When it comes to washing machines, I believe everyone is no stranger, as one of the most commonly used home appliances, it has been inseparable from our lives. At present, there are three main types of washing machines on the market, double barrel, wave wheel and drum; Among them, the double-barrel washing machine appeared the earliest, one side of the washing side is spin dry, can work at the same time; The wave wheel and drum are both dual-purpose, and the cleaning and spin-drying work is completed in order. It can be said that the three designs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and how users choose should also be judged according to actual needs, including placement space, operation mode, water consumption, price, etc., all need to be compared.

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin has put on the shelves a Faro 5kg wave washing machine, many friends who did not grab the Redmi washing machine, may wish to learn about this new product, the author also bought one during May Day, just to share with you the experience of use.

First of all, in terms of capacity, Faro is 5 kg, while Redmi is 8 kg, although there is a 3 kg capacity difference, but the former is more space-saving, and the 5 kg design can already meet the daily needs of most users.

The fuselage is made of white plastic, and the black transparent cover is a more orthodox design; Compared with the metal body, the corrosion resistance of plastic is better, because the washing machine is in contact with water and laundry detergent all year round, and it is easy to be rusted if it is metal; In addition, the weight of the body is controlled, and it is easy to move, but the plastic material is afraid of bumping, so be very careful during transportation, and it is easy to damage if you are not careful.

The three feet at the bottom are fixed, and only the outer feet on the right can be adjusted to ensure that the washing machine is placed stably so that it can run smoothly during work.

The installation of the water inlet pipe is also very simple, one side of the connection with the faucet needs to be fixed with tools, and the other side only needs to connect the knob with the water inlet of the fuselage, even girls can complete the installation and removal independently.

The control panel of the product is simple and convenient, and the user can switch the mode and adjust the water level through four buttons; And you can pause the washing machine at any time and work according to your personal habits. The intelligence of the automatic washing machine is much stronger than the double-barrel washing machine, diversified washing modes, for the most common clothes are classified, as long as the clothes to be washed are put into the drum, select the corresponding mode and click to open, and then wait for the body to automatically complete a series of operations such as cleaning, water change, spin-off, etc.

When you open the lid, you will find that the 5 kg barrel is larger than expected, and the capacity designed for mass families is just enough to meet the daily washing needs, without piling up dirty clothes, avoiding the growth of bacteria, and making life healthier and more hygienic.

The diamond design on the inside of the metal laundry barrel is not only strong and durable, but also enhances the washing effect.

Fine sorting ensures that each garment has a corresponding professional washing mode, including cashmere, silk and other fabrics, which can also be used. The butterfly water flow of the wave wheel can reduce the winding wear and gently rub it through forward and reverse rotation, so as to simulate the washing of human hands, washing and protecting clothes at the same time.

10 programs + 10 levels of water level, commonly used, single wash, single off, drift, etc., with the assistance of the self-test self-adjustment system, once the dehydration load is seriously eccentric, the system will automatically switch to the washing mode, through the water flow to balance the clothes, and then dehydrate.

After all the clothes are washed, users can also clean the inner and outer barrel walls through the “barrel self-cleaning” mode to clean up the dirt residue, and then dry the stagnant water through the “barrel drying” mode to ensure that the fuselage is clean and dry and prevent the growth of bacteria.

After a few days of use experience, the efficiency of the 5kg wave washing machine is still ideal, don’t look at the volume is not large, but mattresses, quilts and other large items can be easily coped with, and the washing is still very clean.

Personally, I think that this wave washing machine is very suitable for the needs of young people, if the space in the home is small, or the daily washing frequency is higher, the small capacity will be more applicable. Compared with the double-barrel washing machine, it only needs half the space to be placed, and the operation is simple; Many consumers misled by TV series think that the drum is more high-end and easy to use than the wave wheel, in fact, the price of the wave washing machine is only half or even less than half of the drum washing machine, and you can add or remove clothes at will during operation; Although the water consumption of the wave washing machine will be more, but the electricity consumption is much less, and how to choose between electricity and water costs, I believe the author does not need to elaborate too much.

Whether a washing machine is good to use should be considered from many aspects, including capacity, function, power consumption, water consumption, safety, cleanliness ratio, etc., which are the focus of consumers’ attention; According to the actual situation in the home, only products that meet their own needs are the best for users. Of course, this Faro 5kg wave washing machine still has some areas that can be improved, such as adding a manual setting mode, adjusting it when the amount of water is too much, and so on.

If you don’t grab the Redmi washing machine, or feel that 8 kg is larger, you may wish to consider the Faro 5 kg wave washing machine, which may be more suitable for yourself.