Before the New Year this year, I not only did my manicures, but I also bleached my hair that I hadn’t tossed for many years and dyed it light.

But to be honest, after this bleaching

Hair production

It’s a big change

, really every time you wash your hair there will be a surprise 😂.


Recently, I am also half a hair care blogger,

Today I want to share with you a wave of my hair care lovers and hair care skills during this time, which are very suitable for sisters who perm and dye before the New Year.

Perm dyeing

Suppleness care for damaged hair

Fixing care after bleaching and dyeing

Both 🈶️

Sisters who have not tossed their hair are also applicable

The whole article is not extensive!

I changed to a set of washing and hair care products after this bleaching and dyeing.

Now that the hair scales are damaged (very frizzy), this group of good things is mainly to maintain the damaged hair after perming and dyeing, which can make the hair smoother

The hair itself is frizzy or sofa hair is also suitable.

Just today

Combine these products

Talk about my daily shampoo and hair care process and use experience.


Step1 Hair care before washing

I recently added an extra step to my shampoo routine with a pre-wash conditioner, and it was

OLAPLEX 0 & 3 pair of cp.


It’s friends


For me

American salon hair care brand,

Specially designed to repair damaged hair.

In fact, like these years, few new ingredients have appeared in the hair care industry, but


The hair mask formula is worth $130 million, and many big brands can’t copy it if they want to!

And not only can perm and dye damaged hair, I have a colleague who has sofa hair, and the effect of using 0&3 is also quite obvious.

First of all, let’s talk about the use method, No. 0 and No. 3 should be used before shampooing, and the use method is not very conventional.

No. 0 is a liquid texture, to be honest, it is not particularly easy to apply, and it feels wasteful in the process (after all 💰, it is not too cheap).

No. 3 is a lotion texture, which is relatively better to apply.

· Step2 Shampoo

I won’t show you the specific shampoo process, but my shampoo has also been changed

Shampoo No. 4.

It is mainly fluffy, reduces oil output, and is highly concentrated.

So every time you use a little bit, you can make a very dense foam.

Massage the scalp for a while, try to hold it for 3min before rinsing.

The most obvious feeling after washing is the top of the head

It is relatively fluffy, not easy to produce oil and very smooth,

It’s like applying conditioner.

· Step3 Hair care after washing

I usually wear a dry hair cap first after washing my hair every day, it

It can quickly absorb water and avoid the scalp from growing easily in a humid environment 🦠 for a long time.

Before blowing my hair, in the wet state of my hair, I will first apply OLAPLEX’s No. 7 anti-scald essential oil, not all over the head, just the ends of the hair,

Reduce hair damage caused by high temperature heating.

I found that the habit and way of blowing hair has a great impact on the quality of my hair, especially after I permed and dyed it, I really changed the habit of blowing my hair.

I will put my hair

Leave to dry until semi-dry


Blow dry


, and then use the low temperature and low wind mode to slowly dry the whole head

And one more me

Three years ago

It has been used and repurchased countless times

OUAI hair oil, general

It is used for daily care or emergency before taking pictures.

Click on 👆 the image to buy

Page 💰: 322 yuan

Arrival 💰: 199 yuan

Click to 🔗 buy:

OUAI hair oil

It is a brand created by Kardashian’s royal hairstylist,

Solving hair quality problems through smart protein also has anti-scalm and anti-protection 🌞 effects.

The texture is very light and the taste is light

Light gardenia

The fragrance of seeds and flowers, after applying it, you can have the joy of combing to the end!

I’ve been doing this process for almost three months.

The overall obvious feeling is that there is really a rescue for my frizzy hair,

Wash and care

The hair is not easy to break off when it is haired, and the suppleness is visibly improved.

Finally, I helped you summarize the efficacy, advantages and disadvantages 👇 of the above items.

First of all, I will tell you that the color of my bleaching is foggy brown on the top and milk tea on the bottom, but it looks a little thin vine under the sun.

After this bleaching and dyeing


It’s still quite serious, and it’s also the first time I’ve come into contact with color fixing hair care products, opening the door to a new world!

Based on my recent experience, I have helped you summarize some precautions 👇 for fixing color care after bleaching and dyeing

I have also tried a lot of fixing products recently, and finally only screened them out


4⃣️ I think it is easier to use.

These are for bleached and dyed hair

, if you haven’t drifted, you don’t have to spend money blindly.

Be sure to use it after bleaching and dyeing

Fixing shampoo, I use RODY,

Mainly to go Huang,

So I chose a purple model that hedges with yellow.

The frequency of use can be done twice a week, and you must remember to wear gloves to wash your hair with it,

Because of it

In addition to fixing the color, there are also some dyeing effects.

In addition to purple, there are many other colors to choose from, so everyone can buy the right color for their hair color.

Although it is a fixed color, the bleached hair will still lose color every time it is washed. When the color is almost off, it is time to enter the post-hair care process of bleaching and dyeing.

Later I used Kástase color shampoo,

The purple texture paste goes yellow effect is not bad,

And the dyeing is not so strong, the body and bathtub are not easy to retain color,

It’s quite convenient.

Want to save trouble

words directly

Wear it with Kérastase’s hair mask, but I tried it myself


Christophe Robin’s iris fixing hair mask (this one is quite niche).

Dye in hair mask and

Iris extract

It removes unsightly brass tones and brightens hair color.

This hair mask me


I use it about three times a week.

Fragrance hin high grade,

Hair is smooth after washing.

When applying hair masks, you must pay attention to the following tips👇 to make the effect better and do more with less!

I also put in Annadonna EVERY’s conditioner, which comes in two ways.

One is to apply daily conditioner, and the other is to dye hair cream for secondary dyeing.

If you dye with it, remember to add it


Moisturizing effect

hair mask,

Reduces damage to hair.

Apply evenly in dry hair (avoiding scalp), leave on for 30min, and rinse with water.

There are more than ten colors to choose from, and you can DIY mix according to your favorite color (the specific ratio of different colors is different, you can do your own homework).

If you normally use it as a fixed color conditioner, squeeze out excess water after shampooing, apply conditioner with gloves, and leave for 5 minutes to rinse.

In fact, how long the hair color can be maintained after bleaching and dyeing, and the change in hair quality largely depends on the post-care.

Hair care and skin care are the same process of fine water and long flow,

Be sure to pay attention to it!

Talk to me in the comment area,

What other hair care problems and tips do you have?

Let me answer your questions!

Remember to comment + watch, and send the screenshot to the background, I will choose a L’Oreal color protection peach jar & peach bottle (shampoo & hair mask) set to keep your new hair color longer~

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