In the past two days, the whole country has entered a crazy cooling mode, and the hands and feet that were easy to get cold in autumn and winter are now even stiffer as an ice lump.

It’s time for snow boots to come on, stay warm, fluffy and soft, and put on them as comfortably as if you were stepping on an electric blanket.

But in the past, there were always people who complained that it was not fashionable enough, in fact, as long as you pick the right one, it will be your winter street weapon, allowing you to take into account both appearance and temperature!

First of all, snow boots, as their own swelling feelings, try not to pick a style that fits snugly to the legs. Large areas of tassels and animal hair should also say “No”, which is easy to appear fat.

Far less than simple ones without superfluous decorations and wider barrel mouths, they are versatile and attractive, and can also visually make the legs look slender.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look thin and tall, but don’t choose this height stuck in the middle, the boot cuff is just in the calf thick, not to mention the fat will also pull down the height.

Models wear short legs, and we ordinary people are likely to be in a five-to-five ratio.

So short, leg-free and simple snow boots are the choice you can’t go wrong.

In addition, it is necessary to comprehensively consider its warmth effect and whether it is waterproof.

When it comes to quality snow boots, many people think of UGG, but

A pair can cost four figures

, is not so easy for wage earners to afford.

In order to find a pair of comfortable and warm cost-effective snow boots for the sisters, the team visited many manufacturers, and after comparison, they were finally there

L* and UG* snow boot company’s designated partner factory Longfung found this one

LBYCCO sheepskin and fur integrated snow boots.

Imported sheepskin and fur integrated fabric, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and warm; The upper is delicate in velvet, waterproof and stain-proof, and super easy to take care of.

UGG is made of the same material for the car line, the quality control is stricter, but the price is many times cheaper.

And we made a special choice for you today

4 styles

, so that you can enjoy the warmth and comfort while fashionable to fly.

Such a high cost performance is gone, and when you hesitate, you may sell out of hot sizes!

Big brand imported sheepskin fur of the same style

Keep warm and breathable, not stuffy feet, every step is enjoyment

When Momo first got this shoe, she thought it was just a pair of ordinary snow boots.

But the moment I put it in, I was instantly healed by that thick hair,

Your feet are as comfortable as stepping on cotton.

Less than 5 minutes after putting it on, I felt a noticeable warmth,

The originally cold feet were as if they were surrounded by an electric blanket.

Last week, a colleague was on a business trip to the northeast, so she asked her to take the shoes to test the warmth effect. This snow boot from LBYCCO really didn’t disappoint,

Wear it in sub-zero weather in the northeast, and it is still warm;

Wearing the weather in the south recently, I even feel a little hot.

The reason why their snow boots are so warm is that

The raw materials used are all Longfeng A-grade imported sheepskin wool leather, and the upper is cut from the whole sheepskin.

As a leader in the wool tanning industry, Longfeng has:

EU environmental standard gold level certification

The sheepskin fur products produced are exported to domestic and foreign markets, with senior and mature industry production experience, and pay great attention to quality in the selection of raw materials.

UG*, Chanel*, L*, Adida*, C*, GUCC*, Prad* and other big brands of the same factory leather


The inner wool is very dense, reaching 1.8-2 cm in length.

The space between the foot and the upper is filled with plush, so you don’t have to worry about the cold wind getting in.

In the process of walking, the feet rub with the wool while walking, which will generate heat energy, forming a strong heat storage and constant temperature ability, and it is easy to wear it in cold and freezing weather.

Many snow boots are fluffy and warm in the hands as soon as they reach the inside, but after wearing them a few times, the hair collapses, and the warmth effect plummets, often because these shoes are not breathable.

With the use of impermeable artificial leather on the market


+ Snow boots made of wool lining material are different, this snow boot with integrated fur is not only

It is warmer, softer and more comfortable, and more moisture-absorbing and breathable.

Moisture can be quickly discharged through the pores of the parchment plate,

Keep the inside fresh and comfortable, but also moisture-proof, mildew-resistant, odor-proof, plush will not deform after long-term wear, and will not smell feet.


