Silicon used in daily chemical products, usually also known as silicone oil, polydimethylsiloxane, ammonia polydimethylsiloxane, polydimethylsiloxane, etc. are what we call silicon.

The role of silicon in shampoo products is that, together with cationic polymers, it closes the flap and forms a film to cover the hair, giving the hair shine and smooth. There is no valid data and research to prove that silicon can clog pores, cause hair loss and even cause cancer.

Silicone oil itself is not harmful to scalp hair, but it will inevitably settle in the hair roots during use, making scalp hair prone to greasy and hair collapse and not fluffy. For people with oily hair and fine hair, greasy and collapse caused by silica-containing shampoos will be more noticeable. Some high-end cleaning brands are more advanced in formulation and manufacturing process, which can not only retain silicone oil but also minimize its side effects. So if you are pursuing a refreshing and fluffy effect of your hair after washing, and you can’t find satisfaction in all kinds of silicone-containing shampoos, then it’s time to prepare yourself a silicone-free shampoo to alternate with silicone-containing shampoos or completely abandon silicone-containing shampoos.

My hair type is oily and delicate, and the most common green anti-dandruff before puberty is the soft and classic green anti-dandruff, which works well. During puberty, with the change of the body’s sex hormone levels, in addition to more oil on the face, the scalp also becomes oily and dandruff appears; Add to that the damage caused by dyeing my hair once or twice a year as an adult, so for a long time my hair was basically a handful of dead grass soaked in oil. Before I knew about silicone-free shampoos, I tried a variety of shampoos on the market that claimed to make hair soft and shiny, but I couldn’t find any satisfactory ones. Of course, looking back now, it is also related to the fact that at that time I had many methods of hair washing and care that were inappropriate. For example, washing and care are not separated, conditioner is applied to the scalp, hair is washed with excessively hot water in winter, and so on. But even now that I know more, I still prefer silicone-free shampoo products.

Next, on the twelve silicone-free shampoos I have used, I will talk about their own characteristics and use feelings. Rankings are in no particular order.

Bee flower shampoo

The old domestic shampoo was used when I was a child, but there was no silicone-free concept at that time! At that time, I just thought it was good to do a good job, and I didn’t understand why my mother bought this shampoo for me to use, is it because she doesn’t love me?! Is this really a shampoo and not a dish soap?! Last year, I bought a bottle online in order to make up for it, and I found that it was not so bad when I used it. The texture is very thin, the foam is not rich, but the ability to clean and remove dandruff and control oil is not bad, and a shampoo that costs less than 10 yuan is already very good.

Purchase route: major supermarkets or bee flower home daily use flagship stores

Bee Flower Silicone-Free Shampoo

To catch up with the silicone-free trend, Bee Flower adds hops and ginger extracts to reduce itchy dandruff and promote circulation. Compared with the classic model, this shampoo has a thicker texture and is more likely to foam, and the washing feeling is more moisturizing, but the oil control effect is slightly worse~500ml priced at 30, and the cost performance is also very high.

Kiehl’s tea tree shampoo

The first time I used it was when I went to Hong Kong to play with my friends 3 or 4 years ago, and I was excited to see it in my friend’s bathroom (I was poor and had never seen the world at that time): “Wow! You can rub it with a premium shampoo! When I washed it, I thought: “The tea tree smells so good!” The whole head has a very clean feeling! “I was a little disappointed when I flushed because I felt that my hair was astringent, but when I blew my hair, I was shocked again: “Without conditioner, my knotted hair for 10,000 years was easily loosened with my fingers!” What was astringent just now has now become smoother! “After blow-drying, I look in the mirror and find that my hair looks fresh, fluffy and shiny, and it is very smooth to the touch. The next day, after a day of playing outside, I came home and my hair was still fresh. So the next time I went to Hong Kong, I bought myself a bottle, and then I bought it back 2 times, and I liked it except for the price (I’m still very poor TAT).

Purchase method: counter

Kiehl’s amino coconut shampoo gel

The tea tree shampoo gave me a great impression of Kiehl’s shampoo, so I was also very excited when I sent this amino acid shampoo that became red because of the recommendation of Big S! This shampoo is finished with sodium forminyl taurate, which is very gentle; It is also added with coconut oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein, which is a relatively moisturizing product. Some people like the smell but it is too fragrant for me, and the cleaning power is not enough, so it is more suitable for dry hair. I won’t go shopping for formal wear.

How to buy: Member gifts

Mane ‘n Tail Wrigley shampoo

I cut my hair short in 2012, and the day after I cut it, I started missing my long hair (no zuo no die why I try)… In the post of Douban, I saw that this shampoo can make hair grow fast, so I rushed to buy a bottle back. The weird pearlescent texture (it turns out that silicone-free shampoos are not necessarily transparent and colorless), you can clearly feel that the hair is very astringent and astringent when rinsing, and blow-dried will be a little better. However, I feel a little too fluffy, accidentally become frizzy TAT and I use it will produce dandruff, too bad! It has some promoting effect on the growth rate of hair, but it is not as exaggerated as it is said~

Purchase route: Hong Kong Wanning

Avalon tea tree shampoo

This is the first shampoo I bought consciously looking for silicone-free products. I flipped through a lot of posts and finally decided to buy Avalon. The taste is a bit like sprite, the texture is transparent and colorless and thin liquid like water, and the foam is not rich; It is quite astringent when rinsed, and it is not very smooth to dry. But it was clean-washed, the oil control stood the test of the humid summer in Guangzhou, and I didn’t seem to have dandruff after using it. Because it is more astringent and dry, I will use it with the Fino hair mask so that the hair will be fresh and smooth. Avalon is the most silicone-free shampoo I’ve bought back so far, and there’s no surprise that I’ll keep using it. In addition, its vitamin B anti-shedding shampoo is also quite famous, you can try it if necessary~

