The weather is getting colder, and it’s the season to wear hats, the hats on the street are two-level differentiation, one type of people with hats look only warm, but it looks very rustic, and the other type of people wear hats, not only very warm, but looks more temperamental, in fact, hats are really concave sharp weapons, choose the right is “plastic surgery” good-looking.

For example, the face shape is the least photogenic square face, once photogenic will appear that the face is very wide, when choosing a hat that suits you, it will make the square face become a V-shaped effect (as shown above), and choosing the wrong style, it will make the square face more obvious, feminine at all, but like a little boy’s appearance (as shown below).

Many people know that Audrey Hepburn is the endorsement of elegance, remember her picture one, rarely see her like a little boy (picture two) side, in addition to makeup related, but also related to the hat she wears, today we will talk in detail about the boyish style in the square face, how to choose the right hat, make yourself look more elegant.

First, the hat that needs to be avoided with a square face has these characteristics

The most obvious feature of a square face is that the cheeks are particularly obvious, and if it is matched with a pointed chin, it can also look like a melon face, but if it is paired with a square chin, it will make the chin look short and not photogenic.

(1) A hat that only adds a sense of transversity

The first hat type to avoid is this kind of hat that looks very flat, that is, the vertical line of the hat is much shorter than the horizontal line of the hat, this hat will pull the human face very wide, even the elegant goddess Hepburn, will look square cheeks are obvious, no intention to slander the goddess, good looks or not We only compare with ourselves.

(2) Hats and faces for five or five

The ratio of hat to face is five or five, which does visually have the effect of increasing the face shape, but too symmetrical will give people a more false feeling, but will make people notice the characteristics of the short face square, and there are too many blanks at the neck, and it is easy to lead the focus of the eye to the lower forehead.

(3) The hat is too exaggerated

Too exaggerated hats, inconsistent with the heroine’s temperament, it is easy to lead the visual focus to the position of the forehead, and the hat is also worn too high, so that the oversized brain door is exposed, plus the eyebrows are also drawn more open, the area of the brain door is larger, a look at the past can only see a brain door, so it is not beautiful enough.

Beauty has always been a whole, and the abruptness of any place will affect the sense of beauty, and when we do dressing, we need to consider using other accessories to balance and make the whole harmonious and unified.

Second, suitable for square type of hat type – wide brim hat

Since the weakness of the square face is the horizontal width and shallow depth, then we use accessories to extend these two points, and the longitudinal extension effect is better than this wide-brimmed hat, which can lengthen the face shape.

The most recommended is this wide-brimmed hat, its lateral look wider, the wide chin under the wider brim, will appear smaller, but can not be used alone, to match the height of the increased crown, and the width of the crown is larger than the width of the face, can be connected with the face longitudinal extension line.

The amplitude of the brim can be appropriately downward, or it can be kept parallel, but there is a core that cannot be changed, that is, the width of the top of the hat is larger than the head, in order to ensure that the longitudinal line of the face extends, and the extended line is expanded outward, not tightened inward, if it is a positive trapezoidal shape adducted inward, it will not have the effect of showing a small face.

Audrey Hepburn in Tiffany’s breakfast, also used a wide-brimmed hat, really a timeless classic, this large and wide hat can well block the sun in summer, in winter is also very practical, but more exaggerated, may only be suitable for concave shape, not very daily.

Maybe we can’t buy the same style anymore, but we can seize the characteristics of these hats and choose similar styles to define our faces.

Third, a hat that can make the jawline look smoother

Square faces are always easy to give people a more rigid feeling, so to alleviate this too tough feeling, we need to go

Blur the presence of square cheeks

, the simplest way is

Lengthen the jawline

That is like this relatively hard beret hat, the lower edge behind it is just on the long line of the jawline, we are more likely to notice that the edge of the hat is rounded and smooth lines, and ignore the presence of square cheeks, it is easier to feel like a more attractive goose egg face.

Similar hats, Audrey Hepburn has many more, like this one is different from the one just now in the material, thicker in thickness, more suitable for colder weather, but all have the effect of modifying the face shape, note that the extension line is expanded outward, the same as the top of the wide-brimmed hat, will have the effect of showing the face small.

This kind of hat is really very classic and enduring, very suitable for square face modification face shape, but unfortunately it is difficult to see in the market, if you can have the opportunity to meet, then you must pocket, with pearl stud earrings, pearl necklaces, with black ultra, are very harmonious and good-looking.

Written at the end:

The hat is really a concave shaped weapon, it is recommended that the sisters must include it in their pockets when they encounter the right hat, the most suitable hat for square faces is a wide-brimmed hat and a berets, but pay attention to the material to be harder, too soft hats will not fit with the bone sense of the square face, look out of grade.