What kind of pants do you like to wear? Jeans or sweatpants? Pants of different materials have different effects when worn, and they are also suitable for different types of girls. Pencil pants are a kind of pants shaped a bit like pencils, which are more slim and suitable for tall girls, especially those with long legs, and wear them to show their legs.

Pencil pants are also more figure-showing, if paired with a loose top, it is good to show a slender figure, or with a slim crop top, fashionable and a little sexy, especially attractive. So, when you usually wear pencil pants, what kind of items do you choose to match?

This girl is wearing a pair of light blue pencil pants with a white sweater, loose and casual. Her figure belongs to the tall type, her legs are thin and long after wearing pants, and a pair of white boots show her long legs, and she is also warmer and fashionable.

Pencil pants with boots are very common, especially tall girls will like it, can show a good figure, the key is to wear in autumn and winter without losing temperature. A top with a sweater and cotton, or a woolen coat, works well.

Of course, lamb wool coats are also very popular, and matching them with slim pencil pants can show off your legs. Lamb wool coats are popular in autumn and winter, warm and trendy, and are suitable for girls of different ages. This young lady’s purple lamb wool coat is more special, compared to black and white is more difficult to control, the key is to look at the figure and temperament.

And this white jacket belongs to the long design, which will be relatively warmer than the short coat, suitable for autumn and winter, and looks good with tight pants. For shoes, you can choose Martin boots and snow boots, which are warm and trendy.

Of course, you can also choose casual sneakers, which are full of mix and match style to show different effects. Seriously, pencil pants are particularly versatile, girls with long legs must try it, no matter what kind of clothing they match, they are very trendy and leg-length, and they have a super high rate of turning back!