene tube, the crosslinking degree should be ≥70%, the pipe is translucent, soft, easy to bend, the price is very low in the floor heating heating tube.


: The silane crosslinked polyethylene tube, the crosslinking degree should be ≥ 65%, the appearance is milky white, due to high strength, good rigidity, high hardness, should not bend, the price is slightly high, and the amount is also large.


你家地暖管买对没?PE-RT管 PE-X管 PB管哪个更好?

Electron beam crosslinking polyethylene tube, the crosslinking degree should be ≥60%, the pipe is yellow, translucent.

The performance is bound to the above two, the price is the highest in the PEX pipe.

PB tube

It is a thermoplastic pipe which is extruded by the polytead-1 resin additive. Polybutene has a higher molecular weight and crystallinity, is a high performance resin material, is known as “tube soft gold”, quality and excellent quality, mostly used for medium and high-end housing.

: High pressure, heat resistance, cold resistant. Light weight, flexibility, easy to construct. It can be used in the temperature range of -30-100 ° C for more than 50 years.

: The price is high, and the heat transfer is general.

How do three pipes choose? The above comparison concludes that are as follows:

Compared to temperature resistance: PB tube> PEX tube> PE-RT tube;

Compared to withstand voltage: PB tube = PEX tube> PE-RT tube;

Compared to corrosion: PB tube, PEX tube, PE-RT is corrosion resistant;

你家地暖管买对没?PE-RT管 PE-X管 PB管哪个更好?

Better: PB> PE-RT Tube> PEX Tube;

More thermally conductive: PEX tube, PE-RT is general, and the PB pipe is maintained.

你家地暖管买对没?PE-RT管 PE-X管 PB管哪个更好?

Better economy: PE-RT is cost-effective than PEX tube, the PB tube is the most expensive;

The various floor heating pipes in the market can meet the demand for termination. I believe that the introduction of Xiaobian has had its own solution in the selection of floor heating pipe.

Everyone can choose suitable pipe according to their consumption capacity and demand. Under normal circumstances, the market PERT tube is most popular, and the price is relatively cost-effective. If you have money, you can choose a PB tube.

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你家地暖管买对没?PE-RT管 PE-X管 PB管哪个更好?