This new book is about German weaving designer Bernd Kestler’s “Ring-woven Mobius Bib”, before enjoying some of the wonderful inner pages, let’s understand “What is Mobius”?

In 1858 AD, the German mathematician Möbius (1790~1868) took inspiration from curly corn leaves, and he found that if you twist one end of a piece of paper by 180°, and then connect end to end to make a paper ring, let ants crawl on this paper ring, ants can crawl all places without crossing the boundary of any place. Ordinary paper rings have two sides, front and back, which can be painted in different colors, while this paper ring has only one side, and a pen can paint all parts of the paper ring without leaving the paper surface. Thus came a great mathematical discovery, a ring called the Möbius ring, also called the Möbius circle or Möbius strip. It has not only aroused the research interest of many scientists, but also has some applications in life and production, and is also a classic shape in the eyes of artists.

▼ Introduction to the book “The Ring-woven Mobius Bib”

Title: The Ring-Woven Mobius Bib

Bernd Kestler

Translation: Jiang Youyou

Published by: Henan Science and Technology Press

Published: 2021.08

ISBN: 9787572504105

Price: 49 yuan

Preface: Mobius knitting is just a little special needle method, a little understanding of the basics and knitting skills can be learned, the rest is hands-on practice. First of all, let’s start with a single ring around the neck that fits just around your neck. Next, learn to weave a double loop neck that can be wrapped up 2 times. The smaller ones can be used as children’s neckbands or headscarves, and the longer ones can be used as shawls or hoods, which are very cute to wear. The works woven by Mobius are both comfortable and warm. I also often simply put on my neck and travel around on a motorcycle. Use in winter is warm and stylish. Refer to the works introduced in the book and try knitting to your liking in size, wire, and color! If it’s a neck bib, it doesn’t matter what size it is. In any case, I hope you can try to weave the first piece and then knit it for more male or female friends! – Bernd Kesterler

Feminine dislocation ribbed pattern neckband. The colorful neck bib gives the feeling of a flower blooming instantly. These two works seem to be full of power, the patterns are clear and bright, and the mood seems to be much clearer. The wool wire blended with silk has an elegant soft luster, and the soft feel is even more satisfying.

Gradient anchovy pattern neck wrap. The fan-shaped pattern of repeating the hanging needle and the two and one needle looks like a slowly undulating wave, which looks very cheerful. In order to make the ripple pattern on the upper and lower sides of the needle row fit just right, the overall number of patterns is designed to be odd.

Floating needle ripple color pattern neck. When I wore the scarf I used to knit, I suddenly realized that the reverse side of this pattern also looks good.” This time, as a work of this book, it was re-woven using the Möbius weaving method. The result is this exquisite and fashionable necklace, with a blue and white color scheme like a wave pattern of the wind.

Gritty pattern children’s neck bib. This children’s single-loop bib is woven slightly smaller with a circumference of 52cm. It can also be used as a headband or hood for adults. The bright emerald blue body with yellow edges makes it particularly eye-catching.

Seaweed-patterned shawl. The lower and upper needles flow diagonally, like seaweed floating leisurely on the seabed. This piece attempts to add the edges of imitation fur threads to the casual tweed thread body. Even if men wear it, there is no sense of violation.

Pull needle pattern double circle neck. This needle pull pattern can be used as a front or back on either side. The front side of the pattern pattern resembles a ribbed pattern, and the reverse side is a three-dimensional grainy pattern. You can enjoy 2 patterns at once, which is perfect for knitting the Mobius neck.