Want clean skin? Don’t be lazy every day, the necessary cleaning work must not be less!

What I use for myself is actually this Yunzi color amino acid soothing cleansing gel, and Jimei, who pursues gentle cleansing like me~

The strength of this cleansing bubble bought is really good! Moreover, the main ingredient in it is actually amino acids, which are particularly friendly to our skin, and there will be no irritation at all if used on the face, which you can rest assured!

If you have a sensitive face and a lot of dirt on your face, be sure to arrange this cleansing bubble! It not only has good cleaning power, but also has a silicone soft brush head, which can also help antibacterial and antibacterial. Massage the skin, really the more you use it, the more you like it~

Feel free to start! Now I go on business trips with me and carry this cleansing gel with me, and to be honest, my skin is so much cleaner lately than before!