Silicone-free moisturizing shampoo

Once I forgot to buy it online in advance, and it happened that the shampoo at home ran out, so I had to go to Watsons to buy it. After shopping around, I found that silk contained silicone-free shampoo, and the price was very affordable, so I bought a bottle. It turned out to be the hardest shampoo I’ve ever used! The name is silicone-free moisturizing shampoo, silicone-free is silicone-free, and I don’t expect it to be able to moisturize well; But I didn’t expect that my hair was astringent and knotted after use, and it was super strange that it was completely uncontrolled and caused itchy heads. My girlfriend is a person with better hair, and she feels similar to any shampoo, and one night after taking a shower, she couldn’t help but say: “Ah! Let’s buy new ones! This silk is too difficult to use! “(╯‵□′)╯(┻━┻I won’t buy it again!”

How to buy: Watson’s

Kangaroo plump fluffy shampoo

The orange transparent gel with a sweet and fruity aroma is easy to lather and rinse easily, and after rinsing, touching the hair will have a “beep” sound like a bowl being washed very cleanly by dish soap; After blow-drying, the hair is smooth from the root to the middle of the hair, and the damaged and frizzy ends (my hair is naturally curled) need to be uncovered by using a leave-in hair conditioner. The cleansing and oil control ability of this shampoo is also good. Although not as good as Avalon tea tree and Kiehl’s tea tree, it should be enough for people whose scalp hair is not very oily.

Kose Je l’aime shampoo

Green and refreshing, weak acidity, added a lot of plant extracts, the taste is very fresh and smelly; It is relatively moist, the foam is also quite rich, and when rinsing, I feel that it is not clean to rinse around, but the blow-drying does not feel smoother than other shampoos. The oil control effect is general, the weather is not very hot, tonight washed to the third morning will get up oil to the extent that it affects the appearance. It is said that with oily hair like mine, the blue version works better. I’ll update it when I try it!

Rêveur silicone-free scalp care shampoo

Rêveur should be said to be the most famous Japanese silicone-free shampoo in China~ The COSME Awards have been awarded for three consecutive years, and it is said that a bottle is sold every 1.5 seconds on average in Japan. In autumn and winter, when my hair was dry and my hair started to get more and more static, I wanted a shampoo with a weaker fluffy effect, so I bought a powder bottle for all hair types. Fruity shampoo, the foam is relatively weak, but does not affect the cleaning power, and is astringent when rinsing. After blow-drying, the hair becomes moisturized, the fluffiness is not obvious, and the oil control effect is medium. This shampoo gives me the impression that it is balanced in all aspects, and the price is also very affordable, suitable for most people. Recommended for those who want to try a silicone-free shampoo but don’t know which good friend to choose as a starter product.

SCALABO Medicinal Deodorizing Silicone-Free Shampoo

The same brand as Rêveur, there are five types of red, yellow, green, blue and purple. In addition to the easy sticky hair, another problem is that the scalp secretes a lot of oil, which is easy to produce a stinky smell, and it is even more unpleasant if mixed with sweat in summer. SCALABO Green has a fresh and refreshing lemon and chrysanthemum scent, and the foam is exceptionally dense but easy to rinse in silicone-free shampoos; The hair is less astringent after rinsing, and it is smoother after blow-drying. This shampoo also has a little cool feeling to use and is very comfortable. Then its oil control effect is not very overbearing and strong, but makes you feel that the scalp is very clean and healthy, the hair is clearly defined, and the inhibition effect on odors is indeed there. Like!

Moist Diane silicone-free essential oil shampoo

Red plump moisturizing model, this shampoo has seen many people recommend, but I don’t like ┑ ( ̄ Д ̄) ┍ How to say, silicone-free shampoo added essential oil ingredients to solve the dryness encountered in the shampoo process and supplement nutrition, this idea I think is very good. However, in practice, it may be that for people with normal and dry head skin oil secretion, the silicone-free + essential oil washing and care method is the icing on the cake; But for me and other super big oil heads, it became too moisturizing, and I didn’t feel refreshed when I got up the next day after washing.

How to buy: Jusco (AEON) supermarket

By the way, let’s talk about my favorite hair care products~

Fino High Penetration Hair Mask

For me and other fine natural curly dry frizzy grass, Fino hair mask is simply an artifact to meet late! With it, if you want your hair to be smooth in the end, it’s soft and flowy, it’s okay, buy, buy, buy!!!!

Amore’s hair oil

I saw a blogger’s recommendation on Weibo, and I felt that it should be quite suitable for me, so I bought a bottle. At first, I didn’t feel anything when I used it, and only after mastering the method did I realize its good~ squeeze out 1~2 pumps and rub it in the palm, so that the palms and fingers are covered with essential oils, and then wipe from the middle of the hair to the ends when the hair is half dry, and wait half a minute to dry the hair. Although it is an oily hair care product, it is not greasy at all to use, and the hair is fragrant and soft after use~

Summary & tips

European and American silicone-free shampoo has strong oil control and fluffing ability;

Japanese silicone-free shampoo packaging looks good, smells good, and the washing feeling is more moist;

The foam of silicone-free shampoos is usually rough and not dense, and it is easy to decompose when exposed to water;

Large oil heads need to be cautious about essential oil addition shampoos;

It is recommended to separate the washing and care, conditioner or leave-in hair essence should be applied to the ends of the hair or 10~15cm away from the root;

When washing hair, the water temperature should not be overheated, otherwise it is easy to produce dandruff and itching.

Purchase route: major supermarkets or bee flower home daily use flagship stores