Someone once said that if you love someone, you will decorate with ta and build a warm little home step by step; Hate a person to go to decoration with ta, buy building materials, shop furniture to find a decoration company, there is always one thing that can push ta to the abyss of trouble. I believe that everyone who has experienced decoration has encountered all kinds of troubles, running all over the city for decoration, boring home stores are physically and mentally exhausted…

Today, Xiaolang takes everyone to visit an unusual store. It looks like a garden from afar, looks like a shopping mall up close, and takes a closer look at the original Chengcheng Furniture Museum outside the city! Why does a home furnishing store hide so many mysteries? It turned out that the Chengcheng Home Plaza outside the city had a new upgrade of the entire home pavilion in August this year.

Walking into the furniture hall, bright windows, spacious streets, everywhere green full of views, tens of thousands of square meters of stores are divided into three vertical and seven horizontal ten streets, each independent area is lined with a variety of big-name specialty stores, no matter which direction customers come in, the sight is home furnishing stores, as if in a fashion commercial street, very comfortable to stroll. At the same time, the upgraded furniture hall also set up more than 2,000 green plants on the passage, including scattered tail flowers, rich bamboo, emeralds, large xuan iron, palm trees, etc., like a green and environmentally friendly garden, allowing customers to stroll in it and feel happy.

It is understood that after the upgrade, Chengcheng outside the city will open a home consumption “block” model integrating shopping and leisure, and multi-mode stores such as brand flagship stores, scene-based experience stores, and smart stores will be opened in the furniture hall to give customers more experience, richer choices, and more personalized products. Let’s go with Xiaolang to experience the brand new Chengcheng Furniture Pavilion outside the city!

Qumei Home: Meet your desire for whole house customization

If you prefer art, design and extraordinary taste, then you must not miss the nearly 1,000-square-meter Qumei home furnishing store. Here, 8 series of products based on custom furniture are listed, whether you want modern and simple design or Nordic style, whether you want solid wood or panel, you can always choose the one you want.

Not only that, as long as you fancy the products in the store, Qumei is responsible for free design, free room measurement, and free 3D design drawings for customers, so that you can fully experience Qumei’s high-quality products and meticulous service.

According to Qumei’s clerk, many products in the store are made by famous designers, and many products have won design awards, such as this large circle chair with full sense of design, which not only won the award, but also the best-selling product in the store.

Huari Home: Choose from a variety of styles

With the upgrade of the Chengcheng Furniture Museum outside the city, Huari Home has also further expanded its storefront, with a large store of nearly 1,300 square meters, both in terms of area and location. Its brands such as Tingchao Mercure and Pushi focus on different materials and styles, giving customers a wealth of choices.

Mercure Tingchao focuses on American furniture, leather and solid wood texture, with retro elegant design, placed at home to show the owner’s extraordinary taste.

Purshi focuses on neo-Chinese style, and for consumers who like classical art, the products here are also abundant. In addition, Huari Furniture’s “Impression Walnut” and “Kusunoki Saga” series are very popular products, and customers who like such products can visit the store to savor them.

Bright Furniture: The most complete style of Chinese furniture

The old classic solid wood furniture Bright furniture is no stranger to many people, and it is also blooming everywhere in home furnishing stores in Beijing. Outside the city, this nearly 1,000-square-meter Guangming furniture is a very representative flagship store, with up to 8 series of products in the store, covering new Chinese, American, modern Chinese, simple European and other styles.

Different series of this store correspond to different materials, such as the Yongfu Supreme and Red Oak Golden Autumn series in the high-end series, all of which are made of high-quality red oak, which is also a bestseller in the store.

Today’s young people love American style and Nordic style, and Bright Furniture also caters to the taste of young consumers, launching American furniture of walnut and natural solid wood furniture in Nordic style.

Seattle: Experience the international style without leaving home

Yifeng furniture as an old brand consumers are already familiar with it, but this time outside the city sincere upgrade, Yifeng furniture will also upgrade the store, in addition to the original store, Yifeng also expanded nearly 300 square meters to create Yifeng Seattle.

Yifeng Seattle focuses on American simplicity, and all products in the store use environmentally friendly paint and glue, which is beautiful and ensures the health of consumers.

In addition, all the products in the store are made of the same material, and the coffee color is pure solid wood imported from Africa, and his products can be described as “low-key luxury”.

Futaba Home: Advanced technology for lifelong maintenance

Walking into Futaba Home, Xiaolang found that the products in this store were simply uniform. Rounded edges and rounded corners are a feature of Futaba products, which are very practical for families with small children. Moreover, this rounded design adds a rounded and heavy feeling to the product.

According to the clerk, the main material of Shuangye is all made of ashwagandha imported from Russia, assembled after lacquer, which can effectively prevent cracking and deformation, and as long as the product you bought home is damaged, Shuangye Home guarantees lifelong door-to-door maintenance to solve your worries.

AMITE furniture: five collections for different people

Yamet Furniture is a 33-year-old manufacturer in Beijing, in this renovation and upgrading, the store has expanded a lot compared with before, the whole store covers an area of nearly 1200 square meters, which can be called a “big store” in the Chengcheng Furniture Museum outside the city.

The store has five series of products, five of which are created for people of different ages, ensuring that people of each age can choose their favorite products.

In addition, AMITE furniture can also be customized for consumers to create whole houses, the product size can be adjusted according to the actual space, and the color variety is also very rich.

My e-home: Give children the best living space

The children’s home on the second floor of Chengcheng outside the city is also in the ranks of this renovation and upgrade, and many brands have also been added to the upgraded children’s home area. My e-home is a representative store in the children’s home area, with a wealth of products in the store, and six series are enough for parents and children to choose.

According to the clerk, all products in the store are made of solid wood, mainly British style and American style, and environmentally friendly materials ensure the health and safety of children.

At the same time, this store also provides free delivery and installation, free professional design, free professional measuring ruler and other intimate services to give customers a good shopping experience.

After seeing so many stores, are you also excited? In fact, even if you don’t buy furniture, you can enjoy a stroll outside the city, experience the scene of each store, feel every lifestyle presented, and get a relaxing body and mind. According to the relevant person in charge of Chengcheng outside the city, in the future, Chengcheng outside the city will also introduce multiple formats to open a new consumer experience. So, what will become of Makoto outside the city in the future? It’s worth looking forward to!