Wearing pants is warmer than wearing skirts, so it is better to wear them in spring


Among the various versions of pants, wide-leg pants have been popular for a long time, and they are both high-end and temperamental designs, both slimming and matching effects. However, what I want to recommend in this issue is another pants version that is more like wide-leg pants, and it is better to wear wide-leg pants in spring

Straight-leg pants,

More neat and thin, how to match is quite fanciful.

Straight-leg pants have a straighter line

, the effect of wearing it is also more simple and convenient, naturally more suitable for everyone to show the leg length, but not cumbersome and sloppy effect.

Cropped straight-leg pants

The straight pants have straight lines, and the effect they can show is of course much more advanced and handsome. In particular, the length of the seven-point length can reflect the straight pants


, because the shoes also have no way to bend the straight pants a little, it looks very handsome, very capable, and the shorter design aura also becomes comparative


Perfect with T-shirts and sweatshirts and more, though

Seven minutes long

Everyone knows that the pants are actually a little short legs. Therefore, the clothing for the upper body should be shorter. If yes


If you can, you can also put the shirt’s


Wear it under your pants to show this

Handsome and free-spirited


Long straight pants in black

There are many people who like to wear black pants every day, especially if they want to make their legs look

Slender and long people.

Choose a cropped white top with black straight-leg pants. It also shows long legs and narrow crotch, which is very suitable

People with pear-shaped bodies wear.

However, wearing these slightly longer straight-leg pants, you should be careful when choosing shoes. Styles that are easy to bump into pants are generally not recommended. Normal heels,

Canvas shoes are good. Yes

Enough to hide under the straight pants is preferred, showing the length of the legs, not to mention, will not wear out

bloated effect.

Straight-leg pants that are slightly longer will show longer legs than straight-leg pants that are slightly shorter. The disadvantages are

intolerant to dirt,

You can’t wear it out on rainy days.

One-piece straight-leg pants

For girls with a slightly fat body, straight pants are indeed very thin, but unfortunately people with wide hips or slightly fat girls, straight pants are not so friendly,

Not as fat as wide-leg pants

Large, so it is not easy to hide the fleshy feeling. The requirements for the line of the waist are also relatively high.

This time to choose

Siamese style,

By reducing the requirements of the pants for the waist line, you can adapt to more different body shapes. Especially the style of the strap is a little more


, used to match casual clothing, girly, but also a little handsome and neat.

Of course want more

There is also a trick to appearing thin

It is paired with a vertical stripe design, and you can also add additional stripes on the sides of the pants. All than

Solid colors appear thinner.

White straight-leg pants

For people whose leg lines are already thinner,

The effect will be better than the black one. Because the white one is more able to highlight the straight straight lines of the pants, look

It’s clean and handsome.

The matching method is also very simple, casual clothing and business-style clothing can be matched, no matter how to match, there is a high-class and relaxed atmosphere. With

High heeled boots

Or a more retro coat, the visual charm is also very distinctive. It is especially worn as an age-reducing garment


Jeans with cuffs

Straight pants are because the lines are very simple, straight and straight, so they look so clean and neat. It is generally not suitable to add too complex elements. will


When pulled up, the jeans feel a little more fashionable. It is more suitable for the shape of straight pants than ripped pants, and it is not lost

Cool and stylish


Simple decoration that makes jeans look even more


, also better highlights the retro aura of the texture of jeans pants themselves. Use it with it

Shirts, suits

Or a denim jacket, a top that is also a bit retro in itself, couldn’t be better.

Elegant beige straight-leg pants

Beige straight-leg pants

It will look more retro than black straight-leg pants. Although it has the disadvantage of showing fat, it is very suitable for matching sweaters,

Puff sleeves, shirt

and other elegant lady-style clothing, the color matching is gentle, and it looks a lot more elegant. This color can often be seen in Japanese wear

More resistant to dirt than white, and more resistant than white


。 If you are worried about appearing fat, it is good to pair it with a dark brown vintage coat, and the temperament is more connotative.

Colorful straight-leg pants

Straight-leg pants are often replaced by suit pants and

Suits are paired in one

, showing a high-level capable and aura effect. The colored ones are different. The unique color scheme makes the shape of the trouser leg pants look even more

Plain as day

There is a handsome feeling, but it is not very suitable for matching suits, and it is more suitable for matching colorful clothing to release

Stylish and clear

Cool feeling.

For people with a more low-key and gentle temperament, colored pants are also them

Try it occasionally

A novel pants color. With a straight fit, it can still remain smart and handsome, match


Going out won’t make people think you’re too naïve, but colored pants need to be matched with colorful clothing, and look good

Stylish enough

。 Everyone must master the effect of this contrast, it is best to have light colors with light colors, gentle and delicate, how to wear is not easy to make mistakes.

#品牌好物 #

Try “straight and straight” pants in spring, which show longer legs than wide-leg pants, and are a must for short people

Straight-leg pants,

White straight-leg pants