To say what there is,

Can cool down the hot summer

That’s definitely a pair that gets your feet together.

Breathe freely and fly into the sky



cr@ peach dryad

But from ancient times to the present,

Choosing shoes is an incomprehensible science!

Especially the sisters whose feet are not good-looking,

Want to choose a pair of beautiful shoes that suit you,

It’s comparable to heaven!

cr@ Mei Shaoyu Benyu

So I’ll come today

Save all the ugly feet,

With the four pairs of jiojio from our editorial office,


Various problem foot types

Choose the sandals that suit you best!

Every pair of feet is super comfortable,

Let your feet turn over in a second~


First of all, please,

The highest instep of the editorial office,

The white moonlight in her heart is this pair

Thin-strapped sandals



Isn’t it too thin on the feet8?

Xiao Bei said,

She used to like to wear all kinds of small leather shoes,


The instep of the foot will always be swollen into a big pig’s trotter by the tongue of the shoe…

cr@ Mrs. Monkey

You can change into these sandals that show the instep,

Do you feel a lot thinner instantly?

This design,

Divide the fat instep,

In an instant, it seems that jio is very beautiful and generous~


It can make the instep get enough breathing,

It naturally won’t hurt to walk~

and various products,

Can hin good match,

It can be called the golden oil in sandals~

cr@ the master of the dish / Sprinkle a pool of milk tea

With a fresh shredded skirt,

You are a romantic and elegant French girl.

It’s very sultry to wear it like this when dating~

cr@It’s Xiao Yin.”

If you want to wear patterns without colliding,

A pair of mid-tube socks is the perfect solution.

You can get the simplest blogger in a second~

Yoyo’s biggest annoyance is,


Foot surface too! Wide! Finish!

But she went through constant thunder and trial and error,

Finally found her original life sandals

– ugly cute ugly

Sports sandals

Yoyo used to only love

This sweet thin strap sandal.

On the contrary, the foot surface is square and wide, and it is very fat,

Shoes are also a feeling that will explode in minutes!

Change into broadband sneakers,


The surface of the foot is well wrapped,

Visually, jio will appear much smaller.

After all, as long as the shoe width is over the surface of the foot,

The legs of the pie can be hidden with one click~

Goose and it is also particularly pedicure type,

Will make the feet look particularly light,

Wearing a small skirt with bare legs will not look strong~


When she wears sneakers,

will be paired with a pair of mid-tube socks,

Anti-wear feet

Also hin fashionable ~

What a woman who is at the forefront of fashion!

This collocation,

Even the most basic T-shirt + skirt,

I can also wear different patterns~

cr@ meat/little fat tiger huh

Genki girl Kiki also picked up sneakers,

Paired with an elegant dress,

Feel casual and gentle that jio can easily get!

Not to mention matching pants,

Casual and languid high-level sportiness,

Is it a second?

I found that Yifan only wears it all year round

Baotou sandals

I have always been very confused,

Until one day it rained heavily and saw her wearing flip-flops…

Well, no wonder she never shows her toes easily.

Yifan told me,

The toes are not good-looking, so you have to wear sandals with a toe.

Ever since she was amway this pair

Square hair cool drag

Shout to stick this shoe to the foot ~

After the toe cap of this shoe is widened and enlarged,

To jio’s

Inclusiveness will be greater

Not only can you hide the problem of your toes with one click,

It is also particularly able to show the length of the feet,

You won’t feel uncomfortable squeezing your feet when you walk.

Sisters with fat feet and big feet must pick wow!

The most important point in picking,

Choose this one

A style that wraps the toes and loses the instep,

In order to change from pig’s trotters to bamboo poles!

Yifan really loved the other head shoes once,

She herself walked cool girl,

I can’t help but be a lady!

cr@ Xiao Li Che Jean

After all

Baotou sandals with a small skirt,

It really is

Beautiful and noble

What girl can not love this!

I found that many sisters love to wear flat shoes.

After all, comfortable and easy to walk.

Strike! Flat shoes will inevitably show strong feet,

Sandals with a little heel will make jio look more slender~

Like North and North is typical

There are no necks

The heel and calf are a straight line,

The ankle is completely absent.

This foot type is a disaster when wearing flat shoes,

It’s like two pillars stuck to the ground!

cr@Lin Yourui-


Shoes with a dot heel

It’s immediately different.

Because the instep and the ankle were lifted,

jiojio can be twice as thin in an instant!

cr@ beautiful boy Umon Yu

The calves were also instantly lengthened hin,

Sisters with thick calves and no ankles must buy it!

cr@ Fang haha

Whatever you want to wear with it,

You can easily get the happiness of one meter eight legs ~

I’ve been planting grass for you recently

A lot of summer clothes and shoes~

But I still see a lot of sisters asking in the background

Why do clothes look good,

But it’s different to wear on the body?

Actually, it’s not our problem.

Nor is it a matter of clothes.

It is possible that it is just

Stylistically, something went wrong

For example, if you fit the sweet style, you wear a mama dress