Burying real money bills in the soil as fertilizer is not a joke or a joke, but what is happening at this very moment. In the United States, people often refer to such farms as million-dollar farms, because the dollar that is made into fertilizer in a single day is enough for an ordinary person to live a long time, and not only the United States, but also China has similar farms. At this time, everyone must ask, is it not illegal to deliberately damage the yuan, and why don’t you quickly let the police uncle arrest them.

Although these farms do use banknotes to make fertilizer, in fact, all of these banknotes are scrapped, and there are two sources of scrap banknotes, one is expired banknotes, and the other is banknotes that are too damaged to be used normally. In the United States, for example, according to official US data, the Federal Reserve bleaches and destroys more than 7,000 tons of broken banknotes every year, and the whole United States has even reached a record of destroying more than $200 million worth of paper in a day. After the American people exchange the damaged banknotes into complete equivalent banknotes at the bank, the bank will classify all the broken dollar bills according to the damage, and if they are really unusable and cannot be circulated in the market, the overly damaged banknotes will be packed and sent away and disposed of at a designated location. Under normal circumstances, broken banknotes will go through four stages, according to the face value classification to check the damage, count the number of banknotes and centralized destruction, although the United States intelligence and mechanization level is very high, but in the face value classification of this link is more reliable. Broken banknotes are strange, and it is even possible to not distinguish the face value, if it is really handed over to the machine, there is a very large possibility of error, check the damage, mainly in order to pick out the banknotes that can still be used as much as possible, after all, the cost of a dollar is not cheap. According to the information released by the Federal Reserve, in fiscal 2020, it costs $7.7 for each U.S. dollar and two-dollar notes printed in the United States, 15.5 cents to print a $5 bill, $10 for 15.9 cents, $50 for 16.1 cents, and $100 only exceeds the cost of up to nearly 20 cents a piece, in order to print and ship each dollar bill that is only 0.0043 inches thick and weighs only 1/30 ounce. The U.S. spent $8.772 in 2020, 90% of which was direct printing costs and the remaining 10% was a combination of shipping costs and other expenses.

Theoretically, the life of the dollar bill is actually quite long, the most commonly used dollar has a useful life of about six and a half years, $10 and $5 are about five years before retirement, and the least frequently used $100 and $50 are also more than ten years. In fact, $5 bills can only be used for 16 months, $10 is about 18 months, and a dollar will become a scrapped bill after about 21 months. The U.S. produces about 6 million recyclable broken U.S. dollars a day, which can continue to be used after simple repairs and patched up for another three years. Counting the number of banknotes is easy to understand, that is, to prevent some workers from checking broken banknotes when they find that there are banknotes that can still be used, but they are not handed over or reported, and are directly put into their pockets, so each batch of broken banknotes will be marked with the quantity at the beginning, and before the destruction begins, check if there is a difference. Of course, if anyone has the means to get the enumerators to join in the pollution, then I didn’t say. The Americans used automatic cutting equipment to evenly cut each dollar into eight slender strips, 10% of which were used to make roof shingles, and the remaining 90% were used for other purposes, that is, fertilizer.

For fertilizers, Americans seem to have a unique view, for example, in 2019, the United States passed a human fertilizer bill, which clearly states that people are allowed to make organic fertilizer from the remains after death, and Washington officially signed the bill on May 21, 2019, making Washington, D.C. the first state in the United States to pass the bill, as long as the people want, you can find relevant authorized institutions to purchase natural organic degradation services for the remains, and mix the remains with various organic substances. The organic compost produced is about the same as two small carts of soil, although the focus of the bill is not on fertilizer, but on protecting the environment. Because other funeral methods in the United States have caused great damage to the environment and land resources, and the price is relatively expensive, the average price exceeds 7,000 US dollars, and the natural organic degradation service of the remains is generally about 5,500 yuan.

China is not much different from the United States in dealing with waste currency, some of which will also be used to make fertilizer, most of the renminbi demonetization ends up in the power plant, the scrap is cut into thin strips, and then compressed into small cylinders similar to web paper, according to the denomination, a small cylinder is equivalent to a full 30,000 yuan, about five trucks a day are transported to the power plant, a truck can hold about 30 tons of small cylinders, the electricity generated is enough for 15 families to use for a month. In fact, objectively, the process of turning banknotes into fertilizer is very interesting, because it will use an animal, an animal that many people cannot guess – earthworms. Those who have experienced rural life may know that earthworm fertilizer is known as the king of organic fertilizer, not only its own nutritional composition is comprehensive enough, permeability, water retention is also very high, but also can inhibit the growth of germs, has a high value for agriculture. Vermicompost is also more convenient to make, as long as the fine paper strips made of banknotes are all fermented, evenly spread in the farm, and then come to collect every ten days, and finally carry out a wave of fermentation treatment, you can get a batch of high-quality earthworm fertilizer. Of course, from another point of view, the high crop yield in the million-dollar farm is also “piled” by the dollar.

So what is fertilizer for dollars? The euro was officially born on January 1, 1999, and three months later the Kosovo War broke out, and the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar fell from 1:1.071 to 1:0.82. After the end of the war, the euro plummeted by 30%, hurting the FRY, hurting China’s dignity and crippled the euro. Oil prices remained around $38 a barrel before the Iraq War, and nearly $150 after the war, a war that nearly tripled the world’s demand for dollars. After the 911 incident, a large amount of money fled the United States, and only two months later, it was better to shoot cruise missiles, open the nuclear arsenal, remove nuclear warheads, replace them with conventional warheads, and prefer to prepare for the war in Afghanistan in a hurry for only two months, let world funds return to the United States, and Iran, which tried to control its own oil production, exports and revenues, was marked as an enemy by the United States. For more than 30 years, even China, which is on the way to rise, has not been subject to as much US sanctions as Iran, and it is not even without the possibility of the next “washing powder incident”.

The United States has never been a superpower by freedom, by democracy. The huge army and advanced weapons are not used to protect the American people, but to maintain the hegemony of the dollar. Every time it encounters an economic crisis, the United States can turn on the printing press at full power, forcing the world to print money with him, dispersing most of the pressure of the economic crisis to the world, and before you have the strength to challenge the United States, you can only kneel and have no right to choose. Every 10-15 years, the United States can always rely on the cycle of US dollar interest rate hikes and interest rate cuts to cut off the world’s leeks planted by hand, even if it encounters difficulties, it still causes a local economic crisis in order to create a local war, forcing a large number of dollars to return, which Americans are familiar with. American economist MacKinnon once put forward the “original sin theory of the currency of small countries”, he mentioned that if small countries do not keep up with the pace of dollar appreciation or depreciation, the currency exchange rate cannot maintain stability, either causing a bankruptcy crisis or a bubble crisis, followed by a large amount of capital to carry out various speculative activities on the national currency, and the already weak national economy has suffered a huge blow.

If there is no strong comprehensive national strength, small country currency against the dollar, that is pure suicide, now the dollar is no longer simply a currency, it more represents American culture, but also a symbol, any small country, the dollar is a real hard currency. Under the guise of humanitarian aid, the dollar has become another way of cultural invasion, the so-called American spirit has penetrated into every corner of the world, and if the world economy is simply used as a casino, then the dollar is a bargaining chip. The United States is both the owner and the bookmaker, even if it is a draw, the bookmaker still earns, but if the players have no chips, they can only exchange their own money. If the dealer runs out of money, he can bring another cart of chips, and if someone dares to catch the security guards raised in the United States on weekdays, there will be work.