Every autumn and winter, the hottest footwear item must be boots, many outfits need a pair of boots for the overall shape of the improvement, but the choice of boots also depends on the height.

Many small girls do not like long boots because of the visual problem of pressing height. So

Boots are recommended for smaller children

“Buy short instead of long”, so wear tall and thin!

The booties have a visual heightening effect, and they don’t look dragging at all, making the whole person tall and thin. There are various ways to match booties, and there are certain rules and tricks when choosing.

What are the advantages of booties?

Many girls are very persistent about long boots, but when you understand the advantages of short boots, you will find that choosing short or not long is a very big advantage, which can make your own shape more perfect.

1. Show long and tall legs

After entering the autumn and winter, booties are the main force in the matching, because they have a strong fashion effect. And for small people, it has the effect of showing legs long and tall.

And choose booties to match, whether it is pants or skirts, there is a certain versatility, for the length of pants and skirts to control well, you can directly have 1m7 long legs.

2. Temperamental and advanced

For small girls, showing temperament is actually a difficult thing, because there is no advantage in height, and some girls who are not dominant in height and are slightly fat, wearing short boots is regarded as taking out a secret weapon.

Because the height of the boots is just right, it will not be high or low, which can cover certain flaws, and will not cover the calf part, the temperament created will be more advanced, and the slightly fat girl can also be well controlled.

3. The style is versatile and versatile

For girls who are keen on fashion, they should know a single item, and it is impossible to match only one look. The advantage of booties is that there are many styles, and they are versatile hundreds of times, and they will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

In autumn and winter, the clothes will be thicker, wearing long boots will look very heavy, while short boots are different, the length is just right, wearing a variety of styles not to mention very convenient, that is, exquisite and high-class.

Selection and recommendation of booties

Every year there are different styles of booties in vogue, and of course there are classic models. But in daily wear, you must learn to choose short boots, and at the same time, you must also know which boots are very versatile, even if you don’t choose, blind start will not go wrong.

1. How to select boots

When choosing booties, the most important thing is that the length must be selected above the ankle, but below the calf. That is to say, the length of the boots should be near the ankle, and with a low heel, it will be more suitable, and the effect of appearing tall and thin will be stronger.

If you want to choose short boots above the ankle, then you need to have a certain modification effect, do not choose fat boots, otherwise you will see that your entire leg is particularly thick, and the whole person will appear very short. A girl who is small and has a small skeleton at the same time, it is very good to choose a thick heel or a thin heel, and it can be perfectly controlled.

2. Recommended boots

Every year, there are some classic styles of boots that are popular with women, and the reason for these classic models is very simple, easy to match and very fashionable, which can be called the representative of fashion.

Martin boots

Martin boots are a representative item in short boots, most small people choose Martin boots, choose 6~8 holes can be, the length is just right, can better show the slenderness of the legs, and at the same time can achieve a good modification.

It is recommended that when girls choose Martin boots, they also have the basic black and white as the mainstay, and can also make a pure brown color that belongs to the autumn atmosphere. Don’t choose a particularly fancy color or with colorful laces, such Martin boots do not wear a sense of luxury, and they are very well matched.

Naked boots

Most naked boots are a very natural fit and have a certain slimming effect, but when choosing the shape of the shoe, try to choose a narrow design. When some pointed toes appear, there will be a better high effect. In the choice of color, the basic color system is the main one, which will be more versatile and attractive, such as black, brown or nude color.

The material of naked boots is delicate to be more awe-inspiring, and for older women, the velvet fabric is also very good and noble.

The key point for small people to wear short boots

1. Choose a straight type for boots and skirts

After entering the autumn and winter, girls are more willing to match skirts when matching boots. If you use a mid-length or long skirt with booties, try to choose a skirt that is straight. Such skirts and booties are directly high, the effect of thinning will be better, and the width of the skirt can be changed a little, such as the A-line skirt also has a good modification effect.

Don’t worry about a certain conflict between booties and skirts, for A-line skirts and straight skirts, for booties between matching, can form a better effect.

2. Choose the lower part of the pants that is narrow

When booties meet pants, the shape of the pants is very important, try not to choose wide-leg pants with booties. My leg pants are so fat, with short booties, it is a disaster for small people, whether it is cropped or long, it will not have a good effect.

It is best to choose the pants that begin to narrow gradually in the lower half, as a match with straight pants or slightly loose pants, the effect of showing height and thinness is better, and the maximum advantage between pants and boots can be played, and the effect is more obvious.

3. The color of the lower body and the boots should not be much different

Although boots are very inclusive and very versatile, but the boots must not be too eye-catching, and need to be matched with skirts or pants. In this way, there can be an effect that echoes up and down, otherwise it looks like there is no extension of the line, and the whole person will become shorter.

In daily matching, the use of booties is still very good, but how to improve the utilization rate, is to choose a pair of boots that suit you, small girls wear booties than boots are more suitable.

Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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