Oil pot is indispensable in the kitchen, when we buy an oil pot, the first thing to consider is not the price and appearance of the oil pot, but whether it can well assume the responsibility of “protecting the quality of oil” and whether it can become your “cooking helper”.

There are ways to choose an oil jug

The ideal oil pot should have the following functions:

1. It can easily help you control your oil intake;

2. It allows you to see at a glance how much oil is in the bottle;

3. Easy to take, easy to use;

4. Good cleaning;

5. Can make your oil and air well isolated.

Therefore, when we choose an oil pot, we should give priority to those with scale marks, transparent, small size, pay special attention to the design of the bottle mouth, choose the bottle mouth is small, has a lid, and the bottle mouth can be removed. After buying the oil pot, don’t rush to pour oil into it, you can fill some water into it first to test the tightness of the bottle. Take a good look at the seams between the bottom of the bottle and the body to see if there will be any leakage. Then close the cap tightly and shake the bottle mouth down a few times to see if the water will leak out.

Some people may think that this practice is a bit redundant, none of us will put the oil pot upside down, but in fact, this method tests the ability of the oil can to “isolate the air”. After checking the tightness of the oil pot, don’t forget to pour out the water in the oil pot like you usually do when pouring oil in stir-frying, and see if the water will flow down the bottle body when pouring. This is also very important, if the water will flow down, it means that the bottle mouth is not properly designed, and when you pour oil, the oil will also flow to the bottle and get everywhere.

Materials are also important

Roadside vendors are very fond of using transparent mineral water bottles as oil jugs – the bottles are transparent and can see the amount of oil at a glance; The bottle mouth is small and does not pour out too much oil at once; The bottle is light, easy to hold and easy to carry.

However, people who have a little demand for quality of life will not take mineral water bottles to fill oil. From the point of view of use, the mineral water bottles used by hawkers are all plastic bottles, and it will be troublesome to clean with oil in plastic containers, and it is much more difficult to remove the oil attached to plastic than to remove the oil attached to glass and metal. And even if you make up your mind to fill it with oil in a plastic container, you can’t just grab a bottle.

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Because there are many types of plastics, some will chemically react with oil to produce substances that are harmful to the human body. Considering that in daily life, it is difficult for us to judge by the naked eye which plastic container is safer to fill oil, if you must use plastic containers, you must buy containers specially used to hold oil produced by well-known manufacturers in regular stores.

From the perspective of protecting the quality of the oil, stainless steel or ceramic containers are also a good choice, but they are not transparent, and it is not convenient to use them as oil pots. Therefore, it is better to have a glass oil pot. But one thing to note is that cooking oil is afraid of light, and all transparent oil pots have a big weakness, that is, poor shading. This means that every time we run out of oil, we must remember to put the oil in the cupboard and other places where the light does not shine, or cover the oil can with a hood.