Today I will teach you to make a tightening curse ring, this ring also has certain requirements for the wire, the thick thread is not good-looking, the necessary thin thread is good-looking, I use a 0.2mm thickness thread for this finished product, quite thin, let’s take a look at the finished product first.

The actual effect is very good, very showy, although it is not as good as the gold ring, but it can also be beautiful for a while.

Let’s see how it works:

1. Take four 0.2mm wax wires, two 80cm long, two 40cm long, two 40cm wires as core wires, and the other two as diamond knots

2. The diamond knot is about 4.5cm, depending on the size of your finger circumference

3. Make 7 finches knots at each end of the diamond knot, of which 3 wires are used as core wires and the other is made as finch head knots

4. Use the wire as the core wire, take one wire at each end to make oblique coiling

5. Use the two threads used to make the diagonal coil knot as the finch head knot, the other threads are made as the core wire, and 7 and a half finch head knots are made on each side

6. Use two longer threads on each side to make 4 finches knots

7. Roll up the head knot as shown

8. Thread the core wire into the first finch head knot, this step is recommended to watch the video tutorial

9. Or watch the video tutorial, this step is more complicated

10. Cut off all the excess threads, burn and glue them, and tighten the curse ring to complete

A few more finished sheets

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