Water is the source of life, all life activities of the human body are inseparable from water, cells absorb 2500 ml of water per day, so the statement that “you should drink enough 8 glasses of water a day” has a certain basis. In addition to drinking water, the safety of drinking water also deserves attention.

In order to drink healthy and clean water every day, many people will choose to buy a water purifier at home, and among the dazzling water purifier brands and products on the market, Qinyuan water purifier is the preferred brand of family water purifier that can not only take into account the effect of water purification, but also worry and save water.

Is that Qinyuan water purifier good? The following is an introduction for you from the product and brand strength, let’s learn about it now! Hope that helps!

Starting from appearance: Qinyuan water purifier body is small and does not occupy an area, easy to install and worry-free

Qinyuan water purifier little beluga whale S600 small and exquisite high-value design is pleasing to the eye, the solid color fuselage design is clean and simple, the lines are smart and smooth, with gray-white design, highlighting the sense of fashion and premium. With a length of 410mm, a width of 140mm and a height of 360mm, the front looks about the same size as a typical laptop, which is small and exquisite, saving cabinet space and easier installation, even if you do it yourself.

Loyal to quality: Qinyuan water purifier three-core five-stage fine filtration can effectively filter out 64 kinds of harmful substances

To measure the quality of a water purifier, the main thing to look at is the water purification effect. Qinyuan water purifier Little Beluga S600 can effectively filter 64 kinds of harmful substances (such as a variety of antibiotics, organic matter, heavy metals, pesticide residues, and bacteria and viruses) to achieve the purpose of safe drinking water and effectively filter out harmful substances in tap water. It is the only brand in the industry that indicates the number of harmful substances filtered, supported by the test report of professional testing institutions. It can achieve five-stage fine filtration, pursue the ultimate purity, and ensure the drinking water health of you and your family.

Qinyuan water purifier Little Beluga S600 is equipped with a three-core five-stage fine filtration system (outer layer of 10um precision PP cotton + middle layer of more than 1100 iodine value activated carbon + polypropylene mixed filter element + inner layer of 5um precision PP cotton composed of three-in-one composite filter element), imported three-in-one PGP composite filter element composite filter element can filter sediment, large particles of impurities, adsorb residual chlorine, reduce the turbidity of water quality, filter more finely, make water quality safer at the same time, but also improve the taste of water, drink fresh and sweet, make people feel more at ease.

Angel water purifier brand strength is strong

Qinyuan Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. Qinyuan is the world’s first special water purifier for water dispensers and the world’s first heat-free gallbladder energy-saving quick-heating water dispenser invention and manufacturer.

Qinyuan Group is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in water purification equipment, drinking water equipment, industrial complete sets of water treatment equipment, water treatment membranes and other environmental protection products, and is a national innovative pilot enterprise and a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise.

1. Focus on water purification for more than 20 years

: More than 20 years of focus on water purification, to “for health, every day, everyone” as corporate social responsibility. Traveled to seven major water systems in China and established a dynamic monitoring database of China’s water quality.

2. A number of patented technologies

: Hundreds of domestic and foreign patented technologies, has a nationally recognized experimental center, leads or participates in the drafting of more than ten national standards and industry standards, has won a number of major awards and honors, and has in-depth cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University and Peking University.

3. Multi-category product line

: Qinyuan has a series of products such as purified/direct drinking machines, water dispensers, pipeline machines, water purifiers, pipeline water purifiers, special water purifiers for water dispensers, central water purification systems, commercial/drinking water equipment, etc., to meet and create your family’s whole house water purification life.

4. All-round service:

Standardized CSM customer management system with detailed recording of user information. Perfect call center, customer service team of more than 100 people 365 days a year, reply or answer user inquiries.

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