How many people dare to turn off the beauty camera and use the original camera when taking a selfie? Acne, blackheads, acne, enlarged pores… These common problems make our faces greasy and rough, with nowhere to hide under HD lenses.

Usually from a distance, I still think that the state of the skin is okay, but not when you look close, the triangle area is oily, the pores are obviously enlarged, the skin is rough, blackheads and whiteheads acne increase, and you can always squeeze out hard things like white silk…

Not only on the face, but also on the chest and back will have small red bumps, summer suspenders and backless clothes are out of my sight.

A friend of the dermatologist did not intend to help me do a mite test, but I didn’t know, I was shocked, it turned out to be a “mite face”!! This is my own mite, every time I see it, my back is cold and my whole body is itchy.

Look at the magnified mites, the piles in the pox…. Ahhh

“Mite face” 5 major signals:

(1) Enlarged pores and rough skin

(2) The oil is shiny and the oil secretion is strong

(3) The skin often has itching, especially at night

(4) Blackheads and whiteheads acne increase, acne repeats

(5) There will be small red bumps on the chest and back

If the mites on the face are not cleaned up, not only the skin cannot be completely repaired, but the subsequent expensive essence creams cannot be absorbed, but will become fertilizer for mites!

Therefore, it is urgent to remove mites! It’s okay, there is it –

Cheese mite removal cleansing soap

, I have loved love since then, so what kind of fairy good thing,

Can it be sought after by so many people?

This cheese cleansing soap sold 10,000 pieces in 5 minutes in the live broadcast room at that time!

Li Jiaqi also highlighted its ingredients: mainly many pure and natural skin care ingredients,

Cinnamon book bark, Japanese cypress leaf, propolis

and other plant antibacterial essences, as well as royal jelly extract, cheese extract, milk protein extract, lactobacillus and other natural nutritional combinations;

The ingredients are very mild! Suitable for all skin types!

The editor went to the information on the Internet and found that many stars are also using,

Actor Jin Chen

She also recommended this cleansing soap and also showed that she has been using this anti-mite soap for three years.

So how good is this cheese mite remover soap?

The beauty bloggers on Little Red Book planted grass like crazy and occupied the entire Little Red Book overnight

Maybe you’ve seen handmade soaps with strange shapes, but have you ever seen handmade soaps that can be drawn? Full of adsorption power, pull out a strip of silk, making people feel clean

The creamy foam texture is like cream, and with its own milk aroma, it may have to be eaten on a small cake

After testing for 28 days, I was completely conquered by it, the effect is very obvious and visible, and now you only need to wash your face well.

Natural sea salt extract is added to effectively remove mites on the face and easily solve blackheads, acne and other problems caused by mites. The magnesium in sea salt can effectively kill mites on the skin and relieve itchy skin, and bromine and calcium can reduce the recurrence of acne, so that acne completely disappears from your face.

As a gathering place for blackheads, the side of the nose has always been a headache, and cheese soap eliminates blackheads on the nose with its own super cleaning power.

As a useful and fun cleansing product, washing your face once is equivalent to applying 10 masks! In addition to cheese extract and sea salt, it is also rich in milk protein and collagen! Milk protein has a brightening effect and allows you to easily wash out milky white skin

Xiaobian’s skin type belongs to sensitive skin, this cheese soap does not contain soap or amino acids, using the unique adsorption of cheese essence for cleaning, non-allergic and can ensure the cleaning effect~

After use, the moisture level of the entire skin has risen more than one notch. This cheese soap can be used in many ways and can be a perfect substitute: facial cleanser, shower gel, hand soap. This small piece is particularly convenient, and you can take him with you on business trips

Use it for bathing, dense foam molecules to bring the nutrients the skin needs, cleanse while uprooting mites on the skin, and completely remove acne on the chest and back.

Placing a piece of cheese soap instead of hand sanitizer on the handwashing station can effectively kill bacteria and mites on the hands, and at the same time make the hands white and white.

So, in order for you to have a face as smooth and fair as Chen Shu, hurry up and use cheese mite soap!

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The cheese soap of the hot network, washing the face is like applying a mask, and the acne, mites, and blackheads all disappear