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G fat named the daughter of a Chinese player

Recently, a Chinese player shared that he used an email to ask G Fat, the leader of V Club, for the name of his newborn daughter, and got a reply from G Fat.

The netizen named “Stinky Don’t Want Wang” emailed G Fat saying that his daughter was born on January 1 this year, and her Chinese name is Zhang Xiran, hoping that G Fat can give his daughter an English name,

In this way, my daughter will be very happy when she grows up.

Although I didn’t have much hope of getting a reply, G Fat really replied, and the content was really written seriously.

G Fat first congratulated the player, and then said that his daughter could be called Luna, which included the meaning of the moon and the moon god, and followed by a sentence that was a bit like the English version of Chanjuan

, It can be said that G fat has a certain understanding of Chinese culture.

Netizens said:

The younger brother can only say that after this netizen shared this experience, it seems that G fat will receive more and more name solicitation emails in the future, and I don’t know if Steam will launch the name taking function.

God of War PC Steam broke records

As Sony’s masterpiece, “God of War” was recently launched on the Steam platform, and the number of people who purchased it has skyrocketed, as well as the number of people who are online at the same time as the game on the Steam platform.

Previously, Horizon: Dawn of Zero set a record of 56,000 simultaneous online users on the Steam platform, and this time God of War directly broke the record and successfully climbed to 73,000.

At present, the game has reached 13,000+ reviews on Steam, with a high praise of 97%, it can be said that it has received a lot of player attention as soon as it was launched on PC.

Netizens said:

The little brother said that just started, can only say that it is really fragrant! Who can refuse to suddenly have God of War on PC when there is no game to play?

Tencent announces winter holiday game time for minors

Previously, Tencent could be said to have achieved very strict management in terms of game control for minors, and it was about to be the winter vacation time

Although a very large number of minors are also on holiday, their playtime is still limited according to the relevant regulations.

Therefore, the official account of Tencent Games gives a limited play calendar for minors during the winter holiday.

According to the schedule given by this public account, only weekends and statutory holidays can have an hour of play.

That is to say, on January 21-23 and January 28, 7 days off during the Spring Festival holiday, plus a total of 14 days from February 11 to 13, minors can play games for one hour, a total of 14 hours.

Finally, it also reminds about the risks of renting out accounts, borrowing accounts, etc., and completely blocks other ways to play.

173 netizens said:

When the younger brother saw it, he could only say that the control was too strict, and the road for my little nephew to take me to the king became even more bumpy.

Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

Just on January 18, 2022, a major event in the game industry occurred to witness history,

Microsoft, on the other hand, acquired the famous game company Activision Blizzard at a high premium of $68.7 billion.

It’s also a new gaming industry acquisition record since GTA maker Take-Two’s $11.04 billion acquisition of Zynga.

According to this acquisition, Blizzard’s games and projects may join the Xbox family, and some foreign media have analyzed that Microsoft can be in order to lay out the meta-universe that is currently on fire in advance, and Activision Blizzard’s design and production capabilities have been favored by Microsoft.

But for players,

Because of Blizzard’s rotten behavior in recent years, most players agreed with the acquisition and expressed hope that Microsoft could let Blizzard quickly restart and make the pie that was drawn.

Interestingly, after Microsoft acquired Blizzard, Sony’s market value lost $20 billion, and it seems that the impact is not small.

The younger brother can only say, don’t say anything, I don’t believe Bill Gates is not looking forward to “Diablo 4” and “Overwatch 2”.

“Harry Potter: Magical Awakening” resigned from the planning

“10,000 resignations Harry Potter magical awakening plan” quickly entered the Weibo hot search list this week.

The cause of the incident was the Spring Festival event announced by “Harry Potter: Magical Awakening”. Spring Festival is coming, many games have announced their Spring Festival activities, originally the main purpose of the event is to give players benefits, even if you want to make money, it is best to hide it not too obvious, or let players feel that they are willing to spend money to play.

However, apparently “Harry Potter: Magical Awakening” officially feels that making money is “chilling”, and the entire spring event is directly rotten. Direct sales became a double turntable event, and the original turntable became 58888 accumulative, and the quality of fashion was not satisfactory. The promise of 22 clockwork and other rewards that will be given away for free, the result requires the player’s own liver, so that the player can not rest during the holiday.

Netizens said:

Netizens said:

Netizens said:

173 netizens said:

173 netizens said: