Speaking of children’s study desks, many parents’ first impression is “chicken ribs” and “IQ tax”, they feel that they have never used any study desks and engineering chairs when they were children, don’t they study well? Now those 985, 211 high-achieving students, how many of them are admitted because of the study table?

  Indeed, when I went to school, I often lay on the coffee table and dinner table to write homework, although the academic performance is still good, but the problem of myopia and back pain can not be avoided, and the biggest advantage of professional learning desks and chairs is its ergonomic design, which can standardize children’s learning posture and protect vision and spinal development.

  This issue of Echo Lab brings you the evaluation of the combination of children’s learning desks and chairs of “Dr. Youcheng”, let’s take a look at what details professional children’s learning desks and chairs are from to create a better learning environment for children~

  1. Study table

  Part 1. Design

  (1) It is not brilliant and does not make mistakes

  Before a study desk can perform a variety of auxiliary functions, it is first and foremost a piece of furniture. The purchase of furniture is to look at the appearance, and the second is to see whether it matches the overall home style of the home.

  The overall structure of this Dr. 12001 study table is clearly layered, the main color can choose sky blue or light pink, and the rest is filled with white to fill the table frame. All the designs are relatively simple, not to say how good-looking, but full of comfort and warm atmosphere, it belongs to the type that can not go wrong with any decoration style.

  Xiaobian here also wants to remind all parents that it is best not to buy a study table with more decorative patterns, firstly, it is not versatile, secondly, it is too childish, easy to distract children, and when children go to middle school, they generally don’t like it.

  (2) The diffuse reflection desktop is worthy of praise

  Xiaobian carefully observed the details of the desktop and found that there were many neatly arranged “concave” small round holes, which belong to an eye-protecting design in the children’s home industry. Because if the desktop is glossy or bright, then the light will be reflected back directly, bright and dazzling, which can easily lead to visual fatigue, causing problems such as small eyes and myopia.

  Dr. Youcheng’s “small circle MSI design” can evenly and diffusely reflect the strong light from one direction, so that the light is weakened and softened, so as to achieve the effect of eye protection.

  Part2. Functionality

  1. Functional partitioning is not difficult, the difficult thing is “how to divide”

  Just now in the exterior part we know that the desktop is divided into two areas, which is a regular configuration in the study table, both narrower is the accompanying reading area, and more spacious is the children’s learning area.

  But what sets Dr. Youcheng apart from other brands is that its reading area is set on the left instead of the right. Does it make a difference? Xiaobian tells you with years of evaluation experience, of course there is!

  Only the parent reading on the left does not affect the child’s right-hand writing. And the reading area and the desk light source are on the left, and another advantage is that when the light hits the child’s writing hand, there will be no shadow blocking the child’s writing line of sight.

  In addition, the time management area set up in the bookshelf area on the right side of Dr. Youcheng is not available at many study desks, which can be regarded as a small detail with a plus, after all, refuse procrastination, and start with the doll!

  2. Highlight design – the degree of care is examined in the details

  Adjustable desktop

  A good study desk should be designed closely around the principle of ergonomics, which means that we must give your hard-working baby a pure and comfortable learning experience.

  After investigation, the height of the doctor’s desktop is accurately adjusted up and down through the hand-cranked handle, and it should be no problem to use it from 3 to 18 years old, and it can accompany the child’s entire learning and growth process.

  Xiaobian saw the goniometer monitor on the desktop and guessed that the desktop could be adjusted to an inclined panel, so he tried to lift the desktop, but the table did not move. After consulting customer service, I learned that you need to press and hold the hydraulic switch on the back of the desktop to lift the table, and you can fix it when you let go, and sure enough, after mastering the method, the second attempt is easy to do. It can be accurately adjusted according to 7-15° writing mode, 15-30° reading mode, and 30-45° drawing mode, so that children can comfortably switch learning tasks; When entertaining, the table is laid flat to 0°, and children can also play mobile games, toys and the like.

  Parents should not think that these functions are chicken ribs, it is very good for protecting the cervical spine and spine of adolescents and children, and avoiding writing with their heads down for a long time.

  Paired with the tilting table, there is also a “movable magnetic book blocker”, which can be strongly adsorbed to the desktop, which can be placed at the position of the desk mouth to block the book, and can also be placed above the desk panel to clamp the test paper, drawing paper, etc.

  In addition to the fancy function of “one table and four uses”, the basic dimension of table area space is also a mandatory item.

  The passing line of the test is based on the width of the fifth grade child’s test paper, that is, 42cm, because if the child uses some tables with a depth and width that are not 42cm, he still has to fold the test paper to write, and his elbows cannot be stretched, which is very inconvenient.

  Xiaobian used a tape measure to measure the length and width of the learning area panel, and the width and depth data obtained were about 79.5cm*46.5cm, both greater than 42cm.

  Multifunctional reading stand

  This bookshelf just began to give the editor a sense of bells and whistles, which is not useful. But after using it, I still think it is relatively fragrant. The main thing is that everyone can adjust the bookshelf to the most comfortable eye angle according to their own needs, which helps to prevent myopia problems. Its supporting base can fix the pages of the book, can free the hands, in addition to the book, but also put the iPad, put the Kindle, can be compatible with the popular trend of online classes, paperless learning, can better meet the overall memory method: “eyes look once, brain remember, hand is writing again” needs.

  Integrated desk lamp

  The lamps on the bookshelves are embedded in the shelves and do not have a wide base. This will undoubtedly save more space, and it is firm and safe, and when adjusting the lighting angle of the desk lamp by the head, there is no need to worry about the risk of the lamp being knocked over and falling, which is a plus design.

  Support Firmness: ★★★★★

  In addition to the inspection of the desktop and bookshelf, but the stability evaluation of the second half cannot fall!

  Because there are too many rickety, unstable inferior products on the market, think of those cheap building block tables, toy tables, and even weather-hardened desks in the classroom, and you need to pad the corners of the desk with hard paper during the exam, a whole big speechless.

  The editor observed some of the table legs of Dr. Youcheng, which is different from the conventional table leg under the large and thin way, but adopts the inverted mode design, both thick and thin. Although I don’t understand the mechanics of this design, the fact that the table does not move no matter how hard it is shaken is enough to prove the stability of this design method.

  Four hidden rollers are installed in the back part under the table to facilitate the movement of the table and cleaning. But there is also a bug here Xiaobian has to complain, the wheel is not universal direction, can only move straight forward or backward, and the child can not pull, only adults can move the table with some strength, but this can also be regarded as proof from the side that the table is indeed as stable as rooted hahaha.

  Storage performance

  The bear child’s things are many and miscellaneous, and if you don’t take care of it, the whole house can fill you with stalls. The learning environment can not be so messy, the editor counted, the doctor has a total of 9 storage spaces (as shown below).

  These spaces can basically cover all aspects of the child’s storage needs, so that the child can develop a good habit of storage, there is no problem. The editor mainly has to examine the depth of the bookshelf and whether it can fit the large books of A4. Measured by a tape measure, the bookshelf has a depth of 24cm, which can be regarded as a deepened shelf in the same category, and most tomes can be safely shelved.

  Part3. Security

  Environmental protection and non-toxic

  With the news of various problem furniture and “formaldehyde room” on the Internet, people have also put forward higher requirements for the environmental protection of home building materials. Children’s furniture is of stricter standards.

  However, due to the limitations of experimental conditions, self-testing environmental indicators are often not accurate enough, so you can only turn to professional testing institutions.

  Xiaobian carefully checked the quality test report of Dr. Youcheng’s study desk, and the results showed that the formaldehyde emission of the sample was 0.2mg/L, which met the national standard ≤ limit of 1.5mg/L, and was better than the standard of 0.3mg/L ≤ of Japanese F4 star.

  Lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, chromium, and other surface coatings that can migrate harmful elements have not been detected, and plastic methyl phthalate, which may affect the child’s hormone balance, has also not been detected, so parents do not have to worry about environmental safety.

  In addition to environmental protection, children’s furniture also has many small details to pay attention to in the design and construction. According to the provisions of the state in the “General Technical Conditions for Children’s Furniture (GB28007-2011)”, children’s furniture cannot have sharp edges or protrusions, and the holes and gaps cannot be less than 6mm.

  Measured by Xiaobian with vernier calipers, the holes and gaps of the doctoral study table are in line with the national standard, and warnings are affixed where there is a risk of gaps or pinching hands. The edges of the study table are also treated with R-shaped rounded corners, and a glue-free inlaid three-color crystal anti-collision edge strip is used, so that children will not be injured even if they accidentally hit it.

  2. Study chair

  After testing the table, its good partner study chair is naturally also a complete set of evaluations of appearance, function, and safety.

  The color matching of the learning chair and the table are unified, both are relatively simple and fresh, not too childish and not too dull, suitable for children to teenagers. The base is like a frog, the chassis is larger and more stable, it looks good, but it is not enough to have the sense of technology of the engineering chair, which may also be related to the main use for children.

  Flexible adjustment and personalization

  Xiaobian couldn’t wait to lean on it and sit down, feeling a little short, fortunately, the cushion height and back height of the chair are adjustable, matching the height range of 120cm to 180cm.

  After adjusting, the editor, who is 162cm tall, finally felt comfortable sitting up. The waist is firmly supported by the backrest, there is no hollowing, and it feels very relaxed, but it sits upright and straight. The feet are perpendicular to the ground, the thighs and calves are 90 degrees, and the upper body and thighs are also 90 degrees, can this chair still help people automatically standardize their sitting posture? Migrant workers who have been sitting for years with back pain have been pleasantly surprised.

  The armrests on both sides can also be adjusted according to the height difference of the individual, and can be raised up by 0-5cm, and folded and stored when not in use, saving space. The bottom of the chair is equipped with removable foot pedals, and smaller babies aged 2-4 can use the pedals to support their feet, making the sitting posture more standard and not dangling. Older children ignore it, it doesn’t matter if it’s removable or not.

  Do chairs that keep people sitting for a long time really exist?

  In addition to flexible adjustment, another important criterion for ergonomic design is to see whether its material and structure save effort for musculoskeletal. Xiaobian checked the description of the study chair and found that its backrest is hand-woven from new nylon + sheave imported from Germany, this fabric is characterized by elasticity and breathability, which can closely fit the curve of the human back, thereby reducing the force on the lower back and protecting the health of the spine; The cushion filling is a high-density soy fiber aviation memory foam, which has the effect of comfortable rebound and the characteristics of sitting for a long time without deformation, which can well disperse the pressure on the hips.

  Therefore, when the pressure on the bones and muscles of the human body is shared and relieved, the effect of sedentary and tiring can naturally be achieved.

  Of course, no matter how good the chair is, Xiaobian also recommends that everyone better not sit for a long time, and need to get up from time to time to move and stretch is more beneficial to health.

  Safe and secure, seat locked

  The chassis of the non-compliant study chair is unstable, and if the active bear child climbs on the chair and plays standing, it is quite a dangerous thing.

  Dr. Youcheng’s product introduction claims that it uses a nylon fiber-added chassis to increase the load-bearing, the chassis is strong, not easy to break, and the chair will not turn over; The chair body is made of thickened high-quality medium carbon cold-rolled steel as the skeleton, which can effectively ensure the sturdy stability of the chair, and the bottom is also equipped with a silent self-locking roller, as long as the child’s weight exceeds 20kg, it can be locked without slipping.

  The 45kg editor took the risk and stood on the chair for a real test, without feeling the slightest sliding and tilting, only a solid sense of support. After leaving the chair, the scroll wheel automatically unlocks and slides again.

  So this chair is not only locked in terms of safety, but also a lock on the baby’s attention, because the bear child cannot play with the chair in a circle and around, and can only obediently focus on learning (Ph.D. has come true with you!).

  3. Evaluation summary

  After several rounds of evaluation, parents should have thoroughly understood the purchase routine of high-quality study desks and chairs, but some people will still ask, “What should I do if I can’t remember so many inspection points?” There are two solutions:

  1. Take your child to the store to experience, the real feeling will tell you everything, because the editor’s reviews are also based on real feelings sorted out and shared with everyone;

  2. Copy the homework directly, this doctoral study desk and chair evaluated by the editor is very nice in terms of safety, environmental protection and comfort, there is no big thunder point, and it can be included in the red list;

  As for the question of whether to buy the original study desk, I believe that the parents who see here already have the answer in their hearts.

  The children’s learning desk not only assists children to learn from the external level, but also cultivates children’s inner sense of self-space and autonomy, helps to improve learning attitude and concentration, and more importantly, protects the spine and eyesight, so that children can grow up healthily and learn happily.