Who moved my heels?

#My Heels#

Beloved high heels have been lost in my memories.

Whether it’s a meeting or a class in college,

When you wear high heels, no one loves them

。 A sassy woman, who was studying in Taiyuan at that time, stepped on the 8cm high of hatred and felt low, ankles were blistered, sprains were all trivial, and no one could stop my enthusiasm for wearing high heels.

After graduation, he joined the Beipiao family, just entered the society, the salary was not high, and he often went to Dongbu (the largest clothing wholesale market in Beijing at that time) with his friends to find a few favorite clothes and shoes. It was found that high heels above 6cm in Beijing’s shoe market are rare, but low heels and flat shoes are placed in a conspicuous position, which is also more popular for small store owners.

(Micro perspective: the height of the heels, reflecting the rhythm of life in Beijing and Taiyuan)

After drifting north for a long time, after the work intensity became greater, gradually, put away my beloved high heels, and replaced them with a lower one;

Until after marriage, every day for life, low heels are not very fond of wearing, except for working on weekdays, go out on weekends all sneakers;

After pregnancy, it is natural to put sneakers and casual shoes mentioned selectively


, I feel that after giving birth, my high heels should regain height;

However, yes, that’s exactly what you think!

Flats remain high, look back,

high heels

It is


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