The surface of the boots is treated with a special waterproof process and has a waterproof function,

As long as it is not deliberately immersed in water, the upper will not get wet, thus ensuring the dryness and comfort of the inside of the shoe.

If you step on the snow in winter, you don’t have to worry about the snow soaking your shoes, wear it and be presumptuous!

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More details you can’t think of

Anti-collision, anti-slip, lightweight, wear-resistant

LBYCCO snow boots adhere to strict quality control, every pair of snow boots

Warm and breathable, comfortable and lightweight, supple and conforming.

The upper is delicate in fluffiness, and different colors will appear when gently touched with the surface, which is a two-color visual effect produced by the change of hair direction of the pile fiber on the surface of the leather, which is a characteristic of genuine leather fur shoes.

Exquisite sewing craftsmanship, every pair is

Workers sew by hand, there will be no floating threads, broken threads and skipping needles

, proper big-name quality.

On the heel part of the shoe, the outer layer is made of cow velvet in color, and the inside of the heel is shearling, in between

In particular, a layer of stereotyped harbor treasure has been added.

It will feel a little hard to the touch, but this layer of added styling can make the shoes still strong and stylish after wearing them for a while, and at the same time, it can also protect our feet from being harmed by external impacts, which is very intimate.

LBYCCO snow boots also incorporate comfort into finer details. Even

The sole is also made of lightweight and burden-free EVA material.

Outsole made with EVA,

Lighter, non-slip, wear-resistant, not heavy to wear in winter,

It can reduce the extra burden on our feet, thus ensuring comfortable wearing and walking.

Walking on the snow in it is a stable!

4 versatile classic styles

Keeping warm also makes it look long and thin

Many people think that snow boots show stupid feet, big feet, thick legs, and have nothing to do with fashion. But in fact, as long as you can choose the right pair for yourself, then it is not impossible to be warm and fashionable!

Our handpicked 4 snow boots today will allow you to have warmth and long legs at the same time, and you will look thin in seconds.

Basic mid-cylinder model

If you don’t have a pair of shoes for the winter, then it is recommended that you buy this basic mid-barrel.

It can be said to be

The entry model for snow boots, just the length of the ankle

, warms the ankles while revealing the thin part of the leg line, visually lengthening the proportion of the legs.

The right midtube is noticeably slimmer and leg length

It seems to be a simple style, but it is very versatile. Whether it’s pants, skirts, or even fancy stockings, it can handle it.

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LBYCCO’s mid-barrel snow boots, total

Available in 4 classic colourways. Maroon temperament, chocolate elegance, gray premium, black thin,

You can’t go wrong with blind auditions.

The more classic short barrel model is also available in 4 colors.

Big festive model

This one

The unique feature lies in its large fur collar

, it looks very warm and has a gentle atmosphere.

Pair it with leggings, the unique visual effect can highlight your slender ankles and your slender legs! You don’t have to think about matching when you go out, you look good no matter how you wear it.

This one too

There are also four colors to choose from,

Depending on the color, its “fur collar” is also different.

Beanie shoes

Beanie shoes are lighter than the above two,

Beautiful shoe shape, very thin feet. And this LBYCCO beanie shoe also has a cowhide string wrapped around the upper of the shoe, tied with a beautiful bow, elegant with liveliness.

The upper design exposes a section of the foot, which can visually lengthen the proportion of the legs, and looks good with any bottom.

Beanie shoes are available

Black, gray, maroon and chocolate

Four colors can be selected,

It can meet all your matching needs, classic atmosphere, dirt resistant and resistant to manufacturing.

Compared with the thousands of snow boots on the market, LBYCCO’s snow boots with integrated fur can even be called the cost-effective ceiling of the snow boot industry.

No big brand price, beyond the quality of big names! Such versatile shoes,

It is recommended to buy 2 pairs to change and wear by yourself, or buy them with your mother and girlfriends, good shoes are to share together!

Boots of the same quality start at four figures, and our LBYCCO snow boots,

Now it only starts at 225 yuan.

It’s just that the factory gives us a small number of discounts, the inventory is very limited, and it will be gone when it is sold out, so you must hurry!


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