Even in winter, Liya will still take out the shirts in the closet and layer them, whether it is as an underwear or a small turtleneck arranged inside, which can increase the layering of Look.

This year is another wave of retro resurgence, the doll leader player has become the main element of the Korean wave, and many clothing bloggers on INS have arranged a set

Age-reducing doll collar

, simply the sweetness that overflows the screen.

(Source: Chuu)

How could Liya miss this opportunity to join the Korean Wave, and arrange an issue for the fairies today

First love top + granny pants

, you can wear it to work and school.

Working on the fabric often makes the upper body work surprisingly. The collision of black velvet and lace instantly makes the age-reducing doll collar become available


Get up.

The lower body is paired with a pair of granny pants, and it does not pick the figure or people at all.

If I were to say, the most outstanding thing about the whole blouse is the lace design at the cuffs, which is modeled after the skirt cuffs of the European court in the 17th century, which is very modern.

The fitted fit fits any body type and is perfect as an underwear in a thick winter coat.

Apple-shaped figure meets such a V-shaped neckline and

Light-absorbing velvet material

, please take it now!

Appears thin

Didn’t say. And the contrast brought by the doll collar can modify the shoulder and neck line, and fairies with narrow shoulders and wide shoulders are very suitable.

Like this whole body black + white + gray color matching,


You can choose any color you want. Light colors with low saturation are very energetic girls, and dark colors are more mature.

If you don’t know how to wear the underwear, you can refer to such a versatile color matching.

The straight-leg granny pants in solid colors are classic and versatile, which can be described as such

A wardrobe must-have

It doesn’t take too much time to match, it’s very wearable, and it can be worn with a variety of styles of tops to create a fashionable feel.

The pressed pleats at the front of the pants visually modify the shape of the legs, and the whole body looks thin and straight.

Shoes as the last step of dressing, many people are perfunctory, but in fact it is very capable

Decide where the whole set of Look will be styled

The combination of this year’s popular checkerboard and canvas shoes instantly lit up other basic models on the body, breaking through the overall gentle Han Fan, and adding a little more casual cool taste.

How about it, today’s [Daily Ride] is it?

Available in salt or sweetness

, Liya suggests that fairies can boldly try the basics of less common fabrics, which are easy to wear in front of their eyes.

Especially the velor material is a noble player, made into a skirt to wear in winter, it is simply the lord of the noble princess! (You can refer to Ju Jingyi’s circle skirt)